Deleted Tweets Of Saint Jennifer

Yes, Saint Jen really said that, then she deleted all her tweets before March on her timeline. The hypocrisy is typical of Jen D’alessandro, a morally superior church lady who expects everyone to practice what she preaches.

Sometimes a deleted tweet speaks louder than anything left on a timeline. Just a thought

RT @JohnySteps1337: Msgoodytutu So twitter just decided 2 suspend all of bullyville accounts for no reason?Yeah that makes sense

@finndango @HandToForehead She had so many (now suspended) sock accounts that it’ totally hypocritical for her to say a word.

If you truly believe you or your family is in danger from anonymous internet trolls, shouldn’t you stop baiting them? Protect your family!

If I thought my children’s lives were in danger because of an internet troll, I’d make a report, lock up my accounts, and stop interacting.

A younger James M….

When the only conspiracy in play was the one to make you think there was a conspiracy. #OutPlayed

@nrauhauser heard lots of news. Most of it made me laugh

RT @nrauhauser: “Manipulating Conspiracy Theorists” by @nrauhauser on @LinkedIn

@nrauhauser oh my…just heard about the Thursday surprise. Hope there’s a recording of this

@nrauhauser Tiresome but totally worth it.

@nrauhauser When is our next conspiracy meeting? Do you need me to pick you up? I’ve got those files in the blue folder so….

@nrauhauser The apology…that’s gonna hurt more than losing the money

@nrauhauser I wonder if he sorry he started this

@nrauhauser and naming total strangers claiming they are conspirators.

@nrauhauser he lost all his Twitter accounts. Limited forum

@nrauhauser still have not scheduled a meet-n-greet with Retzlaff.

@nrauhauser won’t be Zile. Hahahaha


Congrats @nrauhauser on today’s results. #truthwillout.

@nrauhauser by “assistance” you obviously mean my role in the conspiracy. The one that existed in the mind of a couple crazy men. Hah!

RT @policy: Since mid-2015, we have suspended over 125,000 accounts for threatening or promoting terrorist acts. Read more here: https://t.…

@nrauhauser wait…so that’s not YOU on Facebook? Who the heck have I been talking to and conspiring with there?

RT @MeowMiya88: Share this story from News 9: ##catsarefamily #teamcatmojo

@nrauhauser Should have guessed the Neel Rawhouser account was a spoof. Wish I had not shared so many conspiracy seekrets with it.

@nrauhauser Of course it will go unnoticed. It takes intelligence to understand sarcasm and their reserves are low.

@nrauhauser I’d tell you to take a bow except you are dealing fools. Like finding a quarter in the ear of a 2 yr old. Too easy. #squirrel

Question: Can anyone name just one pedophile that James McGibney helped apprehend? Just one. Anyone? #AskingForAFriend

@finndango Exactly– can we name ONE person this guy ever defended. Kate Gosselin doesn’t count and we all know why.

I can’t believe @WiredUK would print an article without basic fact checks. James McGibney’s grandiose lies are easily disprove.

Oh my…LOL

@W00pItUp I can’t believe a grown man would allowed this picture to be posted publicly. He looks ridiculous.

@finndango @WiredUK he claimed he’s busted 100’s of pedophiles but where is the proof? Can he name ONE?

@finndango @WiredUK he’s spent the past 2-3 yrs stalking and threatening a bunch of women who never did a thing to him. #mommyissues

I’m afraid

A Monday smile

FYI: there’s another impersonation account set up in my name. If you receive communication from please alert me

@W00pItUp The same person that “found” the fake Karen Myers account also found this one. Coincidence?

@W00pItUp Because of course I would make a fake profile and use my own pictures?

I don’t usually use this language… But it fit perfectly

@finndango @WiredUK that’s what I heard as well

Just got home to find this email. Impersonation account was linked to my actual account. They really should STOP.

@nrauhauser Sure- you’ve got a deal

@nrauhauser I’m so interesting that they can’t stop obsessing about me. Making fake accounts and talking about me is their hobby. #Stalkers

@PatriciaHeaton I’m not catholic but I am doing a 21-day detox and refocusing my eyes on God. Prayer and Bible reading are key.

On day #3 of a 21-day detox. No caffeine,wheat, dairy or sugar. Resetting my system and adjusting my focus. So far it’s going great.

@Team_Giudice THANKS! I’ve already lost 2 pounds! How crazy is that?

