Are You On The Trump List Of Losers?

One of Donald Trump’s favorite epithets seems to be the word “Loser”. It’s reserved for people who don’t like him or don’t do what he wants. Below the divide are Trump’s tweets where calls people a loser. Some of his targets are well known like Rosie O’Donnell and Cher, others are just random people who tweet him.

Rosie O’Donnell @Rosie
George Will
Sheena Monnin
Huffington Post
Tim O’Brien
Richard Belzer
Michael Forbes
Karl Rove
Lord Sugar
Jeff Carter
Mary Kissel
Marco Rubio
Ted Cruz
New York Daily News @NYDailyNews
Cheri Jacobus
Union Leader
 Jeb Bush
SE Cupp
Graydon Carter
Charles Krauthammer @krauthammer
Jonah Goldberg JonahNRO
Chuck Todd
Russell Brand
New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman@AGSchneiderman
Frank Luntz @FrankLuntz
Sarah Westcot-Williams, former Prime Minister of St Maarten
Mark Cuban
Alex Salmond @AlexSalmond
Jay Leno @jayleno
Danny Zuker @DannyZuker
Shelly Kulwin, attorney for 87 year old Jacqueline Goldberg

Jacob Brumfield aka @jTheCollegeKid

Ana Navarro @ananavarro
Chris Jackson
Angelo Carusone Exec VP of Media Matters  @GoAngelo


