Rauhauser Timeline; April, Part Three

These are Neal Rauhauser’s deleted tweets from April. This is part three

@hicksfilosopher @AllSquareCat Like my #IronTroll victory in 2012, Social Engineering Special Olympics #SESO recognizes the reality of 2016

@hicksfilosopher @AllSquareCat #SESO contestants say #facepalm stupid crap in my open DMs. I used to play cat/mouse with them, but no more.

@hicksfilosopher @AllSquareCat Drama recycling is a common #SESO tactic. Something irrelevant in 2013 probably hasn’t aged well, eh?

@hicksfilosopher @AllSquareCat Here’s a recent #SESO contestant: https://t.co/hfNn1kRZd3

@hicksfilosopher @AllSquareCat Background on that is one of Kathy Scott’s partisans paid me to examine her troubles late last year.

@hicksfilosopher @AllSquareCat Who that was, when it happened, results, etc all remain secret. Idiot children assumed it was Kathleen Sweets

@hicksfilosopher @AllSquareCat I’ve had half a dozen “hurr durr examine THIS reactive mental patient” DMs – #SESO also-rans.

@hicksfilosopher @AllSquareCat The most recent #SESO contestant is IRL detective Philip R. Klein. https://t.co/3zL5Mr6HvI

@hicksfilosopher @AllSquareCat Klein has fresh drama, which brings him to head of the #SESO pack, but he misplays it https://t.co/cVET43Q3Cb

@hicksfilosopher @AllSquareCat Right now another ankle biter troll is weeping/gnashing teeth over dictionary definition of ‘consequences’.

@hicksfilosopher @AllSquareCat Klein would like to rescue his co-trolling buddy, but like that missing little boy in Idaho, it’s hopeless.

@hicksfilosopher @AllSquareCat aside: Klein isn’t a very good detective, was fired/sued in Idaho missing child case. https://t.co/6Of294DWmM

@AllSquareCat @hicksfilosopher I’m trying to find information on the libel suit Klein is losing in Bexar county, but all I can get is (1/2)

@hicksfilosopher @AllSquareCat (2/2) This troll: https://t.co/xZk3GSar16 I *love* Sam & his evil twin Gus, two righteous master trolls.

@hicksfilosopher @AllSquareCat Ut oh, looks like Sam has info on new drama. https://t.co/oR3DhkVww7 No #SESO here, that’s gonna leave a mark

@hicksfilosopher @AllSquareCat Right now, advanced #SESO contestants are reading these tweets, trying to find something they can use.

@hicksfilosopher @AllSquareCat I don’t imagine those witless wonders will do anything fresh or funny; being tiresome is a key #SESO skill.

@hicksfilosopher @AllSquareCat In closing, if I had $450,000 to blow, I’d buy this Lamborghini Murciélago #SESO https://t.co/hnOxK3a8LW

Chirpified: Social Engineering Special Olympics Chatter https://t.co/CiIQ48kN87

Oh god

Someone confiscate my computer before I do something I’ll regret

I’m going to entitle this “Run Your Silly Girl And Forget” https://t.co/4ZnlW4nkLh

Candace Owens of @socialcoroner launched an anti-bullying kickstarter for Social Autopsy. https://t.co/zRMgYvratz

Owens was EXTREMELY naive and quickly encountered the Internet Hate Machine. https://t.co/8fM1Ln8ELy

Owens talked to Zoe Quinn @UnburntWitch and @randileeharper, both of whom offered a much needed reality check.

Owens has come to believe something the Conspiracy Brokers would have been proud to launch. https://t.co/Guh4ZanoOb

Enough about Candace Owens & @socialcoroner, her 15 minutes of fame are rapidly coming to an end.

And @socialcoroner’s goofy idea that @UnburntWitch & @randileeharper somehow profit from being lightning rods is pretty stupid.

What @socialcoroner tried to fund is the same thing offered by @wesearchr – a paid dox service. Both are bad ideas.

You *can* get paid having research skills that work in the chaotic, fast moving online environment, but nobody puts up a web site for it.

Here are some things I’ve seen that actually produce revenue:

1/ Parents of missing/endangered teens/young adults will hire a detective to check on them. I sometimes get hired by detectives.

2/ Hardcore IRL stalking problems sometimes have an online component. I’ve seen one case like this, fortune 500 executive.

3/ Sometimes civil suits draw trolls. I don’t mean online drama, real world stuff occasionally gets such attention.

4/ Journalists working on stories involving online antics will pay for a native of the realm to double check what they think they’ve found.

5/ I’ve been tapped by CNN, Fox, NYT, VICE, and some European news as a source. Not the same as item #4.

6/ All large brands have some detractors, sometimes they suspect competitors driving it, this pays well but they’re usually disappointed.

7/ Intrusions like Ashley Madison are interesting to a lot of people /w no online skills, examining them for risks is a business.

8/ Political campaigns often have questions that need answers, but they’re all terrible deadbeats. I will do stuff for those I like.

Notice what is NOT listed as something useful to do. Lemme enumerate.

1/ Nobody with a badge gives a fuck about anything that happens online unless there is IRL stuff in their jurisdiction to go with it.

2/ Almost nobody with money for a lawyer will care about online chatter. I’ve seen one exception to this, ended badly for that guy.

3/ Nothing you deduce from online observation is suitable for a criminal report. No, really, https://t.co/y1bEg98xJX not even if accurate.

This is all stuff I’ve said before: SXSW GamerGate Panel Is Back, But With A Twist https://t.co/qarKauZafw

Feminist targets of #GamerGate miss the deeper implications of Malevolent Millennial Males: https://t.co/pCKSQp5Uja

1/ Gonna directly address Candace Owens @socialcoroner now, same stuff I said to another anti-bullying entrepreneur back in 2013.

2/ You have no experience in this realm.

3/ You have no reliable allies; anyone that understands would forbid you to try Social Autopsy, and then cut you loose if you did.

4/ You WILL end up ruined, unable to publish under your own name, unable to fund raise, it’s impossible to recover from this.

5/ Anyone who tells you that you can do these things is either a fool or a psychopath that will turn on you at the worst possible moment.

6/ So there you have it, Candace Owens. I’m not a sock for @UnburntWitch or @randileeharper but feel free to add me to the conspiracy theory

Chirpified: Run You Silly Girl And Forget https://t.co/tu8j3OoFps

@AllSquareCat stand by for a fresh crop of #SESO contestants. https://t.co/tu8j3OoFps

@Sanguinarious Yes, inescapably badly. Won’t say any names or provide any details, I’m just meta-gloating today.

RT @prince: I am #transformed

@Ciaran_Laval Yup, doesn’t excuse the poor judgment she displayed trying to launch Social Autopsy.

@Ciaran_Laval She should have done due diligence on the environment. Not the first anti-bullying thing I’ve seen torn to shreds.