@nrauhauser I make a fantastic veggie chili. Very healthy.

A message to my longtime stalker from Canada. Read:

RT @GMA: WATCH: 8-year-old boy with cerebral palsy ‘skateboards’ with help from dad:

@nrauhauser thankfully I can still have red meat. Love a good steak at least once a week.

@nrauhauser I wondered how long that would take. Laughed every time I saw the name post. #DancePuppetsDANCE

@nrauhauser I pictured them going in there sniffing for a scent of Neal…hahaha…and you have not been there in sooo long.

RT @dodo: People are doing everything they can to reunite refugee cat with his family

@W00pItUp Thanks. I sincerely meant every word.

RT @Visit_Niagara: Romantic strolls to delicious cuisine, there’s so much to enjoy #ValentinesDay in Niagara. https…

@PatriciaHeaton @TheMiddle_ABC I loved the way the roommate rallied to be with Sue. Perfect ending.

@W00pItUp Can’t take credit…just followed the advice in a 2000 yr old book. 🙂

RT @Visit_Niagara: Bring your little travelers this #FamilyDay and be wowed by the excitement that is #Niagara! htt…

Great advice.

RT @dodo: People are going above and beyond to reunite this refugee cat with his family

To my CNDN Stalker: Today I pray that someone will smile at you when you least expect it. I hope it brightens your day. #Day2Prayer2

@GMA @kanyewest Holy misplaced modifier– ‘at album release party’ should not follow “since overdose at”–

@GMA “in first public appearance since overdose, Lamar Odom attended @kanyewest’s album release party.” See- easy to fix.

@Jen_X_Infinity I have no idea where she lives.

@nrauhauser @Jen_X_Infinity I doubt it. Capto is too much of a coward to use his own pics.

@nrauhauser @Jen_X_Infinity I’d hold off on that DoX and tread carefully. Too much noise in the air right now.

@Jen_X_Infinity @nrauhauser She is from someplace in Ontario. I’ve been given a couple names over the years but none that I am sure about.

@Jen_X_Infinity @nrauhauser Remember when she admitted to YOU that I’d done nothing to her?

@Jen_X_Infinity @nrauhauser pretty hard to apologize and make amends when by her own admission, I’ve done nothing to her.

@Jen_X_Infinity @nrauhauser Even now, she claims I’m doing terrible things to people every day. What is she talking about? In her mind?

@Jen_X_Infinity @nrauhauser She’s obviously a person that’s unhappy and needs some peace in her life. I truly have compassion for her.

@nrauhauser @Jen_X_Infinity I think I met her in a Chatzy chat. Or it was on a blog.

RT @nrauhauser: @BlameJenD @Jen_X_Infinity Twitter does not do a good job of removing OCD/paranoid/delusional folk, and they wreck it for e…

RT @KathieLGifford: In Him was life, & the life was the light of men. & the light shines on in the darkness, for the darkness has never ove…

To Cndn Stalker: my prayer is that you feel calm and peaceful today. Asking God to bless you and keep you healthy. #day3prayer3

RT @WriterChrisM: #CR4U #RT #Love #LoveWins #TeamJesus #Christians #LetLoveWin

RT @WriterChrisM: Love others. It’s important. #CR4U #TeamJesus #GodIsLove #RT

RT @WriterChrisM: #Truth #CR4U #GodIsLove #RT #amwriting

Praying for someone who has inflicted pain in your life is a challenge. Do it anyway. You’ll be surprised when peace invades your heart.

@justabadazz @evsmom thank you for your kind words. I’m simply following the advice I read in a 2000 yr old book. 🙂

@A1ouette I can’t figure out what these directions want the person to do. No acting but stay in character? No fast or slow moving? Huh?

@nrauhauser @SHO_Penny so are you recommending it?

@nrauhauser I’ll stick with the Hallmark channel.

RT @dodo: She just wants someone to notice her – shelter dog does a dance when people walk past her…

This is interesting. Definitely and ethical violation but not illegal?

@nrauhauser I like movies that make me smile, not cringe

To my Cndn Stlkr: praying that you have a restful weekend and some fun too. Praying you have love and that you feel God’s peace.#day4prayer4

@nrauhauser hah!! Puny God!

Make sure your cell isn’t backing up pics to a forgotten photobucket account. My daughter had personal pics stolen when this happened to her

@A1ouette @finndango Do not act cool? HA! Seriously– what was he hoping people would do after reading this? Are they allowed to breath?

