The Evolution of OpTrollBill

Neal has dredged up the days of OpTrollBill to brag that he took over the OpTrollBill account to “clean things up”.  The graphic below was taken from a third party site and shows that whatever account Neal took over, it wasn’t the real OpTrollBill. And he didn’t clean anything up. Nor did he take care of William Talley. It’s typical Neal inserting himself so he can get some efame.

Neals Rauhauser‏@nrauhauser

@Arpey_Actual @canadianglen It’s been a while & @Political_Bill ain’t suing anybody I didn’t run @OpTrollBill but I had it last for cleanup
6:53 PM – 22 Mar 2016

Neals Rauhauser‏@nrauhauser

@Arpey_Actual @canadianglen I dug around for @OpTrollBill password, it’s gone. That’s a fresh sock, I name swapped & let original die.
7:15 PM – 22 Mar 2016

Neals Rauhauser‏@nrauhauser

Welp, looks like it’s time to dig out The Fuckery Files after a long absence. Lets talk about who took care of William Talley.
3:06 PM – 24 Mar 2016

William Talley had a years long battle with the Tennessee courts over his possession of drugs and child porn. Talley was He had already been arrested and charged years earlier and was already in the legal system. It was just a matter of time before he ran out of appeals and delays before Talley was sentenced and imprisoned.  Nothing anyone did on Twitter had any effect on Talley’s conviction and sentencing. Nobody “took care” of Talley except the judge that eventually sentenced him to a year in prison.

Below shows the evolution of the account.  OptrollBill began as @TruthByTheBalls calling itself Eve Winters. Eve claimed to be a Libertarian but was a member of PJNet and most of her early tweets were autotweets via PJNet or rants about Lee Stranahan. 

One day Eve decided to join Anonymous to fight pedos, specifically Talley, and became OpTrollBill. 

Later the account became @thisisourearth and it still is. I tweeted the account about being OpTrollBill and changing it’s name. @ThisisourEarth replied that it was proud of what it had done. And then locked the account.

 Once OpTrollBill became @ThisIsOurEarth someone created a new account with the name OpTrollBill and gave it to Neal and Matt Osborne.