Video Bashes Trump And White Rose Resistance On April Fools Day

Today was to be the start of the White Rose resistance, an Anonymous op against Trump.

It was alleged that this group would probably take down a Trump website but so far, nothing. But the video below came out today bashing the Anon who started the op and includes his dox. The Anon lives in Brazil.

Pastebin Link

Video Transcript

Greetings Citizens of the World and members of Red Cult and the White Rose Resistance.

It would be most unfortunate if Donald Trump became president of the United States…but that has not yet happened. At this time, Trump is still just a presidential candidate and has not yet acquired the GOP nomination. 

There’s no denying that Trump is an elitist and unsuitable to run a country. But per the constitution of the United States of America, he meets the basic requirements to run for president and his opinions are protected by the first amendment. 

Calling an Op against Trump while he is still a candidate is premature and even worse, it sets a very dangerous precedent for Anonymous. Anonymous should not become involved in the election process of any country. The citizens of America do not need or want Anonymous involved in their elections. They do not need or want the approval of Anonymous as to who may or may not run for any political office. 

Posting Trumps social security number as if it were something you hacked, was foolish. Mahj Houl, you posted a copy of a 2015 dox which was a copy of a 2013 dox which was a copy of a 2011 dox.

Claiming your copied dox was done on purpose as a “test” was a lame attempt to cover being busted for copying other’s work. Reposting Trump’s social security number and names of his family members garnered him sympathy and made him look like a victim. The reaction by law enforcement was not Trump being “totalitarian”. Trump has Secret Service protection, they, as well as the police and FBI, are required to respond to credible threats made to a presidential candidate. 

Attempting to recreate the White Rose Resistance is silly. You warn about what might happen in the future not something that is happening now. You play on people’s fears just as Trump has been doing during his campaign. Rather than creating the White Rose, you should have encouraged American citizens to vote. Instead of exploiting fear about a possible future you should have been looking into Trump’s past for proof of his incompetance and corruption. 

Trump’s career has not been stellar. He has had many failures and several bankruptcies. He has bragged about bribing politicians. He was sued by the Department of Justice for housing discrimination. He’s had three marriages and cheated on his first two wives. He still hasn’t produced his tax returns. Trump is immature, easily angered, vindictive, racist and sexist. He has no experience in diplomacy, foreign relations or warfare. He is not a team player, he does not work well with others. 
Maj Houl, you had so many areas of Trump’s life you could have dug into to find proof of his corruption which could have been released at the right time. Instead, Maj Houl, you copied and pasted an old dox, made a silly, melodramatic video and called an Op prematurely.

For this…you are doxed. The link is below.

Roger Camara Gomez, you should have expected us.