Neal and Jen Chat

Neal has deleted his Twitter timeline once again but I have a few saved tweets.  This conversation is priceless.
Jen D’Allessandro, who writes Christian romance novels under the name of J Heather Leigh, posted publicly that she has nothing to do with Thomas Retzlaff, has never met him or communicated with him, yet she doesn’t think he’s the admin of the ViaViewfiles libel blog. She must have received a vision from God about that. 

Neal agrees with her but the identity of Thomas Retzlaff as being the owner and writer of that blog was established a long time ago via the IP address used by the admins. The only other person directly connected to the blog would be Neal’s friend, Melissa Brewer aka @catsrimportant. 

As for revenge pornographer , Hunter Moore, he’s now in prison but it’s nice that Neal and Jen are thinking of him.
Hey @nrauhauser how are you? Missed you at the conspiracy meeting. How are you feeling?
@BlameJenD And public apologies to Jeff & I should be fairly soon. Apparently JM swore he’d never do this during post hearing discussion.
@nrauhauser IF he issues and apology it will be totally sarcastic. He lacks the intellect to understand that he was WRONG
@BlameJenD Texas prosecutes perjury less than once a year, but if things don’t go as ordered, he might be the lucky winner.
@nrauhauser I’m watching intently. Do you think he will comply?
@BlameJenD I also stopped looking at two months ago. The delusion that there is a Neal/Tom link is strong.
@nrauhauser I don’t see any value in reading there. Good idea to stop
@BlameJenD Reading the tea leaves is a bit easier since they slipped & admitted they’re @HunterMoore partisans.
@nrauhauser @Huntermoore Do you think that’s accurate?
@BlameJenD There are plenty of samples of Tom’s writing to compare, shared interests evident, but not the same writer.
@nrauhauser what if TR were admin? SO WHAT? Free Speech doesn’t apply to him? FTR- I don’t think he is admin
@BlameJenD Aiming at TR was fatal mistake #1, coming at me was #2, bothering Lane didn’t help him any either.
@nrauhauser I wonder what his goal was.
@BlameJenD I presume there is some life defining childhood pain behind the behavior, but he himself probably doesn’t even know for sure.
@nrauhauser The christian side of me feels bad for his condition.
@BlameJenD My sympathy for both of them ran out by summer of 2013. Two time wasting losers I never want to see again.
@nrauhauser when he began dragging out details of my now adult children’s lives, I lost all empathy
@BlameJenD I suspect once 1.) JM is wiped out online & 2.) we write off Hunter Moore debt, then things will settle down.
@nrauhauser You’re going to WRITE OFF the Hunter Moore debt? HA- that’s awesome
@BlameJenD Look at what VVF did to James McGibney. Moore has no money & serious gangsters watching his back. We’d be foolish to keep it.
@nrauhauser It’s poetic justice. Perfect. **Bows to Neal**
@BlameJenD Simple self-preservation. I sent Moore this Flikshop the day they made their slip.
@nrauhauser I love that pic. HAH
@BlameJenD I should send him another one since it was cut to $450k, but I dunno if I have credits in there now.
@nrauhauser does it matter? He can’t pay either. Good news is that I can afford nice vacations and I can send $ to friends. He can’t
@BlameJenD It’ll be funny when the revenge porn opponents learn @HunterMoore gets away free & they’ve got McGibney. Morgan, Klein listed