Attorney Dorrell and Hanszen Laporte Play The Pedo Card

Neal Rauhauser has often referred to his lawsuit in Texas against Bullyville as “precedent setting”. He’s correct, the lawsuit is precedent setting, but not for the reasons he thinks. I can’t think of any other trial as bizarre as this one.

Among the oddities in the Bullyville lawsuit are allegations made by Rauhauser’s attorney, Jeffrey Dorrell, that the computer in his office at Hanszen Laporte was hacked by James McGibney aka Bullyville. Dorrell also claimed McGibney left child porn behind on the hacked computer.

Hacking and the injection of child porn are pretty serious allegations. They’re felonies that should have prompted Dorrell and Hanszen Laporte to involve the police and FBI, particularly with child porn involved. Texas has a mandatory reporting law requiring anyone, including lawyers, with any knowledge of child abuse or child exploitation to notify authorities. Failure to report could mean being charged with a misdemeanor and facing imprisonment of up to one year or a fine of up to $4,000.

Naturally Mr Dorrell would be aware of this mandatory reporting law yet no report was filed. In fact, according to the court transcript, James McGibney filed a FOIA report and verified that no police report was filed:

In the same transcript Jeffrey Dorrell now says that the hacking didn’t happen, that they “couldn’t find any evidence it happened and maybe it didn’t happen”. 

Mr. Dorrell doesn’t have a Twitter account yet somehow he found out about a tweet that said something like “Jeffrey I’m in your emails” and turned that tweet into a hacking event with child porn… a hacking event that never actually happened yet Dorrell keeps mentioning it in court, playing the pedo card, for dramatic effect. So it ends up in the court record.

Mr. Dorrell, I see what you did there.