Andie Pauly Suspended Friday The 13th, Her Final Tweets

On Friday, May 13th, Andie Pauly was suspended. These are the tweets from May 12th, her last day.

Pauly has long been known as a rabid racist. It was most likely her tweets about Trayvon and George Zimmerman that got her suspended. You can read more about Andie here.

George Zimmerman finds an epic way to make money. He is auctioning the gun that saved his life from a violent thug.

RT @velow1: @andieiamwhoiam Trying to blatantly signal then coward out instead of owning up to it. They don’t deserve the uniform! .@MsCon…

Yes. They are at the Army Navy game. The racists were not.

They have been shown their place. In this PC, affirmative action country, people like that are endured.

Hitler was someone’s child too. Sit down.

My apologies. I meant, violent, feral, predatory thug.

I don’t allow blind tribalism on my timeline. I hope you understand. Thanks,

I should save the Leftist nitwittery. Make a comic book.

Facts have no emotion, racist.

Zimmerman was exonerated. 30% of free blacks owned slaves and 1% of free whites, straw woman.

That is forced compliance. Completely acceptable.

He was exonerated based on eye and ear witnesses and forensics. You don’t get an opinion.

Facts have zero emotion.

He should have gotten on the ground and stayed there. This is called police work. Those are compliance blows.

See the whole video, not the edited Vine.

No. Not at all.

lol The beat goes on.

@blumpeee @mpoppel Where are his hands?

I watched it. He is struggling and not letting them have his hands.

Shame on this nitwit for showing a VINE and not the whole video. This is why people hate the media, Michael.

Don’t raise Trayvons.

Feral led them on a high speed pursuit.

No. I have plenty. Itr should go to the Smithsonian as a warning to future Trayvons.

@1LYALL Adrenaline, maybe.

WE are all George Zimmerman.

@blumpeee @mpoppel I looked at as many as I could find. Looks like he would not allow them to cuff him.

Self Defense is not a crime but bashing a man’s head on the pavement IS.

RT @CB3DesignsInc: @andieiamwhoiam @1LYALL You subdue a perp UNTIL resistance is gone.

Can we finally see the damage affirmative action has caused?

RT @blumpeee: @becosiken @andieiamwhoiam Trayvon Martin was killed in self defense. It really doesn’t get more text book than that case.

They learned their place. That’s all that matters. They learned their place. Their futures are sealed with a fist.

It’s tribalism. Leftists don’t care about facts.

Make no mistake, Trayvon was a casualty of the Welfare State.

You’ll see.

Proof that affirmative action has created a monster. In the future, types like this will have to earn their way.

Why don’t you leave the police work to the experts?

My own hashtag and two international news articles. They have also attempted to get my husband fired, called CPS.

Then wait. The officers were forcing compliance. He would not put his hands behind his back.

No. You really aren’t. If you don’t know what police work entails, your opinion is moot.

These black girls were given that education based on their skin color and this is how they show appreciation.

RT @CB3DesignsInc: @1LYALL @andieiamwhoiam We can see and determine that it was not excessive force. It was the required force.

RT @Chris_in_RI: @rogtilford @andieiamwhoiam Only a blind racist would consider Zimmerman a violent thug. We should all move on.

RT @CB3DesignsInc: @1LYALL @andieiamwhoiam Only educated opinions are worthy of keeping. Not all opines are equal. Resist the engineering.

Police work looks ugly. However, it is necessary.

RT @CB3DesignsInc: @JeffreyCoxwell @1LYALL @andieiamwhoiam The Welfare State decimated the black family. They have been engineered to love…

@DragonForce_One You too, my friend.

It is an affirmative action program.

@JJG_77 Perhaps.

If I had my way, affirmative action would be gone immediately. I am so sorry you faced that bigotry.

I have this man blocked. Apparently, he cannot stay away.

Ahahahahahahahahahah! @PamelaKealer13

This level of stupidity should hurt.

Yes. It did. Affirmative Action ensured that I will only allow Asian doctors to work on my family. LOL!

Trayvon was a dangerous predator. Shame on his wretched mama for profiting from his criminality.

Trayvon was convicted posthumously. Fuck him.

Affirmative Action has officially cast doubt on the abilities of all women and minorities.

@DragonForce_One I am sorry yo hear that, my friend.

RT @Thomas_IL_: @andieiamwhoiam Best video to accompany this tweet:

@JustinKleiner83 No. I stay out of the gutter.

