Have You Seen This Dog? Animal Sex Trafficking

This is Ghengis, a Kangal-Boerboel hybrid missing since February of 2014. 

Authorities believe Cryptostorm creator, Doug Spink, abducted the dog as revenge against the owner, Andrew Johnston. Johnston, a dog breeder, reneged on a deal to breed his Boerbel with Spink’s after finding out about Spink’s criminal history and bestiality lifestyle. 

The dog was taken from a farm in the Port Townsend area of Washington state but believed to be in Canada. Spink was arrested for numerous parole violations just two months after the dog disappeared so Ghengis may have been left with other individuals involved in bestiality. 

Ghengis stands 2 and half feet tall and weights about 130 pounds. He would be around 7 years old now and walks with a slight limp. 

Ghengis as a puppy