@Ciaran_Laval In the same sense that an adopt a highway scheme in Helmand picking up empty shell casings would beautify Afghanistan.

@Ciaran_Laval If you’ve got contact /w her, she needs to pack herself up, run like hell, and hope something else funny happens.

@Ciaran_Laval I’ve been dealing with that sort of thing for so long I work for one of those ‘professional security firms’. (1/2)

@Ciaran_Laval I *highly* doubt that anyone cares about Candace Owens or anyone else caught up in the online harassment scrum. (2/2)

@sub_aetha Libel doesn’t apply to court filings, 1st Amendment doesn’t protect those making them from consequences. Hilarious.

@Ciaran_Laval Well yes, celebs/wealthy/corporations DO hire assistance, but not random people caught up in conflict.

@sub_aetha Point being that if you go into court, you accept the judge is going to rule on the issue you bring, applying relevant laws.

@sub_aetha There have been efforts to draw comments from me: https://t.co/DIw1QjgBq8

@sub_aetha But it’s all in judge Cosby’s hands now. We just have to sit and wait for a ruling.

@wesearchr Lil Chuckie has been booted once and the first time you guys mess up again it’ll be gone. So it goes.

RT @postgreen: How Earth itself has dramatically upped the stakes for the Paris climate accord https://t.co/N7yVIzxTkK https://t.co/Wys4UGO…

@DaniDeli3 Actually, I plan on muting anyone who comments on it.

2014 record heat 2015 beat it, 2016 is beating 2015. https://t.co/e0DtlEONBb Look at video, Atlantic thermohaline conveyor shutdown detected

Atlantic south of Greenland is unnaturally cold. https://t.co/e0DtlEONBb watch the video.

More on blob of cold water in the Atlantic https://t.co/Qzba2BgoyZ

Atlantic cooling may indicate dreaded shutdown of North Atlantic thermohaline conveyor. https://t.co/En5KcXYFgP

8,000 cubic kilometres of freshwater has flowed from Greenland into the Atlantic between 1900 and 1970. 114 cubic kilometers/year.

13,000 cubic km between 1970 and 2000. 433 cubic km per year. Greenland meltwater discharge QUADRUPLED in my lifetime.

RT @csoghoian: @josephfcox @ncweaver @Susan_Hennessey What about to distribute child porn?

@csoghoian @josephfcox @ncweaver @Susan_Hennessey CP distribution is just the latest eyebrow raiser in the FBI’s ongoing crime wave.

RT @csoghoian: @Susan_Hennessey I’m not sure that being against the government distributing child porn to 100k anonymous users is such a ra…

RT @csoghoian: @ncweaver @Susan_Hennessey The FBI hadn’t been authorized by Congress or the Courts to distribute CP. Who gave them the powe…

RT @AnonyOps: UC Davis Chancellor sort of apologies for attempt to bury this image https://t.co/5wMViN2hxs https://t.co/ch8pFlz8of

@BlameJenD While I am, as usual, filled with malice. I wonder if we’ll face any long term consequences?

@BlameJenD $$%)<))) is all I see when I type in all caps.

@BlameJenD I heard I’m suppose to keep my mouth shut on a variety of topics. Doesn’t mean I can’t subtweet snark about them 🙂

RT @_TheBunny_: How could I let you go? I haven’t seen you naked in awhile.

@issabailot @AllSquareCat @komonews Everybody gotta have friends tho.

What the heck is this 307 REASONS TO FIGHT stuff? LGBT character killed in a drama?

@lindseyedixon Was thinking, only LGBT character I recall from stuff I like is Kima Greggs in the wire – shot to pieces, not killed.

@lindseyedixon And Kima Greggs remained attached, with some friction due to dangers of her job (police).

@lindseyedixon I stopped watching TV around 1985, most of this stuff I don’t recognize.

@lindseyedixon Didn’t really see Flora in Deadwood as an LGBT role model, they didn’t kill Joannie, Trixie, or Calamity Jane.

@lindseyedixon Of all those, have only see The Wire & Deadwood. I just don’t do TV, have never owned one.

RT @JohnFugelsang: Transgender Bathroom Hysteria – brought to you by the party of Dennis Hastert, Josh Duggar & Larry Craig.

RT @andreagrimes: Lord let any one person ever love me a fraction as much as the entire world loved Prince

About #PrinceRIP – I lived in MSP in the summer of 1985. Either you were there, or you weren’t.

Thanks to 307 REASONS TO FIGHT I just discovered a favorite book from my teens is now a TV series https://t.co/FVQ7sGOsDZ

RT @LaLaineKOOL105: The Eiffel Tower turned purple. #PrinceRIP https://t.co/Lre43jUZLl

RT @joenewsman: San Francisco City Hall turns purple for #PrinceRIP @CBSSF https://t.co/BLMPzsBf4b

RT @OnAirWithSteve: Respect #PrinceRIP https://t.co/iMus01xNBW

RT @zetagyrl: Yassssssss what a way to come through for his royal badness Omni #PrinceRIP https://t.co/O2Z1y96S5n

RT @ChrisHMovie: Sign @XcelEnergyCtr tonight #PrinceRIP https://t.co/XbgnKvQUSZ

RT @thrillgeek: .@theorlandoeye is lit up purple in remembrance of #Prince #PrinceRIP https://t.co/65YFO9qnD3

RT @billwsyx6: In honor of #PrinceRIP , forecast not only calling for showers, but Purple Rain. @wsyx6 https://t.co/tRJsaXltWJ

Went looking for info on #RIPAmy, found white trash conservatism purveyor Mark Dice. Who is this loser? https://t.co/Y97VQ0Tgwk

https://t.co/Af6YaEGiAQ Gett Off /w lyrics not found here https://t.co/I2Blj40DAV haven’t heard this in twenty five years.

307 REASONS TO FIGHT got me interested in The 100, forcing me to check out my Amazon Prime video. Is it in here?

Fifty years old and I HAVE become my dad. I need some kid to help me navigate this Amazon Prime video stuff. At least its not blinking 12:00

@TUSNP Wow, gritty. https://t.co/QFaKwCnayj

@GrrlScientist @zebrafinch Atrazine is so prevalent it comes down in the rain in Midwest.

@zebrafinch @GrrlScientist https://t.co/qD8mBcfxH7 Not kidding, it rains Atrazine in the Midwest.

RT @gregpinelo: Beautiful, complex, mysterious. A perfect tribute. Well played @NASA. https://t.co/PhCfKwdaI5

RT @FOX4: The Omni Hotel in downtown Dallas is purple in honor of Prince. https://t.co/siRgx4lmXn

RT @mndotnews: #RIPPrince The I-35W Bridge will reign purple tonight. https://t.co/FDjwRZnEQA

@dogthefootsteps I am so frustrated on entertainment in general. I finally got through Penny Dreadful, which was wonderful.

