Zimmerman Gun Auctioneers Held A Decoy Auction

George Zimmerman sold his gun for $138,000 today. According to the auctioneers, @UnitedGunGroup, they had a decoy auction publicly to attract “trolls” while at the same time  holding a private auction.

I am very curious as to whether gun buyers in auctions at United Gun Group are given a background check…or does United Gun Group pass the buck on that one too. 

Meanwhile, George has enough money to get by for a year or two, then what? He can only milk Trayvon’s murder for so long.

Does it surprise you that United Gun Group are Trump supporters?

Teri ‏@Teri423 3h3 hours agoTown ‘n’ Country, FL

#GeorgeZimmerman vetting his REAL buyers now. @Markomaralaw Are you ready for your fees to be paid? @UnitedGunGroup

Justice Calls ‏@CallsForJustice 1h1 hour ago

@Teri423 @Markomaralaw @UnitedGunGroup Wouldn’t running 2 different auctions for the same item be considered fraud ?

United Gun Group ‏@UnitedGunGroup 1h1 hour ago

@CallsForJustice @Teri423 @Markomaralaw don’t be mad that we trolled the trolls

Justice Calls ‏@CallsForJustice 8m8 minutes ago

@UnitedGunGroup @Teri423 @Markomaralaw l Last time I checked fraud was a crime….thought y’all were all about the rule of law.

United Gun Group ‏@UnitedGunGroup 7m7 minutes ago

@CallsForJustice how is it fraud posting an auction to keep the attention of the trolls while the real auction goes down? #FeelTheBern

Justice Calls ‏@CallsForJustice 4m4 minutes ago

@UnitedGunGroup might wanna ask your lawyer that question

United Gun Group‏@UnitedGunGroup

@CallsForJustice it was his idea

United Gun Group‏@UnitedGunGroup

@carter4_james Fact, other bidders, with verified funds, contacted GZ with offers. Congratulations you achieved NOTHING =)

anne hillebrand ‏@annehillebrand2 4h4 hours ago

@UnitedGunGroup @carter4_james And apparently you haven’t yourself?

Bourgie Banton ‏@bourgiebanton 4h

4 hours agoWell, now the world knows that your auction platform is insecure and untrustworthy @UnitedGunGroup @carter4_james

Mr. YSH ‏@Mr_YSH 1h1 hour ago

@UnitedGunGroup I’m pro-gun but I do not agree with what your company has done. This was an obvious case of profiting off a death, no thanks