@A1ouette @finndango But they can LYE down if they are tired…and KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON.

@A1ouette @finndango From Mashable: Oddly enough, the list also works as a pretty decent guide for succeeding in the Hunger Games

RT @NBCLA: This adorable shelter dog danced her way into an adopter’s heart. Watch:


@W00pItUp You have no idea. This whole race has been nothing but embarrassing.

@shawnetuma I teach Bus, Communication and we discuss these issues.

@shawnetuma @catalyst THANK YOU. I’ll definitely follow up!

To my Cndn Stlkr: I pray that you feel loved. Praying this is a good day that exceeds expectations. Asking God to bless you. #day5prayer5

RT @dalepartridge: “We have to choose joy and keep choosing it.” – Henri J.M. Nouwen

@catalyst @shawnetuma technology changes quickly. Students need to be prepared with current workplace ethics and laws.

RT @ChristBookFinds: Sun Romans 8:28 “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called..…

To my Canadian Stalker– praying for you has been an honor. Going forward I will refer to you as “AC” for anon Cndn. No more negative terms.

@nrauhauser As you know, we can only control our responses.

@nrauhauser did you get the text I sent?

@candacecbure watched @Finding_Normal on @netflix tonight. Really liked it! Loved the story and I loved your wardrobe! Well done!

To AC (Anon CNDN): I pray for your workplace affairs and that you find favor w/people. Praying your hard work is rewarded. #Day6Prayer6

RT @GMA: “We need to make every single thing accessible to every person with a disability.” – Stevie Wonder #GRAMMYs

Anyone else excited for #BetterCallSaul ????

Been on a @netflix binge of @BetterCallSaul ….waiting for season 2 to start in MINUTES…#BetterCallSaul

RT @rtgeorgia: It’s been too long, Jimmy @BetterCallSaul

@nrauhauser Did you ever watch Breaking Bad?

@nrauhauser this is a spin off. The lawyer from that series. Better than expected. Really good

RT @BetterCallSaul: The writing’s on the wall. #BetterCallSaul

Snowed in- First time in a long time I tuned in to #TheView. Sorry I did that. Why are these women so angry and opinionated?

RT @TODAYshow: .@Delta gives nursing mom of triplets first-class seat to pump in private:

@BarbaraJean_s that’s so sad.

To CA: Today I pray that your heart is full of contentment and gratitude. I pray that your life is rich and full of joy. #Day7Prayer7

To AC: Today I pray that you are healthy and that you are protected from any of the funky viruses and flu bugs in the area. #Day8Prayer8

RT @dodo: He had to climb into her cage just so that she would eat #adoptdontshop

To CA: Praying that God blesses you, your family and pets. Praying that your heart is at peace. #Day9Prayer9

RT @BetterCallSaul: The opposite of restraint. #BetterCallSaul


RT @StopWebBullying: How to spot a cyberstalker #8: They’re obsessed with their victim’s name & never their own. Report them as spam. https…

This is WRONG. Don’t mess with the CLASSICS.

@W00pItUp @chickencounter @ABC some things need no improvement.

To CA: praying you are having a good day and that the presence of God draws you in. He loves you so much. #day10prayer10

RT @dodo: Refugee cat miraculously reunites with the family he lost

RT @regainyourname: Stolen photos? Your copyright has been infringed? Let Regainyourname draft a DMCA copyright tak…

To CA: Praying your travels are safe and that you’re getting ready for a productive week ahead. #Day11Prayer11

To CA: Praying today that you have a clear mind and can focus on things that make you feel happy. Praying for no stress. #Day12Prayer12

@LuminousSpecter @PatriciaHeaton CALL GRANDMA!!!

A special fundraiser for Nolan– PLEASE RT- Pittsburgh Vol. 1, Shirt 13: “Unite” | Changing the Game.

RT @radar_online: Chasing Perfection: How Reality Shows Drive Participants To Suicide!

CA: I’ve been praying for you all day today.Praying you find peace and positive things that you make smile. #Day13Prayer13

@PatriciaHeaton @TheMiddle_ABC I’m watching on @hallmarkchannel right now! Love catching the 9:00 and then so happy for another at 9:30.