@dogthefootsteps But making the time to sit still and watch, I just don’t have it in me right now.

The Democratic machine will not thwart the #Berners w/o handing the election to GOP, unless Trump splits GOP.

This cycle we have four parties – corporate v. populist axis, and left v. right axis. Unprecedented diversity in my lifetime.

#3WordsToDefineYourself An Odd Duck.

@dogthefootsteps Trouble is finding an hour to sit still and watch. That’s escaping me these days.

@dogthefootsteps Only undisturbed stretches are 45 minute hill climbs – pretty happy /w my new bike.

RT @UnburntWitch: if you struggle with this shit too, with depression & being targeted by people wanting to hurt you, yr not weak or alone…

Looks like @UnburntWitch is having same moment I did back in 2012. Only way for me to be visible online requires constant vigilance.

Not only do I not connect /w friends here, most of what I do is filled /w varying degrees of deception.

I instinctively lie about most everything. Here’s a prime example 30 minutes ago. https://t.co/GLfuDD8BcS

Social Engineering Special Olympics contestants will be calling TWC trying to get my internet canceled. Good luck with that, #SESO

You can play /w shelter cats via an online interface https://t.co/vhnWNssNJj Talk about environmental enrichment for them.

@dogthefootsteps @AllSquareCat https://t.co/vhnWNssNJj Cats you can play with online

OMG the things SOME PEOPLE do with court filings. https://t.co/KLzLy1a3wS

I have no idea if this is workable, but it makes for hilarious bedtime reading. https://t.co/ErebGwiP9B

File this one under dick moves that made me smile: https://t.co/L2nI0EEnMz

@Sanguinarious I canna tell if that motion is at all legit. TR does stuff like this, mostly it’s trolling, but he did get bar after Morgan.

@Sanguinarious That is true in some ways, but I like objective reality best in this case.

@Sanguinarious Most notable thing to me is Stone taking the harassment domains, surprising given the liability he incurs for doing so.

https://t.co/rVh8W3AQs8 This recently 3rd party filing in my Texas case is … hilarious.

Checking out @OrphanBlack on Amazon Prime. Had this for a year, 1st investigation of video.

@omgwtfbrb1min @jamezdhawaii @Dodo__boBo @Vets4Bernie https://t.co/oHYYycuTTA Melvin didn’t sink anything during WW II.

@omgwtfbrb1min @jamezdhawaii @Dodo__boBo @Vets4Bernie OK, whoops, read closer, story does mention https://t.co/Kk4AGkJ6yi loss.

Other countries range between concern and outright terror regarding Trump. https://t.co/vP45XY2ol4

@SockieWhodunit You get a copy of Retzlaff’s latest?

GOP delegates are getting a taste of what we’ve put up with for years. https://t.co/tSxorLyp3k https://t.co/vJbYNnjJll

@BlameJenD Uhh, lemme send you a copy.

@BlameJenD https://t.co/qZtJ8xKq9G Here’s the first page 🙂

@BlameJenD Careful, that’ll end up in the next conspiracy theory filing.

@BlameJenD I am trying to figure out if this latest thing results in another hearing or what.

@jamezdhawaii https://t.co/vP45XY2ol4 World leaders are terrified by Trump’s progress.

RT @BlakeBoston617: Unfucking believable!Trump employees? https://t.co/LqeXEf3c7a

This is my new favorite federal law. https://t.co/6UNKc91cVG

@omgwtfbrb1min Yup, but it’s not clear – multiple stories on the battleship’s sinking, survivors picked up by destroyer, then sunk again.

@omgwtfbrb1min I’m older, my father served during (but not in) Korea, most of my uncles went to Europe, a few were in the Pacific.

@omgwtfbrb1min Point being that’s my parents’ generation, for many here it’s their grandparents.

Arleigh Burke class USS Shoup DDG-86 top, Zumwalt DDG-1000 1st of class bottom. https://t.co/JwVB8wnsWn https://t.co/OeuvsMWLyZ

RT @MaxBlumenthal: Deep reporting from @joesabro on how the FBI may have tried to pressure a Muslim civil rights activist into spying https…

@MarkWBennett That’s actually kinda funny.

Rauhauser v. McGibney 2016-04-07 hearing transcript https://t.co/6XtRYHxCKB cc: @BlameJenD @SockieWhodunit @mlemmlemmlem

@AllSquareCat Conspiracy Brokers on the move again? I never get an invite when the clubhouse reopens.

USS Carl Vinson CVN-70 USS John C. Stennis CVN-70 USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76. #navy https://t.co/pOCecpUaov

Help me out #navy I see three domes for radar, which are they? AN/SPN-46 landing radar at the very rear? https://t.co/q4Z7xurvGi

Help me out #navy big dome on the left is AN/SPQ-9? https://t.co/Ei1uGAQK3f

I see AN/SPS-48 3d search radar flat panel #navy https://t.co/i7IjwpFtsn

I see AN/SPS-49 long range 2D search radar #navy https://t.co/umb7Z81hX3

Help me out #navy six radomes/rotating panels here, can’t identify any of them. https://t.co/WAkqQMknn4

@StanleyCohenLaw Follow for DM. Let’s make USDOJ pay @BarrettBrownLOL’s Stratfor restitution.

@AllSquareCat @PriestDeSanko I heard Conspiracy Brokers are behind the Professional Victims Association. Any truth to that rumor?

Chirpified: Nimitz Class Carrier Sensors & Weapons https://t.co/C9oaFaF2vY

RT @AllSquareCat: @nrauhauser @PriestDeSanko No idea. I will be in my office. https://t.co/LRPqMBpnT7

@AllSquareCat @PriestDeSanko I have extensive experience with goat riots, been bruised ankle to belly button before. https://t.co/kpAUXFD0fz

RT @BiellaColeman: You know you have hung out with hackers for too long when you ask yourself: is sh/e charming or just trying to social en…

@AllSquareCat @PriestDeSanko It’s best to calm them one by one, if you can. https://t.co/jDWGJ364tM

@AllSquareCat @PriestDeSanko https://t.co/ZHwpctmRdZ

RT @AllSquareCat: Thoughts & prayers go out 2 @PattonOswald from us at #AllCatPack in empathy 4 the loss of his wife. All our love. https:/…

@BlameJenD Actually reading the transcript?

@BlameJenD I’m not sure I can read it, that will wreck what has otherwise been a nice day.

@BlameJenD If he had a problem /w @MissAnonNews, he should have sued *her*, not the rest of the internet. Dumbass.

@BlameJenD So basically now that they understand why and how they lost, they want a do-over?

RT @ThomasBernpaine: #TheRevolutionIsCalling #FeelTheBern #Bernie2016 https://t.co/ciKXflhOTP

@BlameJenD Texas has a rigorous 12 step process to qualify a libel case. Last day to present evidence of that was 5/21/2014.

