BREAKING! Rauhauser Ordered To Appear In Court IN PERSON

We’ve just been notified by our Top Seekrit courtroom source that Neal Rauhauser has been ordered to appear IN PERSON in the new sanctions trial that begins on April 7th.

Neal was subpoenaed to appear and show all communication he’s had regarding legal fees with his lolyer. Rauhauser had the option to use Skype to appear in court so a personal appearance by Rauhauser is startling news. 

Neal has been in hiding for years to avoid Nebraska law enforcement trying to collect on his $70,000 backlog in child support. Not too coincidentally, Nebraska law enforcement is expected to be there to collect on his $70,000 backlog in child support. 

Also rumored to be making a special guest appearance are the Dallas FBI who are rumored to have a few questions to ask Neal. That must be scary. One of Neal’s conspiracy theories is that McGibney filed his lawsuit on behalf of the Department of Justice just so the FBI could get ahold of Rauhauser. Because of SWATting…or Barrett Brown… or something…

Neal seems to have taken a vacation from Twitter lately. He is no doubt on a Greyhound bus headed to Texas. And deleting, deleting, deleting…

Oh, to be a fly on the wall in that courtroom.

Seekrit Source: Psst, Neal Rauhauser has been ordered (don’t say by who) to appear in person for the April 7th trial.

Zile: Really?

Seekrit Source: Sources close to the case state that numerous LE will be there including the Dallas FBI and Nebraska CPS with a warrant for Neal’s arrest. Get your popcorn ready.

Zile: How close is that source to the case?

Seekrit Source: Very close. Perhaps intimately or something along those lines.

Zile: So Neal is probably on Amtrak or Greyhound right now, practicing his sob story for the judge.