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Retzlaff Threatens Another Attorney

Earlier this month Tom Retzlaff sent another threat to attorney, Jay Leiderman. Retzlaff is not a party to the Bullyville lawsuit in Texas and Leiderman is not Bullyville’s attorney in Texas.Neal and his attorney, Jeffrey Dorrell, have both claimed they have no contact with Retzlaff but that’s proved to be untrue. Tommy is big on making threats. Usually he threatens women

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The Parole Violation By Spink That Nobody Noticed

Doug Spink claims he’s been the target of government harassment because of his work with encryption and VPN networks like Cryptocloud and Cryptostorm. Doug claims a lot of things and some of them contradict each other.Spink’s battles with the courts over the last decade are not persecution but due to his violating the conditions of his supervised release. As it was,

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Doug Spink Violates Parole At Last Hackers On Planet Earth; July 20, 2008

HOPE (Hackers On Planet Earth) is a biannual conference sponsored by 2600: The Hacker Quarterly that consists of lectures of interest to the hacker world.Originally the conferences were always held in New York at the Hotel Pennsylvania. In 2008, the hotel was facing demolition so 2600 labeled the conference that year the Last HOPE.  One of the speakers at Last

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USA v Douglas Spink Parole Revocation Hearing; June 2010

This transcript of the hearing that revoked Doug Spink’s parole has some interesting information in it, clearing up some things you may have heard and revealing some you may have not. Anyone using Cryptostorm should probably do some delving into Mr Spink and his past. Trusting a former government informant who can’t keep himself out of jail is probably not

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