Twitter Timeline of Cyberbully 1000Girlfriends; 2010

This timeline is from the early days of @1000girlfriends, aka Kathy Scott, a notorious online bully. She started out normal.

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  7. @momsatwork Thanks! Relay for Life is Amazing! Lots of our 1000Girlfriends participate around the country.

  8. @womenfitness How do 1000Girlfriends find the time to exercise! I suppose we just need to make it.

  9. @WomenDeliver Yes! 1000Girlfriends thanks you!

  10. @Wkend2EndCancer Good luck and thank you! 1000Girlfriends appreciate your courage!

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  12. @PowerWomenMag Be safe!

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  17. @Christinekorda Didn’t Sophocles get his inspiration from his wife? Or was that Plato?

  18. @WomensHealthMag Confidence is the key. Believe in yourself! Women can do anything.

  19. @womensweardaily Hmm saw him at BLT having dinner with Wolf Blitzer and his wife last year.

  20. #LorenRidinger – first thing on her dream board – a car. Now it’s a clock – would like more time.
  21. #LorenRidinger – play high and low with Eva and friends – what was your highest high and lowest low – reminds us how to overcome

  22. #LorenRidinger communicate well. Need to balance success and family life. Find time for yourself.

    @LorenRidinger – balance is everything. Everything around you is out of order. Keep your balance. Stay organized.

  23. @LorenRidinger is going to expand into the Latin community.#MarketAmerica is #54 on the Internet. Expanding#MarketAmerica global

  24. @LorenRidinger launched #LorenJewelers in April – wasn’t sure about doing it. Used to make the jewelry herself. Never expected business.
  25. @LorenRidinger – #EvaLongoria got Best Accessory on the red carpet!
  26. Keeping up with the #Kardashians thinking about doing a reality show? Great inspiration for all people, not just women.

  27. Speaking with @LorenRidinger. What an inspiration. An honest day’s work has created a wonderful organization.
  28. Only 80 minutes until our interview with @LorenRidinger – tweet back questions – I’ll try to ask them! – 
  29. CONTROVERSY: Have you heard of the SadFabs (single and desperate for a baby). The new movie, “The Switch,” is…
  30. Lack of sleep more harmful to women
  31. College Campus Assaults a Constant Threat – ABC News – 1 in 4 women will be assaulted on college campuses @AddThis
  32. ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ reunion, Part 2: Hair pulling, hugs and handshakes | Show Tracker ..
  33. #Market America – what do you think? Join us tonight for our interview with SVP @LorenRidinger! 8p (eastern) radio
  34. RT @reuters: Men have more senior moments of memory loss than women

  35. It’s not adultery if you murder your husband first and then… via @AddToAny
  36. It’s not adultery if you murder your husband first and then…:

  37. “Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralizing.” – Dr. Harriet Braiker…

  38. RT @TelegraphNews Grandmother passes driving test at 960th attempt