Just A Random Fat Burglar Or Retzlaff?

The picture below was taken in 2013 by a security camera during the burglary of the offices of Private Investigator, Phil Klein. The burglar was a little tubby and wearing a tactical backpack.

A few months later, Klein’s home was broken into, nothing was taken, but pictures of his children and grandchildren were flipped upside down. 

Obviously the point was not to rob Klein but to intimidate him.

At the time, Klein was involved in a lawsuit with lawyer, Jeffrey Dorrell of the Hanszen Laporte lawfirm.  Thomas Retzlaff is a fan boy of Mr Dorrell and hates Phil Klein.

I’m willing to bet that Tubby Tommy owns a tactical backpack along with his store bought military medals and the army uniform he bought at a second hand store.  

I bet he wore army camouflage clothing to the break in.