Trump Solves The Grassy Knoll Mystery

It shouldn’t make any difference to a sane person but Trump has accused Ted Cruz’s father of being associated with Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassin who shot JFK 50 years ago.

Trump is a latent Conspiracy Theorist so I’m thinking his strategy is that Cruz supporters will be scandalized and think Rafael was somehow involved with the assassination. Rafael is nuts, I don’t think he’d be able to keep something like that a secret for 5 minutes, let alone 50 years.

And Trump calls Cruz a “desperate candidate”?

Donald tries to forget that his daddy, Fred, was a member of the KKK and was arrested during a parade riot. Wearing his outfit.

I think being a Klan member “trumps” passing out pamphlets on the street.

Of course, adopting an alien baby wins the prize.