Transcript of Barrett Brown Chat During His Arrest; September 2012

This is the transcript of the TinyChat video dialogue that occurred before and during the raid on Barrett Brown’s home by the FBI on September 12, 2012.

During the chat, Barrett leaves to make a phone call and his girlfriend chats in his place. The FBI raid while he’s on the phone.

[7:36 PM] anonforecast: it depends
[7:36 PM] kenker: root, you need to get something better to do with your life
[7:36 PM] pob: trouble with you fuckers you think you matter, you don’t
[7:36 PM] anonforecast: bb is half genious half retard, soyour feelings depend on your expectation and which half
[7:36 PM] anonforecast: you meet that day
[7:37 PM] anonforecast: #truth
[7:37 PM] barrettbrown: that is actually a good way of putting it
[7:37 PM] kenker: than support your “prophet”
[7:37 PM] gatso0: genous or genius
[7:37 PM] root: Who are you to judge
[7:37 PM] anonforecast: idk
[7:37 PM] xu0ut: when there are tits on the screen..all men are nice ..js 😛
[7:37 PM] barrettbrown: part nuts as well
[7:37 PM] anonforecast: DONT JUDGE ME
[7:37 PM] gatso0: jack off agian
[7:37 PM] root: who are to inforce ideas upon me
[7:37 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: im female so
[7:37 PM] anonforecast: i mighjt
[7:37 PM] hehe: ms BB whats your name? feel like i am insulting you by calling you ‘ms bb’
[7:37 PM] gatso0: do it
[7:37 PM] gatso0: doitfaggot
[7:37 PM] barrettbrown: yay another girl
[7:37 PM] barrettbrown: iits jenna
[7:37 PM] root: who are you to tell me what should i follow
[7:37 PM] anonforecast: pics
[7:37 PM] anonforecast: or didnt happen
[7:38 PM] kenker: yeah you think your own ideas are being implanted by me into your brain
[7:38 PM] irrelevant: *sigh*
[7:38 PM] kenker: satan is making you think free speech is OK! OH NO SHUT YOUR BRAIN OFF
[7:38 PM] anonforecast: i miss barret
[7:38 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: you didnt like my jokes so you will nev4r c mah lovely lady lumps
[7:38 PM] anonforecast: you guys see what you fuckin did?
[7:38 PM] xu0ut: 8675309 :O
[7:38 PM] gatso0: enuff retardedness what are we doing
[7:38 PM] anonforecast: you ran him off
[7:38 PM] anonforecast: and now shit is BORING
[7:38 PM] barrettbrown: he’s at the store
[7:38 PM] anonforecast: YOU ALL SUCK
[7:38 PM] barrettbrown: getting beer
[7:38 PM] root: your such an imbecile
[7:38 PM] anonforecast: you all fucking ruined the fun
[7:38 PM] anonforecast: you especially root
[7:38 PM] barrettbrown: he’ll be back at some point
[7:38 PM] anonforecast: this is all your fault
[7:38 PM] barrettbrown: lol
[7:38 PM] kenker: and an infidel too
[7:38 PM] anonforecast: why didnt you lick his cock
[7:38 PM] kenker: don’t forget infidel
[7:38 PM] gatso0: anonforecast, AnonOps, #anonops\
[7:38 PM] kenker: btw root have you seen this film
[7:38 PM] barrettbrown: INFIDELS
[7:38 PM] anonforecast: ROOT YOU ARE BAD FOR LULZ
[7:38 PM] root: you want to see crime here you go
[7:38 PM] kenker: its quite entertaining
[7:38 PM] root:
[7:38 PM] kenker:
[7:39 PM] anonforecast: i cant gatso
[7:39 PM] kenker: palestinian, more like terrorist
[7:39 PM] gatso0: whys that
[7:39 PM] anonforecast: pi zlined me cause hes a banfag
[7:39 PM] gatso0: vox then
[7:39 PM] anonforecast: got butthurt furing opblackout
[7:39 PM] kenker: i think its fine to invade terrorists to stop them from killing innocent civilaisn
[7:39 PM] gatso0: vpn that shit
[7:39 PM] anonforecast: lemme check vox
[7:39 PM] root:
[7:39 PM] gatso0: hidemyass proxy
[7:39 PM] anonforecast: buy me one
[7:39 PM] gatso0: use a coupon faggot
[7:39 PM] kenker: HMA is bad.
[7:39 PM] kenker: they give out logs
[7:39 PM] tomryanblog: Hi Barret’s Girl
[7:39 PM] anonforecast: what coupon?