AC: Praying that the love of God will invade your life in a tangible way. Asking God to bless you and those you love. #Day14Prayer14

RT @FauxRealityM: Christine’s article as daughter of reality star will move you to tears while showing real @daniellestaub…

Today, I choose forgiveness and I will not hate. My choices are based on who *I* am- not on the behavior of others. I choose love and peace.

AC: I am praying for you today. Praying that God blesses you and your loved ones. Praying for peace in your life. #Day15Prayer15

You can teach someone to read but it’s hard to reach comprehension and even harder to teach them to read between the lines. #NoWorries

@nrauhauser very tempting

CA: Praying that your fulfillment and enjoyment of life comes from the love around you. Praying that your heart is content. #Day16Prayer16

RT @ChristBookFinds: Thu- First John 5:14 “And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his wil…

It has nothing to do with eggs or baskets… Let’s wait until the evening of March 10 to decide who should celebrate. #NoWorries

RT @GMA: Kids practice reading to shy shelter dogs. “They are helping these dogs get a home.” ➡️:…

CA: praying you have a restful weekend. Praying that joy brings a smile to your face. #day17prayer17

RT @GMA: 7-year-old boy overcome with emotion when his Navy father surprises him following deployment…

Looking for @netflix suggestions for tonight. HELP! #Netflix

@W00pItUp @netflix I don’t see that listed. Are you sure that’s the name?

@LulzVille @NEDHHS Sadly, it went unpaid due to terrible illness. It’s awesome that JAMES McGIBNEY will be paying off. #TeamBullyville

.@LulzVille You can’t stop yourself from stalking women. Is that because you’re afraid of men?

.@nrauhauser Yes, I believe it is his account. The ‘man” who has stalked and harassed me for over 2 years. It’s him.

.@nrauhauser James McGibney bought several domains in my name. Created a website about me. I’ve never done anything to him and he knows it.

@nrauhauser Yes, reported. Sad that this poor, insane soul just can’t follow the rules of society…or of twitter.

@nrauhauser hopefully that will end this endless stalking.

@nrauhauser it’s unlikely that he”ll quit us. We are more amazing than he will ever be. #jealous

CA: praying your day is going well. Hoping you are not too busy with a to-do list. Take time to laugh. #day18prayer18

@nrauhauser hey. How are you?

.@LulzVille FTR-I’ve never done anything to harm James McGibney. He made a site about me. Nothing on it shows that I’ve harmed him. #truth

@nrauhauser I’m ridiculously busy. Helped a family move this morning. Now out running errands with husband.

@nrauhauser using my Jeep. Heated seats.

@A1ouette well said

@nrauhauser you’ve lived out here. You know how it is.

I see a light blue jacket with a white emblem. How about you?

Every interaction I had with James McGibney was cordial. He started attacking/Stalking me with no provocation.

James McGibney purchased a domain in my name in April 2013. We had never interacted. He initiated contact in July 2013. #fact

RT @nrauhauser: @BlameJenD And this will NEVER not be funny.

@nrauhauser How coincidental. You cut him off in July ’13 and he came running after me. Because of our conspiracy? When did WE meet?

RT @pacempacem: Imagine being a lawyer (Jay Leiderman) and buying domains and emails in the name of another lawyer? Shameful!…

RT @pacempacem: Jay Leiderman bought 4 domains in my name and admitted it in court. He and McGibney created defamation sites.…

Sometimes people pray that Karma gets their enemies. I don’t. I pray that CA has an encounter with the love of GOD that overcomes her heart.

@W00pItUp he was pretending to have a huge legal team

@W00pItUp He once told me that he shared a legal team with Todd Kincannon. (sp?) The moron political guy

Proof that JAMES McGIBNEY of #Bullyville purchased a domain in my name in May ’13. First interaction was in July ’13

@W00pItUp He should explain why he purchased the domain before I even knew who he was.

.@WiredUK Since you featured this man, perhaps you should research why he purchased multiple domains in my name.

.@WiredUK I’ve done nothing to this ‘man’. I’m a professional, a mother, wife, and grandma. Active volunteer with my church.

.@WiredUK James McGibney has stalked me for 2 yrs. He has a site about me. NOTHING on the site shows that I’ve ever harmed him.I have not.

.@WiredUK please research the hundreds of domains James McGibney owns in the names of other people.

RT @finndango: @BlameJenD @WiredUK their “journalist” failed badly. They know nothing of this man or his dozens of victims.

