Rauhauser Timeline For January, 2016

Once again Neal has deleted his Twitter timeline. These are his tweets from January, 2016.


























 They say it takes hardship, boy To let you love the rest Sometimes underneath the load Is where I show my best https://t.co/7vz0T7REty




 You’re reading this. You read everything, you always do. I’ve understood that for a long time.


 My motivations aren’t what they were; I’ve been going through the motions since the last time I heard from you.


 The pattern starts, but then it dissolves. Once is an accident, twice a coincidence, three times enemy action. How many times has it been?


Put a mark on your calendar for Orlando. I went two days early, bought a burner, paid cash, left it in an airport bathroom when I was done.


 Twice in harms way and I left that Jabber up in screen for six months. They ran as soon as they understood what would happen.


 I didn’t forget to pay the box rent, it ended last August. U mad bro?


You have unpaid debts here. Pay them off. Write them off and walk away. Won’t matter to me.


 I put a first and last name in a text file. SHA1 = 54af89cf44456516b70110808632657b8e6eaf51


 I should post it to pastebin with the rest of the information. It’s been just sitting there since mid-2012. I didn’t know how to validate it


 klonopinned@jabber.se was just registered. It’ll be around until I get tired of checking it. Your move.













https://t.co/xQdRuAvZD4 You don’t need to hide, my friend, for I’m just like you.


 https://t.co/SlCpgHnfoL Put it together, it’s a strange invitation.


 https://t.co/m8QEbDk2ue And picking up speed.


 https://t.co/u0iJumzTWU Ipso Facto


@SwiftOnSecurity https://t.co/s27391osQP Here’s another security nightmare, this time @amazon support




Thought it was a race between me @chetuber who was gonna die first, tonight’s news … shocking. Just 32 and he’s just gone.


Suicide is top hazard for hackers, just like artists. Natural causes at 32? WTF.


 Feels strange, pronouncing a first, middle, and last name. I never knew anything but the handle he favored.


 Parents & siblings had no idea about his other life. I get to tell some war stories, but later this week. Grief is still too fresh.


Shelter is a place I would like to behold. https://t.co/GyjYJJQOzS


 Some kind of savior singing the blues A derelict in your duct tape shoes https://t.co/LiLiwiXewp






 Too many lost names, too many rules to the game Better find a focus or you’re out of the picture https://t.co/t4NNbArsZS


 https://t.co/FPF9sySsnJ People on the street now Faces long and grim Souls are feeling heavy And faith is growing thin




When we get Grandma’s number I think I’ll just say to her Your Johnny’s home for Christmas, it was a hell of a ride https://t.co/lT1gU2NVFP


 There was never any question, it was always all or nothing Surf and/or die https://t.co/lT1gU2NVFP I think that’s enough for tonight.


My neighbors get horny when they score meth. I’m working on timing my 911 call so they’re close, but not quite. https://t.co/oQGE7051dT


























 We took your tears back to the river Knowing all the while there’d be more later https://t.co/B6XkdlENEu


 I know you’re hopin’ to find Someone who’s gonna give you piece of mind https://t.co/82zjbOIHQr


Cause you make me feel like I’m more than a friend Like I’m the journey and you’re the journey’s end https://t.co/JCuRPtze8U


 I’m gonna tell you what you need to hear And I’m a little too late by three or four years https://t.co/SnZj1lRxid


 I don’t have a chance at writing the book I just wanna be a page in Jeannie’s diary https://t.co/mZujNV5kcy


I’ve been one poor correspondent And I’ve been too, too hard to find But it doesn’t mean You ain’t been on my mind https://t.co/1wRG2FU9sj


You can do magic, you can have anything that you desire https://t.co/Qh1ScYXLrU


 Won’t give you money, I can’t give you the sky You’re better off if you don’t ask why https://t.co/LtZxoL5pqA


 thought about you for a long time Can’t seem to get you off my mind can’t understand why we’re living life this way https://t.co/up4caXOP9V


 I think you’re already leaving Feels like your hand is on the door I thought this place was an empire https://t.co/eKE4KwoDLb




 OK, I set up https://t.co/y9UZQ22NBL ricochet:jqiqydwaj2olq6tj what’s so super secret I need to do this for you before we talk?