@BlameJenD Had McGibney gone through that process /w competent counsel he would not have sued six unrelated individuals.

@BlameJenD You were a target because of that BS felony charge in 2009. He picks people he sees as compromised by legal trouble.

@BlameJenD Conspiratorial worldview, believes if he repeats a lie often enough it’s a fact, typical smear tactics, but not evidence.

@AllSquareCat Maybe you know who will cut loose /w some miles and get us tickets?? https://t.co/RbFZ9Am3dN

@randileeharper Paid removal from a service like @socialcoroner crosses into FTC’s definition of revenge pornography. They’ll shut it down.

@randileeharper wouldn’t even have to be nude photos of victims, the private info + takedown fee is enough to get FTC moving against them.

@randileeharper https://t.co/xlAtlvAcXc Here’s @CraigRBrittain’s consent order /w FTC re: IsAnyoneDown.

@randileeharper That one learned his lesson /w FTC, he’s got funny ideas of how to make money, but there’s no harm in him.

@randileeharper Oh, was not aware of that. Like I said, he has funny ideas. Won’t do it again, sorry.

@CraigRBrittain A curious assertion, if you are indeed part of the #GamerGate goon squad.

@orthonormalist @CraigRBrittain So. Much. Irony.

@GamerGateTweets @CraigRBrittain Nah, that spin is going nowhere with me.

@zettazettazett4 Trying hard to give a fuck, but I think I’m all out.

Finally checked out @ArcherFX after seeing many @Imgur memes. Funny, but filling, one episode is enough.

People defending Dennis Hastert don’t want him talking. He feels he’s getting a raw deal, he might use them as bargaining chips.

@DJDadMCMom CRB and I had a mutual problem in James McGibney, we’ve talked directly about that.

@DJDadMCMom If CRB is part of the GamerGate mess I’m not terribly surprised, he adheres to some radical libertarian viewpoints.

@dragoneyes001 @MatanJeda Nope, given the environment it’s all bullshit & needs to be carpet bombed.

RT @zebrafinch: This world has truly gone mad. https://t.co/xKtlDB4uRq

RT @zebrafinch: Not that I yet believe PTSD can be helped, but here’s a try: https://t.co/PEwwajfk8R

@zebrafinch Nope, can confirm, absolutely works wonders.

@zebrafinch I personally like teachings from Andrea Fella https://t.co/R8kPs4mgcR but it does come from a Buddhist viewpoint.

@zebrafinch It’s entirely free, if it gives one PTSD victim relief, then it’s a gift beyond price, eh?

@zebrafinch Richard Bandler /w Denver Clay produced a CD for the Vietnam vets of their generation. https://t.co/OM5VXljA0j

@zebrafinch I was introduced to Bandler/Clay’s work back in mid-90s, found it worked really well.

@zebrafinch Is the red line outage accidental, or terror? They have electrical fires, not explosions.

France is as stirred up now as it was in 1968, it’s their #OWS https://t.co/CoclLkyjs3

Cleveland #RNC will be the Superbowl of Protest per @johnrobb https://t.co/ZyWRMJ0vij

@zebrafinch air compressor tank could let go with a bang. Seems like it’s always the red line having these issues.

@zebrafinch I seldom dealt with it directly, I was on the other end of the red, above ground maintenance is much simpler.

EU’s biggest issue after Charlie Hebdo/Bataclan? People faking terror threats. https://t.co/5nnRpR5zEC

This sounds nuts but @johnrobb is a VERY respected strategist https://t.co/NNluOvUaRo How U.S. Civil War 2.0 might begin this November.

Hollow State predictions from 2008 by @johnrobb https://t.co/5zwEFedXiY

Trump’s insurgency as seen by @johnrobb https://t.co/H45McMqGs9

@zebrafinch I don’t understand why they don’t just *fix it*. It’s just a railroad, and the new exec seems pretty bold.

@zebrafinch I bet they’re contemplating layoffs among management and repairs are getting the hot potato treatment.

@dogthefootsteps wot??

@dogthefootsteps John Robb is a respect strategic thinker, gets called in by Joint Chiefs, etc. I’m catching up/tweeting the good ones.

@dogthefootsteps Robb is taken very seriously, if he describes something like that, policy makers end up noting it.

@dogthefootsteps John Robb is a deeply respected strategic thinker, his crystal ball is pretty clear.

@dogthefootsteps If there are wingnuts/moonbats howling about Civil War 2.0 I don’t pay much attention to them.

@dogthefootsteps Yup, he’s brilliant, and quite trusted in certain circles. https://t.co/Z1cmeUXtnW

RT @MilWritersGuild: DC friends! We’re excited to be hosting a workshop with @DEFConference on May 12th. We hope you’ll join us! https://t.…

RT @M_Caba86: First two paragraphs reinforce what Sanders’ supporters already know. We need to keep going. https://t.co/UPGFwHY718

@M_Caba86 @jamezdhawaii That D.C. Dems need what the Tea Party did to GOP was immediately obvious to me after a few months there.

@M_Caba86 @jamezdhawaii It’s the HQ shuffle – screw the field/grassroots leaders, but fundraise on the back of their efforts.

@M_Caba86 @jamezdhawaii I was all set to do that starting 2012, but some Teatards insisted I pay attention to them for a few more years.

@M_Caba86 @jamezdhawaii That cuts both ways, I’ve had to hold my nose & support Trump in other venues, biggest tool I have to beat the GOP.

Wow! https://t.co/pPZanZWNgh A left Tea Party – #OWS #BLM & all the other longer term non-DC leftists.

RT @JohnFetterman: “ISIS is a threat to the U.S., but it’s not an existential one. We cannot enter another war of choice.” #PASen

@JohnFetterman Go deeper. ISIS is a symptom, not the actual malady of the Mideast.

RT @JohnFetterman: The best way to help our veterans? “Not sending them into disastrous wars of choice.” #PASenDebate

RT @BernieSanders: Money is not free speech. Elections should not be auctions. In a democracy, we should have the right to elect people bas…

I think I know how to regain control of @OccupyTheHouse Shall I make another @BernieSanders amplifier out of it?

RT @JohnFetterman: “Our infrastructure is in need of a serious upgrade, and the jobs an upgrade would bring to this country.” #PASenDebate

RT @VanJones68: Very kind of you. But the love and loyalty he showed me during my darkest days is an infinitely rarer thing. #Prince https:…

RT @EndorseBernie: Over 1000 #Bernie2016 Celebrity & Political memes for tweeting: https://t.co/QTeT5JVh1l https://t.co/22OIRleRDs

RT @EndorseBernie: Dear @repsantiago130, There’s huge support for #Bernie2016 in Connecticut. Please consider endorsing him. #CTPrimary htt…

RT @EndorseBernie: Dear @DavidMoon2014, There’s huge support for #Bernie2016 in Maryland. Please consider endorsing him. #MDPrimary https:/…

RT @EndorseBernie: Phonebank for #Bernie2016: https://t.co/ecFXzw7WuD & Support #Berniecrat @SheareJustin https://t.co/lkCmwuH3rB https…

RT @EndorseBernie: Dear @theresa_conroy, There’s huge support for #Bernie2016 in Connecticut. Please consider endorsing him. #CTPrimary htt…

RT @EndorseBernie: Dear @corymccray, There’s huge support for #Bernie2016 in Maryland. Please consider endorsing him. #MDPrimary https://t.…

@dogthefootsteps Yup, I wouldn’t talk to FBI at all after 2012. @CNN, @nytimes, a few other big outlets sometimes use me as a source.