See: Civilization.

I agree. That’s the point.

They failed the test of discernment. Their racism came before honor and duty.


There is not a civilized person on this earth who doesn’t think the West Point b;lack girls aren’t racists.

RT @reachout2015: @andieiamwhoiam @buszero @portraitgrip I asked and only allow conservatives to be my primary doctor and dentist. Never tr…

I would not allow them to shine my shoes. They have zero integrity.

RT @RightWingRod: @andieiamwhoiam Racism only goes one way, liberals decided this because mumble, mumble

RT @DragonForce_One: @andieiamwhoiam Never felt sorry for myself. Never been a victim. Only liberals think of themselves as victims!

They have to go through training. They learned their place.

When in Kindergarten I told the class I wanted to be a teddy bear when I grew up. They laughed. Who’s laughing now?

RT @NickElson20: @andieiamwhoiam @portraitgrip you know the results of the “investigation” came from the top, not the investigators

Trayvon’s mom, Tamir’s mom, Mike Brown’s mom…all should have been punished for their roles. Instead, rewarded.

Speech to text for sure.

No. The ferals are doing the Assata fist.

@Shgamha @buszero @portraitgrip lol

@HarryIsaacJr @blawrence11b Those kids deserve better.

See ow these people are? What is this? The 300th black teen with the same attitude?

I am a civilized human being. You may not know this, but normal people don’t attack others because they are angry.

He used a legal gun as self defense. Because of that, leftists have made his life hell. I commend him.

I agree. We are all George Zimmerman.

@iMunash3 is a genius! Please take time to read his work.

RT @AmmysaurusRekt: @WeNeedFeminlsm is this not a slap in the face to women who ACTUALLY live in rape culture?! Modern feminism is disgusti…

I support Mr. Zimmerman 100%. Yes. I would have done the same.

@MiloMean @Infowars_Sniper 🙂

If Trayvon had attacked me I would have shot him too. The right to self defense is God given.

George Zimmerman is just a regular guy put into an extraordinary situation. He prevailed and he will continue to do so. He is a good man.

The court says otherwise. Your opinion is moot.

I would have killed Trayvon too, as would anyone who wanted to live past Trayvon’s battery.

Self defense is not a crime

I want you all to see how these people are.

Self Defense is not race based.

My children would not violently attack you for asking a question.

Lynching was typically frontier justice for crimes committed.

The court disagrees.

No one can force you to attack them from behind. Trayvon was righteously killed in commission of multiple felonies

Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. Fists are the 4th highest cause of murder in the country.

Police were called. Trayvon went home, circled back and attacked. Subsequently shot.

Bashing a man’s head on the pavement does.

I support nothing of the kind.

This level of stupid should hurt.

RT @WhiteWizaard: @andieiamwhoiam @theguytomeet Being non-white increases your chances of survival as whites are killed more by Police http…

Trayvon was a violent predator who was shot in the commission of assault.

30% of free blacks owned slaves and 1% of free whites. More white slaves, total.

I want to know why he was whipped. Did he rape someone? Murder?

No one hates you. However, liberals think you are too stupid to care for yourselves. I consider you an equal.

You are. Where do you live?

The level of ignorance and misinformation in your post is shameful.

My ancestors were slaves at much higher rates. Move on.

Of course they do. Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. Someone needs to tell them they are mattering wrong.

60% of black girls are molested. It isn’t a contest. Accepot the reality of black crime.

He did. Trayvon attacked from behind.

@lorayray @ChelseaBookout @JaredWyand I have sent him money. I will again if he needs it. Happy to.

My spelling is perfect. Now address the reality of black crime…if black lives matter.


That poor man. Then Trayvon’s mom lied and said it was Trayvon screaming. She should be in jail.

You have not watched the proceedings, not read the transcripts.

@NateevAmerican You are very kind. Thank you!

@lorayray @ChelseaBookout @JaredWyand Trayvon was no different than all the 17 year old thugs shooting each other.

RT @reachout2015: @Ohhthassamuel @andieiamwhoiam @IamCynegold @Loricatus_Lupus facts scare you I see.

Trayvon’s mother did not raise him at all. His dad’s baby mamas did.

The “fuck” is already dead, harridan.

I have truth. You have emotion.

He was not on his way anywhere.

You would be Trayvonned if you tried, girly man.

That emotional thing doesn’t work on me, David. I studied the case. Trayvon was wrong and he dies=d for it.

