The Parole Violation By Spink That Nobody Noticed

Doug Spink claims he’s been the target of government harassment because of his work with encryption and VPN networks like Cryptocloud and Cryptostorm. Doug claims a lot of things and some of them contradict each other.
Spink’s battles with the courts over the last decade are not persecution but due to his violating the conditions of his supervised release. As it was, his supervised release wasn’t all that well supervised so he got away with a lot for a couple years. 

During his 5 year supervised release, Doug traveled out of state to be a guest speaker at the Last HOPE conference without permission so that was one of the violations mentioned during his revocation hearing in 2010. What Spink’s parole officer didn’t find out about is when Doug attended the Arse Elektronika convention in San Francisco in 2009. Arse Elektronika is an annual even dedicated to sex and technology. Doug gave a speech entitled The (Un)crossed Boundary – Science Fiction and Cross-Species Sexuality. 

And there were pictures taken… Sometimes an inflated ego can get in the way of common sense.

Both photos by Rachel Lovinger