@finndango @IvyLane_ @WiredUK who celebrates a grown man that stalks women who are strangers to him?

@finndango @IvyLane_ @WiredUK yet they can’t name a single pedophile he’s brought to justice. Not one.

@finndango @IvyLane_ @WiredUK any convicted pedophile would be a registered sex offender now. Names public. So….

CA- Prayed today that truth and clarity would prevail in your thinking. Praying that you can focus on the positive things. #day19prayer19

Anyone else use the @SouthwestAir App? I can’t get it to load more than one flight. I have a couple upcoming. Anyone?

AMAZING– Shooting survivor says he ran into gunman, was shot four times

@SouthwestAir Thanks. I’ll be happy to do that.

For every shirt sold, Nolan gets $8! Please RT this for us!Pittsburgh Vol. 1, Shirt 13: “Unite” | Changing the Game.

RT @26shirtsPIT: We’re not about shirts. We’re about helping kids like Nolan. #Steelers

RT @26shirtsPIT: It’s not about the shirts. It’s about kids like Nolan, whose family could use a little help. https…

RT @26shirtsPIT: For each “Unite” sold, $8 goes to 4 yr old Nolan. Limited edition gone after 3/6! #Steelers https:…

@nrauhauser Not following you. Explain

@nrauhauser I’m a ‘hacker’ that needs a publicly posted password to complete the task. #HackerFail

@nrauhauser I wouldn’t give it another thought. I hope @DatelineNBC DOES do a story on all this. I’m sure they’d talk to his victims.

@Bitte__B I’ll DM

RT @Jen_X_Infinity: @nrauhauser @BlameJenD @DatelineNBC @davidkushner One things for sure Aljazeera TV won’t be doing a piece on James they…

@Toolcase @W00pItUp thanks.

Veggie Chili recipe that EVERYONE loves!

You can repeat a lie 57 millions times but it will never become true. #Fact

CA: I pray that you are having a positive day and feeling well. Praying you don’t feel drained as you start your week.#Day20Prayer20

RT @TODAYshow: After tragedy, teen loses 325 lbs with help from school counselor who cared:

RT @BetterCallSaul: Jimmy’s in TX and we want to know what you think. Play with story sync tonight at 10/9c! https:…

@finndango @Kaceytron420 It had nothing to do with Kate. He simply enjoys targeting women because he’s a small insecure man.

@sookie_grace @BeepBeepKittey So sorry you lost this beautiful baby.

watching encore of #BetterCallSaul when I know i should be in bed…

CA: it’s been an honor to pray for you these past 21 days. I’ll continue as I feel led. Take care. God bless you! He loves you!

CA: praying for healing for your heart and restoration for your relationships. May you have a peaceful day. #day21prayer21

RT @dodo: He lost a leg but gained something incredible — and gave back something just as special.…

Shout out to @SouthwestAir — thanks for helping me fix the (user error) problem using your app. You went the extra mile! THANK YOU!

I guess I’m not the only one that thinks James MxGibney is abusive.

RT @26shirtsPIT: $8 from every “Unite” we sell goes right to Nolan. Read his story at our site. #Steelers https://t…

RT @26shirtsPIT: Week 2 of “Unite” is now underway! $8 from each one sold benefits Nolan. #Steelers…

@MyManBun You get one response. I’ve never written a bad check. Wrong Jen Newman. Good try. Have a nice weekend.

RT @26shirtsPIT: LAST DAY to order “Unite” and help Nolan! New shirt, new cause at midnight. #Steelers…

RT @GMA: Nancy Reagan’s stepson Michael Reagan: “She is once again with the man she loved.”

RT @BetterCallSaul: It’s time to face the music. #BetterCallSaul starts now on #AMC.

I was going to spend the evening reading 4-6 yr old emails but then I remembered that @BetterCallSaul is on!

@nrauhauser I saw a couple posts that made me wonder so I started looking at some old stuff. Just for fun.

@nrauhauser I have not read there much myself. Following your lead. Nothing new to share that I’m aware of.

@SparklyJinx just today I bought a new purse and wallet for an upcoming trip! Coincidence!

@SparklyJinx Pretty excited! Where are you headed? This is what I bought. Small- perfect for just the essentials

@SparklyJinx Naw- bought it at the outlet and it was cheap. We are taking a cruise in a couple weeks. I’d love to check out Oregon!

@nrauhauser I just want the court stuff settled and behind. So tired of all the noise from the idiots.