RT @Motor87SS: @eeezzz_e @andieiamwhoiam @donpertha Trayvon knocked Zimmerman down and was slamming his head into concrete. Justifiable hom…

@The_Odd_Asylum lol

Trayvon was a violent predator. Don’t be Trayvon.

The Trayvon lies were a defining moment for me. I knew the MSM was lying at the outset. I researched myself.

Unarmed does not mean not dangerous. I saw Zimmerman’s head. Trayvon is the average age of a black murderer. SIT.

Trayvon’s grades were never released, LIAR. He missed more school than he attended. You people need better heroes.

YOu would be Trayvonned too.

RT @lorayray: Wonder if this play will accurately depict the beating Trayvon Martin gave Zimmerman…

@lorayray @ChelseaBookout @JaredWyand lol

@The_Odd_Asylum No. I have never hurt a soul.

If you NEED a head start…

Trayvon died a thug’s death.

She said he majored in cheerfulness. His grades were never presented.

@lorayray @ChelseaBookout @JaredWyand I am so glad I am armed. This man sounds dangerous.

Men are supposed to be men.

Blacks 39.8%, whites 38.8%

@MW_Lovin @The_Odd_Asylum I blocked him. This is unacceptable.

He missed too much school. His grades were not shown FOR A REASON.

74% of blacks illegitimate, over 90% in inner cities.

@lorayray @JaredWyand @ChelseaBookout I heard he was mentally unstable but he is impotent. I agree.

@MW_Lovin @The_Odd_Asylum He is a decent guy but I think he is having a moment.

RT @lorayray: @ChelseaBookout @andieiamwhoiam Do you berate Sabrina Fulton who neglected her son which eventually got him killed?

Another mass shooting in Chicago.

My child and my husband know who this man is. We are armed and we are vigilant.


@MW_Lovin @ChelseaBookout @The_Odd_Asylum See his timeline. He is obsessed.

@BrunoNamunyaka How are you, my friend?

Always keep your dogs contained.

I just gave you the data.

RT @lorayray: @blawrence11b @andieiamwhoiam Sybrina said TM didn’t pass FCAT, Florida’s big standardized test. If you don’t pass, you don…

@SaluteQueenHaze @000Naught Very sad.

Reading the Left’s posts about George Zimmerman helps me see that the Left is purely tribal. Truth means nothing to them.

My children would not beat a man for asking a question. Are you people this daft? Don’t answer that. I know.

Yes. He was innocent. He was a man who defended his life against a violent attack.

Trayvon was killed in self defense. Be better parents than his. Don’t raise Trayvons.

I hear Zimmerman is a damn good shot. If you have no respect for facts I cannot help you.

Don’t raise Trayvons. Period.

George Zimmerman was exonerated due to forensics, ear and eye witnesses and a thorough investigation.

He asked the violent feral a question and the feral attacked him. It is the black culture.

No, lady, you are a caricature.

Then you did not read the transcripts. You don’t get an opinion. You support Trayvon out of sheer tribalism.

RT @MidnightYell512: @andieiamwhoiam Zimmerman justifiably killed Trayvon when attacked. So said a jury AND Obama’s justice department.

Trayvon was the age of the average black killer. The gun was used in self defense. I hope he profits greatly.

You are that stupid. Dismissed.

Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. 60% of black girls molested. Stay on point. Trayvon was a righteous shoot.

Civilized, thoughtful people who came to their conclusions based on evidence.

I would not be casing houses to burglarize in the rain.

Your race card does not work here. However, thanks for the insight as to who raises Trayvons.

George asked the feral what he was doing and the feral felt disrespected. That is always cause for ferals to attack.

Your opinion means nothing. Even racist Holder could not convict him. Raise better sons than Trayvon.

I commend Zimmerman for finding a unique way to make money after what Leftists have done to him.

RT @mtntallpaul: @HarmonyEliana @andieiamwhoiam Martin was a thug, not a “child”.

That was not Martin’s neighborhood. Burglary tools were found in the bushes he hid in.


Stick around, feral. Trayvon was not a child.

You people did not pay attention to the trial. I have no time for your nitwittery.

Trayvon was a violent, feral predator. I have ZERO pity for him.

Anyone who supports Trayvon will not be entertained here. Dismissed.

