Kimberlin Sues Senators Mitch McConnell and Chuck Grassley

Yes, Another Kimberlin lawsuit. 

You’d think Maryland would have declared Brett Kimberlin a vexatious litigant by now.  

Kimberlin’s latest filing is a lawsuit against Mitch McConnell and Charles Grassley… really. Because they won’t pick a new supreme court justice to replace the late Scalia and Kimberlin has lawsuits that are very important and require 9 justices.

Certainly the Senate should do its job and pick a new judge. Everyone’s aware the SCOTUS selection stonewalling is a partisan political maneuver, hoping the next president will be a conservative and select a conservative judge. Kimberlin’s pretension that his lawsuit will have any impact on the senate is laughable but it’s also another of his intrusive publicity stunts to try and resurrect his street cred with liberals.

Kimberlin has filed well over a 100 lawsuits, both in and out of prison, most of which were a waste of the court’s time. Now Brett says he has three lawsuits (THREE! the man is insane) that could end up before the Supreme Court (Brett is incredibly optimistic) so he needs the 9th justice in place to hear his very important cases.

Of all the lawsuits that take place every year in the United States, very few make their way up to the Supreme Court. And of those, each is reviewed by law clerks who determine the merits of the case and decide which will be heard before the Supreme Court. Less than a hundred cases are considered worthy of being argued before the Supreme Court. The odds of any of Kimberlin’s lawsuits being one of those is pretty slim. 

Are his lawsuits Supreme Court Worthy?

1. Kimberlin v. Frey

You may have heard of this one as Kimberlin versus National Bloggers Club. Kimberlin filed suit against a bunch of conservative bloggers and media people alleging mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, witness intimidation and retaliation, extortion, and obstruction of justice.
He says all these people abused the first amendment by accusing him of several SWATtings that took place in 2012. And these same people colluded together, told lies about him, and bullied him, and then made hundreds of thousands of dollars off their false narratives about him.

Kimberlin has tried to create his own false narrative about his sordid past which doesn’t mesh with the reality based information to be found in news sources and the fact based information to be found in court dockets. The judge dismissed all charges except for some against Patrick Frey aka Paterico.  It’s unlikely the case will survive all the way to the Supreme court.

2. Kimberlin v. Hunton & Williams

Once again, way too many defendants: Aaron Barr, Berico Technologies, HB Gary/Federal, Nicholas Hallam, William Hoge, Greg Hoglund, Hunton & Williams, John Doe Chamber of Commerce Employees, Alex Karp, Sam Kremin, Matt Long, Mantech International, Bill Nickless, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Palantir Technologies, Robert Quackenboss, Pat Ryan, Matthew Steckman, Stratio information Technology, United States Chamber of Commerce, Aaron J Walker, John Woods, Richard Wyatt.

This is another RICO suit and the case was dismissed. Kimberlin will no doubt file numerous appeals but he failed to prove that all the defendants listed above were colluding together and that payments were being made by anyone to anyone. 

3. Public Citizen v. FEC

Neither Kimberlin nor any or his Non profit organizations are listed as a party in this suit. One of the plaintiffs is Kevin Zeese who’s part of the Velvet Revolution board but that’s Zeese alone. Velvet Revolution isn’t mentioned. The last action on this case was in August of 2015, I haven’t seen anything else on it.

Once again Kimberlin is wasting his time trying to get 15 minutes more of eFame as well as the attention (and money) of liberals.

At least he’s not singing.

(If you haven’t heard him sing, you MUST check out his youtube channel)