RT @EndorseBernie: Phonebank for #Bernie2016: https://t.co/ecFXzw7WuD & Support #Berniecrat @KST4Congress https://t.co/lkCmwuH3rB http…

RT @freedomrideblog: https://t.co/e9XvFuAtqD When you talk to law enforcement instead of to a lawyer you end up kidnapped by feds for 14 mo…

#TobyLopez didn’t deserve to be locked up for fourteen months for talking to a fake ISIS account. He got trolled hard.

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Another digital lynch mob, this time for @Rachel_Roy https://t.co/xLyZMqUrnk What a steaming pile of poo this is. #bullying

@zebrafinch Remove high fructose corn syrup from the equation and things get a lot better immediately.

@HaleyMancini Yup, Internet is like the Noisy Cricket in Men In Black https://t.co/xZgas243rd

RT @paulkrugman: 2016 https://t.co/nX4rvCHzVm

@AllSquareCat https://t.co/ykta0UxZhi I want to make my Twitter header great again. This give you any ideas?

@zebrafinch Once HFCS is gone, #2 on my list would be soybean oil in places that should have olive, flax, or other Omega-3.

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RT @MicahZenko: All CENTCOM cmdrs describe Middle East as more chaotic than ever, and then propose the same US military strategy to “stabil…

@AlisynGayle @zebrafinch https://t.co/ueXMI0noBV running & memory

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RT @coslive: A tribute to #Prince in the skies above New Orleans @JazzFest https://t.co/SB12KNSw8y

RT @thehill: GOP chairman: I’m supporting Kasich so he can be Trump’s VP https://t.co/dj7Zv8yQTG https://t.co/grjSkqYSDZ

RT @thehill: Kasich starting to vet potential VPs https://t.co/5MRAyIi7Wn https://t.co/r33NVKRuQN

@VerminSupreme Kasich is vetting VPs already. When are you going to start?

@SwiftOnSecurity https://t.co/wkxUuGqHWx Terror attack on a furry convention.

@AllSquareCat @dogthefootsteps https://t.co/NtotPAiaDA

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RT @mxsawyer: Windows vs. Linux https://t.co/eqzmrqAST6

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RT @LonnieRhea: Researchers have no idea how long B. miyamotoi has gone undetected in California residents. #ME #CFS #Fibro #Pain https://t…

OMG I hope he caught them both and took them back home. https://t.co/UsVzPsbQUf

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People connected to Flint’s water crisis are mysteriously dying. https://t.co/Ox0VBvgVp0

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Don’t have the time you need on Twitter to find what you are looking for? Use @RoundTeam to search & share for you. https://t.co/XvMErBodri

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(1) Google Voice is starting to validate forwarding numbers. I last used this one in late 2012. https://t.co/52A2a5kPPr

(2) The number in question was a payphone near a coffee shop wifi, it’s getting flushed from more than one account. https://t.co/JTzjgdA4Ro

(3) Using Google Voice *is* inviting Skynet to use your personal phone, but for activists it’s been a refuge for many years.

(4) I happily publish 202-642-1717 on my profile and I periodically check for SMS or calls that went to voicemail.

(5) On extraordinary occasions I even turn on the burner phone connected to 202-642-1717 and take a call. That’s maybe a weekly event.

(6) There is an effort to eliminate anonymous burner phones, too. https://t.co/W876XCQCPn

(7) Sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google Mail have begun insisting on SMS validation as a minimum.

(8) I often find sites that offer SMS validation will insist on a call to a Google Voice number, or simply refuse to use them.

(9) I’ve come across several Bitcoin/debit card efforts that simply ignore Google Voice all together.

(10) @torproject is often banned from sites due to @Cloudflare defaults. Sites like Twitter add a validation burden to use it.

(11) VPN services have long been banned by @netflix & trend of treating them like @torproject is accelerating. https://t.co/ZapjHY0Qec

(12) Summary: Anonymous free speech enabling technology & services are under assault, often due to legitimate anti-fraud concerns.

Chirpified: Anonymous free speech technologies & services face threats due to legitimate anti-fraud polici.. https://t.co/EeAOGqeuuM

Reducing Baltimore’s gun problem /w network analysis methods https://t.co/6Jh5WghdvD they’re after high centrality individuals.

RT @realytcracker: NEALS IS A PLAYBOOK https://t.co/f8nwlfcz3k

1/ Let’s talk a bit about OPSEC, because we could all use a boost in our tradecraft.

2/ If you HAVE an encrypted channel, good for you, but what happens if the person on the other end gets intruded or turned?

3/ Here’s a prime example, being stupid in PGP encrypted email. Because stupid. https://t.co/DxsuDaGv1I

4/ You want to compare good v. not so good OPSEC? Look at HBGary emails, where they start talking to NSA about MAGPII.

5/ People who know send lots of vague one liners, often with a ‘call me’ in them.

6/ @WhatsApp is reputedly safe. @Telegram is total shit, comms to server are secure, but service can see what you say.

7/ Jabber & IRC are safe in the small sense of the word, if you use OTR https://t.co/gQp7kEQxpB

8/ Try finding an IRC server that permits Tor exits. Abuse is rampant, only isolated sites support it any more.

9/ I see @OnionIRC is up and running, a Tor only IRC. Barrier to entry is ‘must already understand Tor’, it’s harder for newcomers to use.

10/ Lots of Jabber servers out there, https://t.co/32zA2topUV. Tor is more tolerated, since it’s mostly point to point communications.

11/ I installed https://t.co/c01SK04MQc @Torproject only IM, made it public, only contacts I’ve had are people I’ve badgered into trying it.

12/ I spend time every day ensuring I’m not caught having unpopular ideas and I often help others with this problem.

13/ There is a near vertical learning curve even for those who A/ understand the technology and B/ understand the risks.

14/ And that’s just chat security stuff. Look at my @Chirpstory for other relevant rants.

Chirpified: Chatting Securely Is Harder Than You Think https://t.co/kqwMIz4WOt

@Sanguinarious IRC on I2P is much more mellow, like things were in the 1990s. There are fewer insecure little boys in the ranks.