RT @CountryRose72: @andieiamwhoiam Im sorry it is the culture. Thats why 2 boys 2nd grade played “knockout” w my 7 yr old grandson on 🚌 not…

I don’t entertain stupid people. Trayvon was a righteous shoot. Move on.

See how these people are? They are the ones who raise the Trayvons. the Tamirs, the Mike Browns…

Your race card is no longer valid. Trayvon died in the commission of violent felonies. Period.

Blacks have the highest rates of assault and animal abuse. However, the topic id Trayvon’s attack &subsequent death.

Race baiting Barack, “If I had a sone, he would look like Trayvon”.

The Left attempted to destroy George Zimmerman’s life for killing his attacker in self defense. I support him and will continue to do so.


The topic is Trayvon. However, blacks have highest rates of sexual assault, animal abuse and neglect, child abuse.

Blacks commit 53% of all homicides.

Civilized people support George Zimmerman.Trayvon lies were a turning point for me. I realized MSM and Left are evil

@noelmauricio2 You too, my friend.

Thats how you people are. It does not jive with civilization.

RT @lordhelmet833: @andieiamwhoiam Trayvon had one foot in his grave before he jumped GZ. He’d just be another stat if left to his criminal…

You people seem to have difficulty sticking to the facts of the case.

Your race card doesn’t work here anymore, child.

Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. Mostly kill blacks but #BlackLIvesMatter?

Your race card is utterly devoid of meaning or magic.

Blacks commit 53% of ALL homicides. They are only 12.6% of the population.

Once they call you a racist you realize they don’t understand facts.

RT @NickElson20: @andieiamwhoiam @titidehym @HarmonyEliana Jury went against emotion and looked at the facts, that is it’s duty

RT @jihadaeon: @andieiamwhoiam Z got FACESMASHED(No Gunshot) Z got HAMMERED(No Gunshot) Z got Head BASHED on Sidewalk(No Gunshot) T reaches…

Whites are 68% of the population and commit 46% of homicides.

George Zimmerman killed the man who attacked him. You people have made his life a mess for doing so.

Why should he have remorse for killing the animal who attacked him?

Unlike you people, I don’t use racial epithets.

I have seen more intelligent Orcs.

See how these people are?

The fact is that Trayvon was a righteous shoot and your poutrage won’t change that.

RT @goldilx5: @andieiamwhoiam @reachout2015 @WChrisdaily Yes and we all know Trayvon made it home that eve. & went back out after Zim

911 dispatchers are not law enforcement. You did not watch the trial. Dismissed.

It doesn’t. They want to be victims so bad, though.

@ArcherfishNB Starting in 2014 they do.


George Zimmerman KILLED a cancer.

It;s his gun. He can do whatever he wants with it. It saved his life.

RT @Ohmaar1: True. His autopsy showed evidence of severe liver disease from chronic substance abuse. @lordhelmet833 @andieiamwhoiam

George Zimmerman is selling the gun that saved his life from a violent attacker. The Left has attempted to destroy him but he stands tall.

Yes. Absolutely.

People who support Trayvon in spite of the facts give blacks a bad name. That thug does not represent them.

RT @Tide17Crimson: @andieiamwhoiam

I agree. He is in “Fuck You” mode and I support him.

You people have denied him the right to make a living.

RT @spyguy8080: @HarmonyEliana Thugs come in all colors. Instead of focusing on race, you need to be focusing on BEHAVIOR. @andieiamwhoiam

RT @dindunuffinyt: Notice after saying people shouldnt be dehumanized, the feral goes straight for the “you fuck dogs” card.…

RT @jbravo26: @andieiamwhoiam They love to ascribe their racism to others who test the veracity of their mountains of steaming BS.

Yes, feral. We all saw the unprofessional, poorly researched article that looked like it was written by a 7year old.

By the way, this “journalist” is using the hashtag designed to harass me to make her point about harassment. LOL!

Why are you employing the #andiepauly hashtag that was designed to harass my family after you posted my address?

@Terrence_Kimi @OliviaCrellin @mediaghosts She really is that daft. LOL!

Self defense is not murder. The gun saved his life.

Mr. Zimmerman will find another venue to sell the gun that saved his life. He is pretty savvy.

LOL! #BlueLivesMatter #ThinBlueLine #BlackLivesMatter This is pure poetry.

Me too.

@Terrence_Kimi @OliviaCrellin @mediaghosts I’m not going anywhere. She seems upset that her tactics backfired.