@SparklyJinx I hope you’ll share pictures. That sounds lovely! We went to Acadia last year and it was amazing.

@SparklyJinx Caribbean. St. Thomas- St. Martin- the Bahamas. We’ve done a few cruises. Great vacation. I recommend it.

@SparklyJinx I’ll be sure to share.

Today is #Day30 of my No Wheat- No Sugar – Little Dairy detox. Down 10 pounds and feeling AMAZING. I recommend.

@finndango I made a really good veggie chili that is healthy, low call and DELICIOUS. I freeze quart bags of it and that’s lunch.

@finndango We eat low-fat meat and veggies. Greek turkey burgers are a favorite.

@IvyLane_ I don’t miss it. I have some almond flour that I use when I need to.

RT @JohnFetterman: A perspective widely ignored: what’s it like to have a loved one behind bars?…

I’m so late to this game. Binge watching @ScandalABC in season 3. I love Olivia Pope sooo much!

@IvyLane_ @ScandalABC I think that’s why I didn’t like it the first time around. They make his wife so unlikable that it’s easy to overlook

What’s on your playlist for working out? I need some new motivational- fun- upbeat tunes. HELP

I grew up drinking raw milk.

@bstaples42 @TODAYshow My grandparents purchased it from a farm down the road. None of us ever had a problem.

RT @dodo: The happiest shelter photo is one that shows no dogs at all. #adoptdontshop

RT @FLOTUS: Every heart embodies the #62MillionGirls working to break the barriers to an education. #InternationalWomensDay…

RT @WriterChrisM: Love sees humanity #CR4U #Humanity #Love


RT @AllSquareCat: #Ninja #AllCatPack

I miss Don Draper… #MadMen

When you realize you’re using the wrong color for the second coat. #oops

@nrauhauser no wine. This is the culprit.

@nrauhauser went to the store already and got a gallon of correct color.

@W00pItUp I actually painted this room a year ago. Realized later it needed another coat so I started it today. BIG MISTAKE

Already in the process of repainting with correct color.

@W00pItUp yep. The other color was from when I painted my bedroom closet This is my sons room

My husband knows the key to my heart @FamousFootwear #shoes

Here’s an idea: Start telling people why you love your chosen candidate instead of spending that time bashing the other guy. #PositiveVibes

@MartyMcPizza Then talk about your favorite Netflix show. I’m so sick of all the negativity infected social media.

@MartyMcPizza I’m late to the party and binge watching @ScandalABC . How’s THAT for irony?

@W00pItUp I don’t like ANY of them but I’m sick of hearing all the negative crap spouting from both sides.

RT @ChildrensPgh: Support Children’s by visiting your local @DairyQueen for Free Cone Day on March 15!

anybody watching #BetterCallSaul ??

@SparklyJinx Beautiful dress and sweet pup. I’m so sorry for your loss.

Poor Kim is ‘busy in doc review”– that’s just WRONG. #BetterCallSaul

.@BetterCallSaul Kim, the LAWYER, is making COFFEE? Can they insult her any harder? #BetterCallSaul

“My brother is not bad person. He has a good heart. He can’t help himself”– Who’s the good brother now? @BetterCallSaul #BetterCallSaul

I look at Hector talking and all I hear is “DING DING DING” in my mind. @BetterCallSaul #BetterCallSaul

@SparklyJinx @FamousFootwear You’re so kind. THANK YOU.

@SparklyJinx My kitchen is always yellow- the color of morning sun. The other painting is all done– THANKFULLY.

@SparklyJinx We installed a new closet system in the room too. Definitely worth all the effort.

@theidealtwit @FLOTUS It is odd that free Americans can’t direct a portion of their taxes to the school they CHOOSE for their child.


@SockieWhodunit @HandToForehead make up a conspiracy then subpoena victim demanding proof of the non-existent conspiracy. #seriously

RT @shawnetuma: @nrauhauser @MichelleFields @kurtbardella @benshapiro @jgosselin10 Thanks you very much, I appreciate your kind words!

@HandToForehead @SockieWhodunit well said. He’s stalked innocent women and then sues them and lies about them. He’s a joke

The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, But a wise man is he who listens to counsel.- Proverbs 12:15


RT @CutePicsOfCats: Relationship goals

RT @BrentMcCluskey: And people say Greek mythology isn’t real. Phfft.