Why try? I know why This feeling inside me says it’s time I was gone https://t.co/3UfmvQCjfF


 Oh, I make you laugh And you make me cry I believe it’s time for me to fly https://t.co/ii4HYthBcF


Los Angeles, give me Norfolk Virginia Tidewater 4-1009 Tell the folks back home this is the promised land calling https://t.co/Y2ZVehmVnv


Good morning, America How are you? Say don’t you know me? I’m your native son https://t.co/cmzIsiljV6


@SockieWhodunit https://t.co/Ltnob0voLW But I’m headed the other way now.


 late at night somewhere in Iowa I am the only one awake there’s no light hours from Omaha https://t.co/dAvaA7mA0d


 Monday morning you sure look fine Friday I’ve got travelin’ on my mind https://t.co/TmEnR0Hwkj


 Goin’ where the wind don’t blow so strange Maybe off on some high cold mountain chain https://t.co/bVYY6zrkOb


 @SockieWhodunit I moved to CA to fix a jurisdiction problem. That need will be gone a week from tomorrow, it’s just time.


Maybe somewhere down the road aways You’ll think of me, wonder where I am these days https://t.co/Wzvw8KA983


 The highway’s jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive Everybody’s out on the run tonight https://t.co/D2kdhPJOze


 @SockieWhodunit https://t.co/r1vyFlAtmv I’m sitting in the railway station got a ticket for my destination




 RT @SockieWhodunit: https://t.co/bDp5kkxj4Y


 But it’s so hard it’s so hard watching you fade away And it’s too hard, it’s too hard watching you go away https://t.co/Ae3WBhLpZ0


 You know it’s not my place to hold her down And it’s hard for me to take a stand When I would take her anyway I can https://t.co/bENZfQC6eE


 How’s your life are you happy how’s your life without me https://t.co/1oVrW2nuZ5


 It’s the same kind of story That seems to come down from long ago https://t.co/QACsgzo7vA


 Many is a word that only leaves you guessin’, Guessin’ ’bout a thing you really ought to know. https://t.co/itDEtkDcok


 Alas, poor @github, did you guys merge with @imgur or something? https://t.co/PWRxaojJsI




 Through the night, through the dawn Behind you another runner is born Don’t look back, you’ve been there https://t.co/lSKVARY6ZP


And I belong in the service of the queen And I belong anywhere but in between She’s been crying & I’ve been thinking https://t.co/WesRYMsBbg


 And I belong in the service of the queen And I belong anywhere but in between She’s been dying & I’ve been drinking https://t.co/WesRYMsBbg


When I walk beside her I am the better man When I look to leave her I always stagger back again https://t.co/kDzNYv7UQp


 When we get together Down at ‘Ti Jolie. I always ask about you, to find if you been asking about me. https://t.co/3wON4jQd2w


 SHA1(weird.txt)= 8730aff74d3866f9c51fa664c4e7f2e585aad34f


OK, I listened to what you had to say, then I sent you weird.txt – SHA1 fingerprint is public, that’s proof the message is unmodified.


Read through that, it’s as much as I dare say about that episode, keep in mind that was almost seven years ago, and I’ve been sick.


 Sorry for all the confusion, I’m glad we could come to a peaceful resolution on this matter.


RT @JamesEganLaw: Anti-Bullying Website https://t.co/LBLGUu1Txo Hit With The Largest anti-SLAPP Judgment In U.S. History. https://t.co/g3PX…


We flew into town on Sunday Had to find a place by Monday https://t.co/1EI8MKgHhb


 Super thick chunks of broken life and reality At the dinner table come to me Say goodbye, my friend, my exit’s here https://t.co/pKuCQZcocZ


 Take the last train to Clarksville and I’ll meet you at the station https://t.co/yk6jaLNEn5


 Philomath they know the low down throw your trolls out the door https://t.co/47PRkmOgNP


Looking at your watch a third time waiting at the station for the bus https://t.co/t0FBPnygP0


 Everything I own is just a little bit broken hope I can hold it together just a little bit longer https://t.co/sMwQBxaLH2


 Everyone i come across, in cages that they bought they think of me and my wandering but I’m never what they thought https://t.co/dzo19LiKvn


 And you will run your time, a shooting star across the sky And you will surely cross the line to pass on the flame https://t.co/hvfiwV6uUx


 A brighter way is what you’ve proved Anesthetize is what you do Someday we’ll be together https://t.co/iMlXShBp6U


 Shelter is a place That I would like to behold Better get to getting Before I get old https://t.co/GyjYJK8prq


 We rolled across the high plains Deep into the mountains Felt so good to me Finally feelin’ free https://t.co/DrIOOmGolF


 Simple as lightning starting wild fire Just down from a trip off my high wire Just coming home to walk my own floors https://t.co/B6XkdlWow2


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