RT @FatElvisWins: @andieiamwhoiam @GraphixsGuru @Ward4trump @NegativeAlpha_ a guy with bills to pay…

The only time she received any attention is when she rode my coattails. She’s desperate.

Forensics, eye and ear witness testimony. This is not up for debate.

#ThankfulThursday Thanks to all my followers. I am blessed to be surrounded by so many awesome conservatives! God Bless you and yours!

They truly think their race card still has value.

She is a small time writer who knowingly lied in an article she wrote about me, posted personal information too.

They really scrape the bottom of the barrel for their staff.

Your race card is expired and over its limit.

Your skin color defines you. That’s sad.

Self Defense is not murder. I wholeheartedly support George Zimmerman. We are all George. I pray he is successful in life. #2A

Unlike her, I have integrity and will not post her boyfriend’s name. She shared my husband’s employer, our town, etc

@aspo41 Thank you, my friend.

Injuries inflicted upon George Zimmerman by violent predator, Trayvon. Are you armed, friends? Guns save lives. #2A

RT @ProgFascism: @andieiamwhoiam @DNkanga the evidence pointed to the defenses case. Marks on Martins knuckles and consistent wounds of Zim…

You ferals have attempted to destroy him but he has risen above every time.

If Trayvon had been killed by another black male, which is quite typical, we would not know his name.

No. You have no idea what you are talking about. Dismissed.

Yes. Your mouth operates independently of your brain.

It’s a surprise.

@dancurry LOL! Thanks, Dan!

NO_LIMIT_NIGGA, AKA Trayvon Martin.

These ferals know the name of Trayvon but not Jamyla Bolden.

RT @AnJolieLeg: 8 Dead, 41 Wounded In Weekend Shootings Across Chicago <=during Mother’s Day, NO NAME yapped https:…

This is why there will be more Trayvons. Their parents are raising them that way.

RT @reachout2015: @andieiamwhoiam @taramichelles @vachilly64 @lenojames

See how these people are?

@JeffreyCoxwell @ratsonfire

For a very long time to come.

Teach your sons not to be Trayvons and they will live longer.

Trayvon was a violent predator who died in the commission of multiple felonies.

Trayvon would have been charged as an adult.

I’m not going anywhere. Though @OliviaCrellin tried to put my family in danger, we are armed.

RT @MSGDWC: @andieiamwhoiam st michael protect us in battle

@mwurster77 @masayacompany Nice to meet you!

RT @RBBloodweaver: @andieiamwhoiam Anyone who publishes real life details of people on Twitter should be jailed! @OliviaCrellin

This is someone’s mother. Now you understand how Trayvon was created.

Blacks commit 53% of all homicides.

None of these people watched the trial or read the transcripts.

All police. Barack is a former drug dealer. Of course he hates police.

Wretched mamas of Tamir Trayvon, Mike Brown, get BIG payouts for their criminal sons. Zimmerman loses everything for defending his life.

RT @Dementedbob: @andieiamwhoiam @allheavens he was casing houses circled back and attacked the neighborhood watch, smashing his head again…

@MarcusLDoss Did you do something stupid? I didn’t report you.

Police shoot more whites than blacks. ALL righteous shoots. Comply, comply, comply.

Trayvon was a violent, feral predator, rightfully killed in self defense.


More blacks shoot police. However, whites tend to have more skill and hit their target to kill.

RT @LaikaSobers: @GraphixsGuru @Ward4trump @NegativeAlpha_ @andieiamwhoiam The family must already be upset, raising a kid that tried to ki…

I’m sure it’s coming.

@drumhellor lol

He didn’t pursue.

@RBBloodweaver @susantennisfan @OliviaCrellin How is this wretched woman on my timeline AGAIN? She is blocked.

RT @Ohmaar1: Also shows cerebral edema indicative of prolonged exposure to severe toxicity. @susantennisfan @lordhelmet833 @andieiamwhoiam

Why should he feel bad? You people have made his life HELL. He deserves happiness.

She chose her path.

@MsConcerned @CDthaSad @LastTasmanian I don’t read fiction.

Just the nitwit who wrote the article that posted my family’s personal information. But she does represent BBC.

I am armed, feral. You would be Trayvonned.

Justin, I sent a copy of your threat to your school.

@Terrrrrrrrell You deleted it but copied it.

Wretched people.

She posted my address, my husband’s employer, our names and photos.

RT @brucechris24: @andieiamwhoiam @WChrisdaily Andie, read story where bids started at $5G’s for the 9mm.