.@FoxNews is devastated that lightweight Senator Marco Rubio got trounced tonight and is the big loser. I won the two big states, great!
@SirHatchporch: Mary Kissel is an SNL character, right? She’s not a real person, right? #MorningJoe” She is a major loser – no clue!
Have a good chance to win Texas on Tuesday. Cruz is a nasty guy, not one Senate endorsement and, despite talk, gets nothing done. Loser!
There are no buyers for the worthless @NYDailyNews but little Mort Zuckerman is frantically looking. It is bleeding red ink – a total loser!
Really dumb @CheriJacobus. Begged my people for a job. Turned her down twice and she went hostile. Major loser, zero credibility!
Dope Frank Bruni said I called many people, including Karl Rove, losers-true! I never called my friend @HowardStern a loser- he’s a winner!
Joe McQuaid (@deucecrew) is desperately trying to sell the @UnionLeader. It’s a loser, and my comments haven’t helped him much.
.@JebBush today said he didn’t want to be the front-runner, he would rather be where he is now, 2%. That is the talk of a loser, can’t win!  
Something must be done with dopey @KarlRove – he is pushing Republicans down the same old path of defeat. Don’t fall for it, Karl is a loser
Why does @CNN bore their audience with people like @secupp, a totally biased loser who doesn’t have a clue. I hear she will soon be gone!
@KarlRove just totally bombed on @Morning_Joe. @FoxNews has him on even though he has lost all credibility – a loser! Fox should dump Rove.
I have watched sloppy Graydon Carter fail and close Spy Magazine and now am watching him fail at @VanityFair Magazine. He is a total loser!
.@KarlRove wasted $400 million + and didn’t win one race—a total loser. @FoxNews
@Bobzilla305: @realDonaldTrump @krauthammer is a progressive making money off of the Conservative viewership” A total loser!
.@NRO Not much is as “dead” or irrelevant as National Review thanks to guidance of Goldberg, a total loser! Get some real talent or fold!
Why do people give @KarlRove contributions when they know he is a loser who has no idea how to win? …
Word is that @NBCNews is firing sleepy eyes Chuck Todd in that his ratings on Meet the Press are setting record lows. He’s a real loser!
Sorry, @Rosie is a mentally sick woman, a bully, a dummy and, above all, a loser. Other than that she is just wonderful!
.@katyperry Katy, what the hell were you thinking when you married loser Russell Brand. There is a guy who has got nothing going, a waste!
I watched Russell Brand @rustyrockets on the @jimmyfallon show the other night—what the hell do people see in Russell—a major loser!
Lightweight @AGSchneiderman is driving business & jobs out of NY. Only wants self publicity—a total loser!
Lightweight @AGSchneiderman will probably win only because he is a Dem in NY, but what a loser!
.@FrankLuntz works really hard but is a guy who just doesn’t have it – a total loser!
The dying @NYDailyNews asked me to do an Editorial on the Central Park 5 ripoff & then they pretend it was my idea. Loser newspaper!
PM Sarah Westcot-Williams incompetence should not be rewarded. You should vote for anyone who runs against her—loser! @PrimeMinisterSX
Wow, Vanity Fair was totally shut out at the National Magazine Awards – it got NOTHING. Graydon Carter is a loser with bad food restaurants!
“@RivalofElmBlock: @TMZ mark cuban is a nut. way less powerful than Donald Trump” I agree – also, in many ways, a total loser!
Lightweight @AGSchneiderman’s phony lawsuit against Trump U was decimated by the court—he’s a loser!
.@AlexSalmond suffered a huge defeat by the people of Blackdog. Communities all over Scotland are fighting this loser.
@REAPEROFTRUTH: @realDonaldTrump u mad because @jayleno doesn’t want u on his show? He begs me to go on his show-done it many times loser!
@pencey_mouth: remember when donald trump blocked me. i’m proud of myself” NO, YOU’RE A LOSER!
@PhilipinDC: I’ve finally unfollowed @realDonaldTrump” I doubt it loser but, if so, you’ll be back because you’re lonely & admire genius!
@Numerologynow: @realDonaldTrump U R RICH because your #DADDY left U with 400 Million. I only wish my daddy left me 400M loser-Now over 10B
Everytime someone tweets that I wear a wig realize to yourself that you are dealing with “them” – just another sad & lonely hater and loser!
.@DannyZuker Danny–You’re a total loser!
@Ghetto_Trophy: @realDonaldTrump how are you a billionaire?” You mean ten times over hater (loser).
@DannyZuker: .@realDonaldTrump I’ll never respond to your asinine bet. You’re gutless Danny, and you don’t even know what the bet is-loser!
I loved beating these two terrible human beings. I would never recommend that anyone use her lawyer, he is a total loser!
@theRealRyanMatt: @realDonaldTrump i never seen apprentice or shark tank am i a fat loser?” No, just a loser!
“Failed show @DannyZuker” I have never heard of you and was told you are a loser-after reading your credits I have no questions about it!
“@jTheCollegeKid: @realDonaldTrump @joooooojaah Shut up Trump I’m unfollowing you” Great, but you won’t stop loser-you have no control!
“@DaveCentrist: @realDonaldTrump The most over-rated person on the planet, Donald J. Trump. Except by himself. Why do you follow loser?
@ec364: @realDonaldTrump where’s Sadam’s billiions of $ after Bush invested American taxpayer$. We were too stupid to take it-loser pols!
@rodmonium91: @realDonaldTrump Will the Mavs make the playoffs, what do u think Mr Trump?” No, Mark Cuban is a loser!
.@MichelleMalkin would be nothing without being on the @seanhannity show. I don’t see what Sean sees in her—loser!
Why do shows have @ananavarro—Ntl Hispanic Chair for the losing McCain ’08 & Huntsman ’12. She’s a loser who doesn’t deliver votes.
Golf match? I’ve won 18 Club Championships including this weekend. @mcuban swings like a little girl with no power or talent. Mark’s a loser
@salesdan48: @realDonaldTrump Mark will go down in history as a clownish buffoon. Mark my words.” I agree with you-and a loser!
Great article by @jameshohmann @politico explaining why @KarlRove was biggest loser @CPACnews James is sharp.
@SPORTSGURU77: @realDonaldTrump who’s Chris Jackson?” A total loser but a loyal follower!
@Yolie4MS. Loser!
@mldemmons. Go Angelo failed and gave up – now wants more p.r. – loser!
I don’t like bullies. I am not going to stand around and watch @KarlRove target the Tea Party. Karl Rove gave us Barack Obama. Loser.
@karlrove is a total loser…save your money!
Karl Rove is a total loser. Money given to him might as well be thrown down the drain.
@CoCo471031 You really sound like a loser no-name!
@Nc777ww He is a loser who will self-destruct, just like @Rosie!
@JNorr11 Thanks Jeff–Carter is a loser.
Dummy Graydon Carter doesn’t like me too much…great news. He is a real loser! @VanityFair
Dopey Sugar @Lord_Sugar—you are the worst kind of loser—a total fool.
Dopey Sugar @Lord_Sugar–You’re a total loser who @piersmorgan doesn’t think is very smart or very rich. I agree with Piers!
.@Lord_Sugar….but you wouldn’t notice because you have no vision and you are a total loser.
@colonopenbrakit He is a loser–Andy Murray is a winner!
Scots should boycott Glenfiddich garbage for not choosing great Olympic & U.S. Open champ Andy Murray over total loser Michael Forbes.
@KarlRove is such an embarrassment that @FoxNews is keeping him off air Rove should be out of politics. A total loser!
@Beardymilne @wtfagain I know you are jealous of Forbes & a total loser.
Glenfiddich is a joke—should have chosen Andy Murray—U.S. Open & Olympic gold winner—as Top Scot instead of a total loser!
Michael Forbes is a loser who failed to stop what was just named “the golf course of the year” and which has brought …
I was nice to loser @rosie and she attacked me–it just shows never let up with a bully. They only fade when you hit them hard!
.@MRbelzer is a stone cold loser with no talent–why did they ever put him on “Law and Order?”
…a real loser named Tim O’Brien–and it’s never recovered.
The Huffington Post is such a loser–it will die just as AOL is dying, What a stupid deal AOL made to buy it!
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Lightweight reporter Alex Pareene @pareene is known as a total joke in political circles. Hence, he writes for Loser Salon. @Salon
My @GMA interview discussing my decision to sue Sheena Monnin and how she is a disgruntled loser @RealMissPAUSA
.@Cher attacked @MittRomney. She is an average talent who is out of touch with reality. Like @Rosie O’Donnell, a total loser!
My @SquawkCNBC interview discussing why @MittRomney is a great nominee, gas prices and why George Will is a loser.
I feel sorry for Rosie ‘s new partner in love whose parents are devastated at the thought of their daughter being with @Rosie–a true loser.