RT @AnonDiscordian: @Sanguinarious @nrauhauser @OnionIRC Say what now? https://t.co/g0AncumQTn

@AnonDiscordian @Sanguinarious @OnionIRC Since Freedom Hosting got hit a few years ago there are a pack of homeless pedo purveyors out there

@AnonDiscordian @Sanguinarious @OnionIRC They turned up in a Canadian data center, then again in North Carolina.

@AnonDiscordian @Sanguinarious @OnionIRC While pedos are filth, LE planting that stuff to incriminate others are equally bad IMHO

@AnonDiscordian @Sanguinarious @OnionIRC Free speech is under assault. I was ranting about that before crypto chat. https://t.co/EeAOGqeuuM

@Sanguinarious @AnonDiscordian @OnionIRC crypto = pedo is The Man™’s argument Sang. You’re all establishment now?

RT @EricaGrieder: Here Vince let me help ya out on this https://t.co/yHqmuFG451

@EricaGrieder There wasn’t a check box for “Cute, but I’d get her number for my son”.

@Sanguinarious @AnonDiscordian @OnionIRC You ever install https://t.co/QMBp5sgfZg? A third of the listed sites are … highly questionable.

@Sanguinarious @AnonDiscordian @OnionIRC That was my immediate reaction to https://t.co/QMBp5sgfZg OMG don’t even want thumbnails in cache.

@ThatsRacistAF2 @Sanguinarious @AnonDiscordian @OnionIRC I hate how you can’t right click/save cool GIFs here.

RT @0x00string: You’d be surprised how many blue teams are really just three kids in a trenchcoat.

RT @0x00string: In school i was surrounded by people who would say “i’m going to school to learn hacking!” Those are the people on your bl…

RT @Nervana_1: And the Sultan will arrest more Dutch journalists in fury, while his media continues to insult Western leaders! https://t.c…

An inescapable truth. https://t.co/l5YljEMpQM

Don’t use @Blackberry as it is completely compromised by CSIS. https://t.co/C3y7wykQiK

RT @lhhoff: Political polarization update: A Wider Ideological Gap Between More and Less Educated Adults https://t.co/NGJPxvGQQ1 via @pewre…

RT @alec_h_tyson: On political values scale, wider generation gap within #GOP than Dem Party. Snapshot of age divides within 2 parties http…

RT @MonicaRAnders: Partisan gaps have grown on many issues, including environmental regulations @pewresearch https://t.co/QGDrf0Wsk7 https:…

Chirpified: America has grown much more polarized in the last two decades, even as views have trended the .. https://t.co/HE6Naja3fV

1/ #protip don’t leave loaded firearms where a child can find them. https://t.co/opf0sBY9Q9

2/ If you have firearms AND kids at home, ammo goes way up high where little people can’t reach.

3/ I started teaching my son to shoot when he was 4, pellet gun came at 8, he got a rifle at 10, then inherited my starter shotgun.

4/ Daughter is 3 yrs younger than son, she didn’t start learning until 5, but she enjoys target shooting /w brother.

5/ Had to saw stock off pellet gun to fit her, she didn’t want to be left out when brother & I went to shoot.

6/ Where I grew up, male firearms ownership was 80%+ by junior high. That’s normal in rural America.

7/ I didn’t start owning pistols until mid-20s. Glock 19 was 1st, everything else just feels off to me.

8/ Wouldn’t give a kid a .22 pistol in city, friends visit home, etc. Having one kept at grandma’s farm? Certainly.

9/ Don’t feel the need for concealed carry where I live now, but used to do this in places I lived when younger.

10/ I would back a national concealed carry requirement /w tax write-off. You want to carry, you get annual training.

11/ The Glock Perfection sticker that came /w my G-19 went on my range box. Putting that on car = PLEASE BURGALIZE ME!

12/ next gun(s) I buy will be mag compatible pistol/carbine, probably 9mm, probably Glock 19/Wilson Combat AR-9. https://t.co/GrJmJxAVkp

13/ This looks like lots of fun, but it needs a light slung under the barrel. https://t.co/gqTuOdZeUA

14/ Living in the city, 1st magazine better be full of Glazer Safety Slugs. Frangible ammo breaks up, won’t go through neighbor’s window.

15/ 2nd mag could be anything, I always had good luck /w Golden Sabre, 9mm is not designed for wide meplat. https://t.co/hskfu6iifT

16/ meplat is a French loan word: https://t.co/YFPZYlPtAn 9mm was built to take ball ammo, ie round nose full metal jacket.

17/ S&W .40 caried by many police officers offers a bit more energy than 9mm, but is meant to take these bullets: https://t.co/uSUHsLVNfr

18/ About gun violence: one uncle murdered long before I was born, one of my college roomies was murdered in 1990s.

19/ “cop killer bullets” – a nonsensical trope from anti-gun folks. Light, fast bullets that expand rapidly stop fights quickly.

20/ “assault weapons” – another nonsense trope from anti-gun folks. Scary black guns are scary. Wood stock, same gun? That’s fine.

21/ I’ve owned scary black polymer frame guns. They’re light, durable, and I beat the crap out of stuff, I’d ruin a wood stock quickly.

22/ 26 yr old mother shot in back, killed by one of her young sons. What a thing to carry for life https://t.co/SZ4C7ZDzWa

23/ Such accidents aren’t rare, here’s a 31 year old shot by her 4 year old son. https://t.co/klsyDzBOAz Kid wasn’t in car seat?!?!

24/ “Florida Statute makes it a misdemeanor to leave, on a premise a loaded firearm that a child can access”.

25/ Here’s another mother shot in back of head by her toddler. https://t.co/ldFFPV9rOT Who leaves a round in the chamber? WTF

26/ Toddler finds gun in mom’s purse, shoots & kills himself. https://t.co/c3DjL1tgfF Who leaves a round in the chamber?

27/ Two year old accidentally shoots mom. https://t.co/o64ihWC9qW Kids getting loaded gun CLEARLY needs to be chargeable offense.

28/ Here’s 26 yr old mom shot/killed by 3 yr old. https://t.co/mBWUtFSTsX Who leaves a round in the chamber?

29/ For you non-gun people, chambering 1st round takes serious physical effort, most tweens aren’t strong enough.

30/ These moms injured/killed by toddlers are not following BASIC safety precautions.

Chirpified: These moms being shot/killed by preschoolers are not following BASIC safety practices. https://t.co/da0NSZwVde

@lilsliceofcraze I’m feeling armed & dangerous, someone better send cyberpolice to confiscate my lappie before I make fun of some wingnuts.

RT @wikileaks: Amnesty Sweden now calls for Sweden to obey UN over Assange; says Swedish spy not behind earlier position https://t.co/St24y…

@lilsliceofcraze We have cyber-weapons, we’re in a cyber-war, and that makes Twitter … the cyber-latrine.