RT @PatriciaHeaton: We’ve been picked up for an eighth season!

@kerrywashington So late to the party. Binge watching @Scandal now. Up to Season 4. Can’t concentrate all day because I want to watch more.

@tentooed don’t trust anything you see on that site. I’d avoid it. Owner is a stalker.

Tonight I got a ticket for failing to use a turn signal. Guess the rumors about me being a hardened criminal might be true. #Crime

Spent the weekend with the most amazing 4 yr old. He’s doing AMAZING. Thanks for praying and supporting us. #WeHeartNolan

@finndango It will be dismissed. #Connections

Nolan had a great report today. #donate life

RT @StopWebBullying: Retweeting someone else’s unproven allegations is not only irresponsible, it’s illegal in the UK…

@jenrayray Excited to see that you’re on tonight’s episode. Looking forward to watching! I LOVE NANCY!!

RT @ABC: Widower discovers his wife left behind bank account with $127,000 designated to Make-A-Wish.…

@JohnySteps1337 @tentooed @/GeeWhiz__ Wow- this person is still talking about me? I have NO criminal record and she refuses to stop.

@JohnySteps1337 @tentooed That’s correct. I’m pretty busy with LIFE– work, church, family, etc.- I have no interest in stalking anyone.

@tentooed @JohnySteps1337 exactly. I don’t respect a bully either. Peace-love-respect

RT @RealBenCarson: It’s important that we have civility during times of disagreement.

RT @ABC: BREAKING: Police raids in northwest Paris have just foiled planned terrorist attack, French Interior Minister says.

And….JUST LIKE THAT we are on 10 days of VACAY! Headed out on a cruise this weekend. @PrincessCruises here we come!

@W00pItUp Check your Dm’s

@toni_rachel55 @ScandalABC @kerrywashington PERFECT!

@toni_rachel55 @ScandalABC @kerrywashington I actually watched that episode last night. For real!

RT @toni_rachel55: Me getting ready for scandal like: 🍷 @kerrywashington #TGIT @ScandalABC

@lisarinna When is your anniversary? Our’s is the 20th.

@lisarinna Five days away!!! CONGRATS!

Been waiting all day for this. @Yuengling_Beer #longweekend #vacation

RT @ABC: Professor holds and calms student’s baby through lecture after babysitter calls in sick:…

Packing for a cruise. Too many to bring? Actually…just remembered 2 more pair I want to take #firstworldproblems

@W00pItUp I’ve got wayyyy more. These are the lucky chosen that get to go on vacation with me.

Day#45 of no-wheat/sugar. Very little dairy or caffeine. Down 12 pounds! Feel great! Summer clothes fitting really well. #celebrate

@W00pItUp Hah! They might be disappointed. I won’t be online much other than to check on Nolan.

@nrauhauser with morning coffee w/cream someone will die.

@nrauhauser I’ve done it. Headache for 4 days. I won’t do it again. One cup a day has benefits. And I don’t kill people.

@nrauhauser @MonsterEnergy that stuff is terrible for you. Just be nice to yourself and have some Java. It’s a plant. God made it

@lisa6654 thanks!!!!!

@nrauhauser I have no idea what that is. Sounds ominous

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@finndango I like having choices.

@MartyMcPizza who can measure value? Bunch of hooey!

OMG just heard @gunsnroses is going to TOUR AGAIN!! I’m there!!!!!!!

@JanePitt Isn’t Pittsburgh great??

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@SouthwestAir flight delayed for hours. Buffalo to Fll. Any idea why? Now we have to drink to pass the time.

@SouthwestAir *affecting. Hah! I’m a teacher and couldn’t let it pass. Thanks so much for the info. Will you buy the next round?

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Greetings from the Caribbean. #BeachHair #cruising #PrincessCruises @PrincessCruises

@IvyLane_ we are having a perfect week. St Thomas today so we have cell service. What did I miss?

@IvyLane_ we’ve had perfect weather.

Current view. #noworries #caribbean

Another hello from the #caribbean with #BeachHair @PrincessCruises

@IvyLane_ where are you headed? Cruise?

@IvyLane_ perfect!!!

Couldn’t be more perfect @PrincessCruises #caribbean

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RT @PrincessCruises: @BlameJenD What an adorable pic! #comebacknew

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Bye bye @PrincessCruises …till next time. #RegalPrincess

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Thanks @PrincessCruises for an amazing vacation!