Neal and Tom Never Talk

Below are some comments from Disqus.  Neal has stated several times that he’s not had any communication with Thomas Retzlaff. That is not true.
 Neal says that he gets emails from the ViaViewFiles admin, Dean. The blog is run by Thomas Retzlaff and “Dean” is a known alias of Retzlaff. Neal knows this. 

It’s weird that Rauhauser is notified of the IPs of visitors to Retzlaff’s blog and is made aware when police officers or FBI agents visit ViaViewFiles.

Dear CJ,
One of the things I get from posting at ViaView Files is some special insight into who the vistors are – Dean emails the intriguing entries around and asks for comment. This is how I knew about the San Jose PD and Ventura PD visits. The nice Texas ATF agent was actually given my email and number, so that worked a little differently.
About a month ago an FBI agent received an email containing a link to ViaView Files, and from that we learned he was in an organized crime squad. If it had anything to do with me it would be cybercrime or counter-intel squad members, but organized crime immediately brought Tutor Perini to mind. Curiously, later that day, a Tutor Perini IP also hit the site. The investors in ViaView were all connected to Tutor Perini.
Anyway, today there was another agent and he (or she) came to read a specific article. This is a different agent than the other visit I mentioned, not at all the same IP address.
If your blog is also getting visits from curious federal law enforcement agents, why don’t you go ahead and share some of the details? I am sure everyone is curious what this agent reading a story about falsified evidence means in the larger scheme of things.
I am inclined to believe that CJ has never spoken to John Morgan, but the lack of direct communication does not mean that there is *no* communication.
James McGibney and his camp followers have been talking in public and acting as if there is some sort of conspiracy involving me, Jeff Dorrell, and several others, all working in consort with or under the direction of Tom Retzlaff. I have never met Tom in person, spoken with him on the phone, exchanged email, or had any sort of electronic chat with him. There is no way to rephrase the question so as to get an affirmative answer out of me and there is no admissible evidence, as none exists.
What does exist is the ViaView Files blog. I comment there openly, because being the Rauhauser in Rauhauser v. McGibney permits me to shut down the nonsense trolls try to launch from the comments section. Dean often receives information from “Some random person we’ve never heard of …”, and whomever that is, he or she certainly has some insight into what Retzlaff is thinking and doing.
If you read the Hunter Moore indictment you would know that a conspiracy charge requires OVERT ACTS. HM emails CE, suggests criminal act X, CE goes and does it, reports back to HM, receives payment Y for service rendered. If you were paying attention to ViaView Files last week you’d know that Dean slipped and outed the operators as Hunter Moore partisans. Moore didn’t take a plea deal, and I assume this loyalty has inspired his associates to conduct a public discussion regarding James McGibney.
There is a public discussion regarding Rauhauser v. McGibney at ViaView Files. I read it and contribute directly. Tom must be reading it as well, given that he sends news tips to the operators. No direct communication, let alone any OVERT ACTS, but the public chatter serves to inform the actions of others. And before the inevtiable whining strarts, McGibney wanted to make a public spectacle, and now he’s got one.
There are at least one set of hands between CJ and John Morgan, perhaps even two sets, and this is how things make it from Allen to Beaumont. Perhaps that set of hands is Traci Glass, or maybe it’s the guy with the beard who shadowed Rob Holmes as cover for his own activities. Maybe that mystery will be solved, maybe it won’t, but as Rauhauser v. McGibney enters the post-judgment clean up phase, it’s the most interesting loose end.