Next Bullyville Hearing In Texas Lawsuit Is Scheduled

The next hearing in the Texas Bullyville lawsuit (aka known as Rauhauser v McGibney) will be held Friday, June 3 at 11 a.m. 

Judge Cosby will give his opinion on the motion filed by James McGibney and his lawyer, Evan Stone which makes note of the judge “forgetting” to render his decision in 2014 which led to 2 years of court and $250,000 in legal fees for Rauhauser which the judge is expecting McGibney to pay. Also mentioned were sanctions by the judge which go beyond the scope of the Anti-Slapp law and violate the civil rights of McGibney.

Personally I don’t think the judge will take responsibility for his error and amend the sanctions he signed. Should that be the case, expect an appeal to a higher court to be filed.