Oh To Have Rauhauser Under Oath…

I am so very envious of ViaView’s lawyer, Evan Stone. He will have Neal Rauhauser in court to answer questions in one hour today. Either in person or via Skype. For an hour. A full hour.
I have so many questions I’d like to ask Neal. Of course he is a court documented Sociopath so I know he’d lie very easily but still. An hour. I don’t even know where I’d begin…

Mr Rauhauser, may I remind you that you are under oath? Let’s start with the elephant in the room-your $70,000 unpaid child support. Why haven’t you paid that?

You’ve made claims through the years that you’ve talked with FBI agents, Inspector Generals, Police, ATF agents and numerous other law enforcement officials…is there any reason why you never contacted the state of Nebraska regarding your child support to have payments readjusted if you couldn’t afford to pay them?

You’ve accused your ex-wife of domestic abuse even though you say you had martial arts training. Is there any record of this abuse? Any police reports? Because there are records about you. Didn’t your ex-wife filed a restraining order against you? Didn’t she filed a signed affidavit that you kidnapped one of the children? During your divorce and custody hearings, didn’t the courts ordered a psychiatric evaluation done on you? The evaluation determined you to be a sociopath, didn’t it? Specifically Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

You claim to have Asperger’s Syndrome. Was this diagnosed by a doctor or psychiatrist? Isn’t it true that you self diagnosed yourself with having Asperger’s?

How much money did you earn in 2015? When was the last time you filed your income taxes with IRS? Isn’t it true that the state of Nebraska would garnish your income tax return to pay your child support? Isn’t it also true that the state of Nebraska has had nothing to garnish because you haven’t filed?

Mr Rauhauser, don’t you present and promote yourself as a professional investigator? Isn’t it also true that you have no license or certification as an investigator? Aren’t you in fact a college dropout with some training with Cisco systems? Isn’t it true that you have no training or education in the profession of investigations? Isn’t it true that your only investigative skill is making Maltego graphs?

And Mr Rauhauser, haven’t you manipulated these graphs or lied about their results so that they show what you want them to show? Haven’t you used these graphs to back up false claims you’ve made about others?

Isn’t it true that you know how to make a Maltego graph but you don’t have a clue how to interpret the results?

Neal, did you participate in any way whatsoever in the SWATtings of Patterico, Mike Stack, RS McCain, Erick Erickson or anyone else?

Did Anthony Weiner really hire you to prove he was hacked? Do you have proof of this?

Did you honestly think Anthony Weiner was hacked and framed? Or did you concoct a little conspiracy theory hoping to save his ass?

Do you actually believe that Brett Kimberlin was a political prisoner?

Did Kimberlin ask you to promote his bogus reality twist that he was released from prison by a secret deal that is sealed from public view?

Did Kimberlin ever talk to you about underage girls?

Did you and Kimberlin create The Protectors during the 2012 election as a publicity stunt or to try and smear Karl Rove or scare people into voting? 

Did you talk Kimberlin into filing his lawsuit? Did you suggest he file RICO charges against bloggers? Did you supply Kimberlin with information for his lawsuits?

Did you create the accounts of OccupyRebellion and/or MissAnonNews? Were they shared accounts?

You stated that MissAnonNews was dead yet she seemed to resurrect herself later. Do you know the identify of MissAnonNews? 

Did you participate in any way in the events that led to Barrett Brown’s arrest?

Mr. Rauhauser, have you ever given the identity of any individual who was part of Anonymous or any similar group, to Federal authorities?

And so many more questions. I would need more than one hour