GREAT news!

RT @thegoulbourn: @OliviaCrellin @JessikkaAro @BBCtrending @andieiamwhoiam Wrote ? You mean made up , it was more like a personal attack t…

RT @bendrewmm120: @ReverendWrath @andieiamwhoiam He had a concealed weapon. No way to know he was armed. Trayvon attacked him without provo…

Any feral who can look at Mr. Zimmerman’s injuries and claim Trayvon was innocent doesn’t get an opinion.

RT @bendrewmm120: @Lakers_8ever @andieiamwhoiam Injuries consistent with punching someone on TM’s hands. Injuries consistent with being pun…

Self defense is not murder. Trayvon would have been tried as an adult.

I hate violent, feral predators.

@TherealMadMikeM @IvanJoyederpuss @thegoulbourn lol

@bangdangow lol

@Nero A portable safe space for sissies on the go!


Here come the Orcs…

RT @MidnightYell512: @sassysassyred @andieiamwhoiam @OliviaCrellin @JessikkaAro @BBCtrending Fierd, Hell. You get to sue her under very g…

RT @bendrewmm120: @Lakers_8ever @andieiamwhoiam Grazed knuckles are a classic “sign of a struggle” when a victim says they were punched. FB…

RT @DrLefever: @andieiamwhoiam

RT @DanNassimbene: @andieiamwhoiam why are some parents investigated because their kids play alone in a park/backyard but Tamir Rice’s pare…

Please report this feral for harassing my police family, posting private information. >>>@OliviaCrellin <<< RETWEET

@Megalodon_15 Thank you. She needs to learn her place.

I love that Zimmerman is trolling the Leftists that worked so hard to destroy him. He is moving on.

That should do it. #BuildThatWall #California

@ratsonfire Saved his life.

Exactly. I am on that train too. LOL!

RT @Acoatain: @Sniper1T @andieiamwhoiam need to come to terms that THEIR child tried to murder someone. NOT ZIMMERMAN.

#BLackLivesMatter #TrayvonMartin I stand with George Zimmerman and the basic human right to self defense.

After the way feral Leftists treated him, I am sure he did.

Actual, fact-based, narrative is based on extensive physical & forensic evidence, the statements of sworn witnesses.

RT @ScottAethlstan: @andieiamwhoiam These people would be the first to kill in defence of their lives. This is just their opportunity to vi…

In FUCKING Spanish.

RT @ir_ScottR: Good job endangering a LE family’s lives #Hack @OliviaCrellin @JessikkaAro @BBCtrending @andieiamwhoiam

@NazNazarian lol

The black dude is a liar. Who is he?

@sbpdl lololol

You spelled “self defense” wrong, beta boy.

He seems really stupid and narcissistic. He must be a #BlackLivesMatter thug.

@kafirkaty @OliviaCrellin @JessikkaAro @BBCtrending Thank you.

@jimmyjokcmo @JimMcAl97307903 Yes. I am sure he will find another venue.

Very lucrative to raise criminals in the US. Tamir, Mike Brown, Taryvon’s mamas got PAID. If you are a victim who fights back you lose all.

Wouldn’t your time be much better spent attempting to decide which bathroom to use, little guy?

As well you should.

Barack is the greatest arms saleswoman in the history of the United States.

But, of course, you would allow Trayvon to beat you unconscious because you’re no racist. LOL!

@bangdangow @ArevaloBobby That’s innovative.

RT @Mr_Pirfect: What the fuck is this bitch talking about.. Lol

Forensics and witnesses disagree with your ill educated opinion.

He’s that affirmative action guy who is attempting to replace Sharpton.

@countryusa2136 Thank you.

RT @countryusa2136: #BlueLivesMatter #ThinBlueLine #LawEnforcement #CopsLivesMatter

RT @Charlie4927: “@andieiamwhoiam @bronxhoops2033 @OliviaCrellin @JessikkaAro @BBCtrending

If you want to post things like this, it’s best not to use your real name and school in your bio.

RT @Nodisregard: @sherrittahughes @NewDay @marclamonthill you don’t even know how trials work, the jury found him not guilty, not the judge…

@Charlie4927 Hi Charlie! Nice to meet you!