RT @ShaunKing: That a 74 year old disheveled socialist has won 18 states, with virtually no establishment support, means millions want real…

@rousseau_ist The camel’s nose under the tent regarding Social Security. Not so hard to make that out, eh?

I see @SSNewberry has written a fugue for Aaron Swartz. https://t.co/qELQBKDr5m Cool

RT @dogthefootsteps: not the end of the road for @deray just the beginning next time he’ll be smarter, more experienced https://t.co/QQHQF…

RT @jamezdhawaii: The Romney/Trump sequence is a two-step process whereby the Party is first anesthetized, then euthanized.

RT @MarkWBennett: So you’d better dumb down your parodies, fam. https://t.co/1vd2rDwSwM

@BCAppelbaum @dogthefootsteps Maybe they can get @SarahPalinUSA to sign up for the ticket as well?

@dogthefootsteps @BCAppelbaum I’ll be at Borders, moving Franz Kafka to the predictive fiction section if anyone needs me.

So @tedcruz generated some interest by selecting @CarlyFiorina as his running mate, after announcing coordination with @JohnKasich.

Cruz/Fiorina is less interesting than @VerminSupreme selecting @MojoNixonWorldE as a running mate /w condition he has to cross dress.

Novelty of Cruz/Fiorina working the gender identity politics angle will wear off by the end of May.

Here’s @tedcruz & @VerminSupreme https://t.co/P4xbLfquMn

@AllSquareCat @dogthefootsteps https://t.co/qjYEbUlvSg

@BeauFriedlander @theintercept @jeremyscahill @matthewacole You guys understand Prince’s plan was redneck engineering, right?

@BeauFriedlander @theintercept @jeremyscahill @matthewacole ISR gear & guided weapons would work, cannons on a spray plane? Nope.

@AllSquareCat @dogthefootsteps cats behaving badly: https://t.co/YgjMji3kZs

@dogthefootsteps @AllSquareCat They have no carb requirement in their diet, gotta be salt, oil, or texture they’re after.

@dogthefootsteps @AllSquareCat https://t.co/HZIOiNRk6I Aggressive grooming, follow on violence avoided.

@dogthefootsteps @AllSquareCat Usually that sort of forceful grooming devolves into biting pretty quickly, at least on @Imgur

@dogthefootsteps @AllSquareCat I have several marked that start that way, devolve into spats.

@dogthefootsteps It’s an edgy move, but can we internet ground @AllSquareCat until she scoops her own litter box?

Hey you #LGBT bathroom warriors, is this true, or more internet bullshit? https://t.co/hI7dwVs1wz

1/ Cat Facts Part 1 https://t.co/cdZyF71tWq

2/ Cat Facts Part 2 https://t.co/gTiZIxNt9N

3/ Cat Facts Part 3 https://t.co/3UYSXeLMur

4/ Cat Facts Part 4 https://t.co/dXHhHAQMjS

5/ Cat Facts Part 5 https://t.co/yWBIPseJza

6/ Cat Facts Part 6 https://t.co/jayjoQiWuV

7/ Cat Facts Part 7 https://t.co/twTjvmI7Tg

8/ Cat Facts Part 8 https://t.co/VZWXGTl2Ar

9/ Cat Facts Part 9 https://t.co/UNUPMlnrdU

10/ Cat Facts Part 10 https://t.co/iz9XeMj2TO

@Sanguinarious What’s the meanest thing you’ve ever done to an actual snitch. Not the fake, screechy punks, the real deal.

@Sanguinarious People who are called snitches/feds seldom are; that sort of talk flows from stupid kids for the most part.

@Sanguinarious I can think of four admitted informants I’ve spoken to in the last four years. Three thought they had a chance with me.

@Sanguinarious I love it when they bring new blood & give them a half-assed briefing. Guy turns up in a certain place, wanting to talk.

@Sanguinarious I mean I got approached almost as badly as this recently https://t.co/1yHZ25XW77

I hate that it’s difficult to save gifs seen on Twitter. Like this one. https://t.co/SGVAmM0TXF

Never forget, @carrieffisher was THE original overly attached girlfriend, long, long ago. https://t.co/7HPlqWSG4q

“You contemptible pig.” Look @carrieffisher in this scene. https://t.co/JY2zy0qmez

“You miserable slug. You think you can talk your way out of this?” https://t.co/fjMsiQoHCW

@dogthefootsteps I saw that on @Imgur, was asking if there were links confirming it, seemed like a baseless smear.

@Sanguinarious @dogthefootsteps Only Wednesday and it’s already getting deep on here. I’m sensing more @Imgur time in my future.

RT @BlakeBoston617: How The Internet* Talks https://t.co/sHYvvdacsr

RT @ICIJorg: #PanamaPapers Part 2: The world’s dirty laundry becomes searchable https://t.co/4Nv7ZFpvvH

RT @arahn2: Damn, Boehner, tell us what you really think. https://t.co/G9HvB72ZrA

#GOP is as sick as the Ottoman Empire was in 1804. https://t.co/FBHpjMYQ8X @johnboehner just confirmed.

@liposuctor You sure about that? I mean he’s definitely top ten material, but BIGGEST?

RT @BiellaColeman: Said this before but worth saying again: hipsters are a problem for how they normalize weird.

@HahnAmericaWade That’s fine, I like @johnboehner now that he’s being honest about the #GOP’s decline.

1/ Cruz takes aim at Trump. Boehner takes aim at Cruz. Neither of the GOP presidential leaders are acceptable to their House/Senate majority

2/ Kasich is a distant also-ran. If they try to broker him in a third party run by either Cruz or Trump seems inevitable.

3/ Here is Boehner calling Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh”. https://t.co/FGcAp69fDI

4/ Cruz was part of Groundswell. Read some of their internal emails, it’s whacky. https://t.co/qRXcNjIQmP

5/ Groundswell was covered by @DavidCornDC Here they are, planning a “thirty front war” https://t.co/PtVFooRM8B

6/ Groundswell was pushing @johnboehner about the Benghazi nontroversy. https://t.co/BlodhRdqQT

7/ Groundswell was trying to eliminate @karlrove https://t.co/JSdZwAzPF1 So this is what Cruz faces as an opponent.

@Leann02 I think @johnboehner is pining for the sensible GOP that has been wrecked by the Tea Part & its successors.

8/ Rubio dropped out. Kasich is backing Cruz. Fiorina was picked to soften ol’ Lucifer Cruz’s appearance.

9/ Less obviously, would-be president Paul Ryan is stuck with the problem that drove Boehner out, a disloyal, extremist minority.

10/ House/Senate are no longer a way to #GOP presidential nomination; they have to compromise to get work done, which makes them unelectable

11/ Only Republican governors will be able to pass through the nominating process.

12/ #GOP isn’t dying, but the #TeaParty cancer has to be cut out before they can begin to serve as loyal minority.

