More Disorder In The Court

Thomas Retzlaff, who is NOT a party in the Bullyville lawsuit in Texas, filed a motion in the Bullyville lawsuit in Texas. Neal Rauhauser claims he’s never had any communication with Retzlaff ( yeah, sure), Neal’s lawyer, Jeffrey Dorrell, has stated that Retzlaff is not a client nor an employee and has also said that Retzlaff is crazy.

Retzlaff, who claims attorney Dorrell is a friend of his, has been interfering in the lawsuit since it began. Dorrell was instructed by the judge to inform Retzlaff to butt out and that he’ll ignore anything that Retzlaff files in his court but Tommy just can’t help himself.  

The motion that he filed below is crazy and includes a threat to Evan Stone, bullyville’s lawyer.