RT @thegoulbourn: @OliviaCrellin @mediaghosts @BBCNews No wonder the BBC is such a mess with journalist and I use the term loosely like you…

RT @thegoulbourn: @OliviaCrellin @mediaghosts @BBCNews Your just flogging a dead horse to death here , your story was one sided , personal…

RT @thegoulbourn: @OliviaCrellin @JessikkaAro @BBCtrending @andieiamwhoiam Why is my money funding such biased flawed story’s

RT @19fisherman59: Stores don’t close until 9pm!!!

@myfist0 lol

@DADDYROCKSVEGAS @VegasHardgainer Ahahahahaha!

Trayvon chose his own fate.

She will lose. I promise.

RT @AquinasJohnPaul: @andieiamwhoiam @NewDay @marclamonthill When Channon Christian & Chris Newsom slaughtered by black people like Trayvon…

Why are you people so accepting of Trayvon’s crime? Thugs like Trayvon die daily. Why is he special?

Your threats don’t frighten me. I am a better shot than George.

On what planet does this make sense?

Why, this child isn’t racist at all.

@Layne_Train I saw. He is no one.

Perhaps he should have refrained from attacking an armed man?

RT @DemonTwoSix: .@OliviaCrellin “Article”? What pathetically inept news agency hires petulant children to “write” for them?? @JessikkaAro…

Just so you know your place.

Look at her bio. LOL! It defines her. #Irony

Lots and lots of Trayvons. If they really cared they would end the 74% illegitimacy.

Kinda would like to see how she would respond to Trayvon bashing her head on the pavement.

RT @ThomasPKennedy3: @AquinasJohnPaul @andieiamwhoiam @NewDay @marclamonthill National WOUND!?! You got be kidding?…

RT @meilei2theend: @andieiamwhoiam @NewDay @marclamonthill National wound?? 🤔 A thug who unfortunately lost his life coz he chose the wrong…

LOVE Dr. Sowell!

Why do blacks commit 53% of all homicides? Why are 74% of blacks illegitimate?

She Devil. LOL! Ninja too.

@CommonSense39 I did not know you were on Twitter. My husband and I are great fans of your logic.

Well, with your super Ninja skills and all…

Clearly, affirmative action and entitlement preclude you from doing your own research.

RT @Nick_1683: Zimmerman is not white & Trayvon was bigger than him but other than that…. @dreashaffer @jimmyjokcmo @andieiamwhoiam @bru…

RT @danjdob: @IvanJoyederpuss @andieiamwhoiam Martin Assulted Zimmerman and got shot,..Zimmerman acted in self defense. Sad maybe, but that…

That’s why he stopped by…LOL!

He has. Thank you. You too.

I’m shredded that a deviant came here to tell me that I am irrelevant.

You forgot to begin your fairy tale with “Once upon a time”.

My place IS as your superior. Have a great one!

RT @JimFish56837379: @dreashaffer @andieiamwhoiam having ur head bashed on the pavement is a crime. Fearing someone’s skin color is not.

I have multiple times. If you are such a proud black girl, how do you not know these numbers? Shame on you.

It is frightening how these people justify violent black culture.

I guess you are proud that blacks commit 53% of all homicides, 74% of blacks are illegitimate, take bulk of welfare.

So you don’t condone violent black culture?

Is there any other kind?

74% of blacks are illegitimate, over 90% in inner cities. #BlackWivesMatter

His mom didn’t raise him. His dad’s series of baby mamas did.

Then WHY are you condoning Trayvon’s crime? You are smarter than that.

She seems angry…and racist. That’s what happened to Trayvon. Then he attacked. Bad combo.

There goes another proud black women who is NOT a racist…

I care about his victim. The left has lionized this thug, only to ensure there will be more like him.

It’s a slur.

Oh. Does Franklin electrocute dogs with jumper cables too, Michael Vick?

HIs choice. Blacks commit 53% of all homicides. Trayvon is a statistic and a victim of the Welfare State.

@robprince15 Thank you, my friend.

Even racists Barack and Eric Holder couldn’t find anything wrong.

I feel bad that his parents failed him but the rest is between Trayvon and God.


No. I do not feel bad that a violent predator was killed while attempting to take a man’s life. Not at all.

The world needs more Thomas Sowells.

RT @ANDREWTONYBEE: You’re a dumb ass bitch. Just stop tweeting, because you really sound ignorant.


@MarebarPatriot @OliviaCrellin @JessikkaAro @BBCtrending Thank you.

Funny, they were engaged, but never married. That happens a lot with men like Trayvon;s dad.