13/ Don’t get cocky, Democrats, you will be next to face a grassroots revolt. Thanks @BernieSanders 🙂

@AllSquareCat @dogthefootsteps https://t.co/V9OiRisDar

RT @EvonomicsMag: Trump-Sanders Phenomenon Is a Sign of Oligarchy Killing the Economy https://t.co/mODmD9vErA @Peter_Turchin @DavidBrin @Ni…

RT @ABC: Car does donuts around protesters outside Donald Trump rally in Costa Mesa, California. https://t.co/YKhNIpkYMB https://t.co/PPSX1…

RT @helgasilvaNOW: Video: Anti-Trump protesters try to flip police car in Costa Mesa, Calif – KABC via @breaking https://t.co/X60PUcIchn

RT @Green_Footballs: Photos: Large Protest Outside Trump Rally in Costa Mesa https://t.co/HXcmk80CTA https://t.co/SoI6sEUMlJ

RT @KTLA: Watch live: Protesters try to overturn Costa Mesa patrol car outside Trump rally https://t.co/9w2UnJdn5t https://t.co/EyRbPFWewP

RT @NewsRevo: Protestors have blocked the on ramp to I-55 outside #CostaMesa #TrumpRally https://t.co/HZgTI4lkCY https://t.co/xlnYxKymF2 vi…

RT @LATvives: They’ve now set up benches at the on ramp to 55 Fwy. #CostaMesa https://t.co/sOd2JblUZa

RT @LATvives: This just happen #CostaMesa #DonaldTrump https://t.co/t0hS8EEdIU

RT @GinaFerazzi: #Trump protester and supporter confront each other before rally in Costa Mesa https://t.co/ju1E0mhNfX

Trump fills Orange County Fairgrounds, 18k people. Protesters outside flipping cop cars, blocking interstate ramps. Wild. #CostaMesa

RT @GerrishLisa: Great argument for why DNC should choose @BernieSanders at the convention! �������� https://t.co/vWg8BYot2d https://t.co/91oRc…

RT @BiellaColeman: Watched new Point Break, for instance, & the eco-warriors were portrayed as cold blooded killers. Broke my

RT @immimedia: Every single donation makes a difference! We are now at 38% thanks to 216 backers

RT @realytcracker: going to tour @SpaceX facilities in a couple hours super duper excited

@realytcracker @SpaceX Get a shot right here 🙂 https://t.co/v14VMy5tVi

RT @People4Bernie: We’re #WillingToFight for everyone who knows we need to demilitarize the police, not increase the number of police https…

@realytcracker Give me a day’s advanced notice and I’ll come join you on your next @SpaceX tour. I get to Hawthorne semi-regularly.

Does what Hastert said https://t.co/aCf7TfApM2 Trump what @johnboehner said about Cruz? Wild week for former Speakers of the House, eh?

@AllSquareCat @dogthefootsteps https://t.co/PXTsciCOKC

RT @TomKindlon: The effects of fluctuating #ChronicIllnesses like #MyalgicE can vary a lot from day to day #MEcfs #CFS #CFSME #PwME https:…

@AllSquareCat https://t.co/jY0bIY0NaH Who do we know who is facing this problem?

@Arpey_Actual Shame I can’t directly RT these gems you find. https://t.co/kPb3VTp5sk

@Arpey_Actual Do what I did, dig out a five year old sock and rename it, that keeps the suspension bot nonsense at a distance.

@AllSquareCat I think we need some of these. https://t.co/yv843eVWjO

@lilsliceofcraze Can confirm, catnip + barn cats = Stoned Kittehz™

#WhatTheyDontWantUsToKnow What @xychelsea gave to @Wikileaks reveals war crimes.

#WhatTheyDontWantUsToKnow What @Snowden gave to @theintercept reveals unconstitutional violation of our civil liberties.

#WhatTheyDontWantUsToKnow What @FreeJeremyNet did to @Stratfor is something that company has done repeatedly to others.

#WhatTheyDontWantUsToKnow Only one CIA employee exposed torture, @JohnKiriakou serve 30 months in prison for reporting crimes.

#WhatTheyDontWantUsToKnow That @StanleyCohenLaw was framed for tax stuff due to his outspoken stance on Israel’s apartheid.

#WhatTheyDontWantUsToKnow That @JulianAssange_ has faced years of arbitrary detention due to faked sex crimes charges in Sweden.

#WhatTheyDontWantUsToKnow That @Thomas_Drake1 is just one of HUNDREDS of whistleblowers to be prosecuted.

#WhatTheyDontWantUsToKnow That @JesselynRadack reported torture of John Walker Lindh https://t.co/zSMoEr7PYD & got prosecuted for it.

#WhatTheyDontWantUsToKnow That Franz Gayl saved THOUSANDS of our Army/Marines by getting MRAP program moving, they tried to prosecute him.

#WhatTheyDontWantUsToKnow That @ColeenRowley exposed the FBI fumbling 9/11 attack intelligence, and was forced to retire early.

#WhatTheyDontWantUsToKnow Any of the stuff @JamesBamford put in The Shadow Factory https://t.co/H7lS2zKWT4

#WhatTheyDontWantUsToKnow That @SibelEdmonds was an FBI translator who was forced out for reporting corruption. https://t.co/yhiv9GouXY

Chirpified: #WhatTheyDontWantUsToKnow A Top Level Summary https://t.co/I7LIsV0iCn

@JamesBamford OK, sorry, what’s his name here??

Can everyone please take a few minutes to report ‘bullygods’, James McGibney’s newest targeted harassment account.

@mxsawyer gluten sensitivity often comes with caesin sensitivity, too. Not a quality study IMHO, should use some other protein than whey.

RT @csoghoian: State of phone passwords: Short = easy to enter + insecure. Long = Pain in the ass + secure. Fingerprints may be vulnerab…

Can everyone spend a few minutes on serial harasser bullygods? https://t.co/uPXB2lq38J

RT @canadianglen: when judgements just don’t learn people, they keep doing the same old bullshit. b/c it worked so well before. lol. https:…

@Sanguinarious I’ve said about as much as I can, conflict is over in TX court, not giving him screen shots to use for further lawfare.

RT @BlameJenD: Please take a moment and report this account. It’s run by a former Marine who has been stalking me for 2 years. https://t.c…

@BlameJenD Marine Corps doesn’t have an Online Harassment Unit and I don’t think they care to claim him 🙂

@BlameJenD Well, I find you pretty, amazing, and interesting 🙂

@Sanguinarious He faces a large debt to me, what you say seems to indicate troubles of which I am unaware.

@BlameJenD I’m treading lightly, no screen shots to waste the judge’s time allowed 🙂

@Sanguinarious I must say winning the judgment has been HUGE for me career wise. Cuts right through all the crap Google results on me.

@Sanguinarious precedent setting 1st Amendment case, $1.3M judgment, instantly restored my credibility in several circles.