USA v Douglas Spink Parole Revocation Hearing; June 2010

This transcript of the hearing that revoked Doug Spink’s parole has some interesting information in it, clearing up some things you may have heard and revealing some you may have not. Anyone using Cryptostorm should probably do some delving into Mr Spink and his past. Trusting a former government informant who can’t keep himself out of jail is probably not a good idea.

Doug has claimed that he was a political prison. The transcript makes it clear that Spink violated his supervised release from his drug smuggling confiction and was sent back to prison to finish his original (reduced) sentence. He wasn’t sent back to prison for “no reason”.

 It also shows, as I’ve maintained, that Spink was running Baneki Privacy Labs even though he was listed as the CTO. The individual listed as CEO/president was Marc Tager who was actually in prison at the time. 

The transcript clears up some misconceptions about the bestiality brothel Spink is alleged to have been running. It wasn’t like a major tourist destination, just a run down cabin on some remote property. 

Other court transcripts have mentioned child pornography, this transcript hints a bit at this but I’ve not seen anywhere where Spink was charged for possessing child porn.

Best quote from the transcript: Objection your honor! That was not Mr Spink’s anus!”

Since his first arrest in 2005, Spink has been in and out of jails and prisons. Most recently he was arrested in Pennsylvania and awaits arraignment for around 20 counts.