[7:39 PM] anonforecast: wtf?
[7:39 PM] gatso0: sec
[7:40 PM] kenker: half of anonops network got put in because they used HMA Pro
[7:40 PM] kenker: and logs were sent
[7:40 PM] tomryanblog: where’s Barrett
[7:40 PM] xu0ut: da curly fries in tha house !
[7:40 PM] anonforecast: its roots fault
[7:40 PM] anonforecast: for being a fucking asshole
[7:40 PM] anonforecast: and makeing bb leave
[7:40 PM] tomryanblog: is he OK, he was spazzing in his video
[7:40 PM] root:
[7:40 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: jesus christ it is actually TR too
[7:40 PM] xu0ut: ^^
[7:40 PM] anonforecast: root if you piss off my entertainment again, were gonna have personal problems. dont be an
[7:40 PM] anonforecast: ass
[7:40 PM] adrianlamo: Hey gurl hey
[7:40 PM] anonforecast: its 1 thing to troll
[7:41 PM] anonforecast: but if you ruint he lulz
[7:41 PM] anonymouspickle: hello
[7:41 PM] barrettbrown: ay fake adrian ay
[7:41 PM] adrianlamo: Wa$$up baybee?
[7:41 PM] root: your the as
[7:41 PM] root: s
[7:41 PM] barrettbrown: nm bro just making friends w bb’s haters again
[7:41 PM] tomryanblog: I was worried he was going crazy
[7:41 PM] adrianlamo: You, me, barretbrown.
[7:41 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: fake adrian = TR’s best buddy joining farces to come trawl
[7:41 PM] adrianlamo: 3-way
[7:41 PM] barrettbrown: listening to topiary call
[7:41 PM] barrettbrown: ok
[7:41 PM] gatso0: i see no lulz
[7:41 PM] barrettbrown: sounds good
[7:41 PM] adrianlamo: fucking word.
[7:42 PM] tomryanblog: ohai Bratty I see you hidding
[7:42 PM] anonforecast: whered my coupon?!?!?
[7:42 PM] xu0ut: Ha!
[7:42 PM] adrianlamo: I’m the real lamo, btw
[7:42 PM] tomryanblog: hi neal
[7:42 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: neal?
[7:42 PM] adrianlamo: LOL
[7:42 PM] anonforecast: show us
[7:42 PM] xu0ut: nice
[7:42 PM] anonforecast: your penis
[7:42 PM] adrianlamo: Neal is everywhere.
[7:42 PM] shadowdxs: hey Barrett’s new girlfriend, can we see your boobz?
[7:42 PM] root: The zionist has left like a rat in the dark
[7:42 PM] anonforecast: DONT BE AN ASS
[7:42 PM] gatso0: anonforecast, >>> <<< pw: lulztiem69
[7:42 PM] anonforecast: RULE#1!
[7:42 PM] adrianlamo: brb my lovers
[7:43 PM] pob: oh hai fag
[7:43 PM] shadowdxs: tom ryan! i love that guy!
[7:43 PM] anonforecast: BB i missed you
[7:43 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: TR and th3j35t3r LOL
[7:43 PM] xu0ut: wow
[7:43 PM] root: is that the real adrianlamo
[7:43 PM] gatso0: anonforecast, use teh gift card coup
[7:43 PM] shadowdxs: where is tom ryan?
[7:43 PM] root: Hadith of Black Flags From Khorasan(Afghanistan) in the light of current uprisings
[7:43 PM] anonforecast: gatso id that ask me for pw
[7:43 PM] tomryanblog: Barrett we are worried
[7:43 PM] anonforecast: gatsowhat kinda shit is this
[7:43 PM] gatso0: pw: lulztiem69
[7:43 PM] shadowdxs: lol the jester is here
[7:44 PM] shadowdxs: yes it is
[7:44 PM] tomryanblog: worried he is losing his mind
[7:44 PM] shadowdxs: shh
[7:44 PM] gatso0: free monies for anonforecast
[7:44 PM] anonforecast: you guys better not fucking ruin my fun tonight
[7:44 PM] irrelevant: BB did you get hacked?
[7:44 PM] adrianlamo: HE HACKED YOUR JAVA BRO
[7:44 PM] anonforecast: DO YOU HEAR ME
[7:44 PM] root:
[7:44 PM] adrianlamo: DUDE CANT EVEN TOR
[7:44 PM] xu0ut: lmfao !
[7:44 PM] pob: mad fucker is
[7:44 PM] shadowdxs: lol now i’m fat
[7:44 PM] adrianlamo: WHO?
[7:44 PM] adrianlamo: Neal Rauhauser?
[7:44 PM] adrianlamo: OH lololol
[7:44 PM] irrelevant: lol
[7:44 PM] adrianlamo: that kid hahahaha
[7:44 PM] anonforecast: its not really him
[7:44 PM] shadowdxs: weeeee
[7:44 PM] adrianlamo: kid was lol
[7:44 PM] anonforecast: or else he would get on cam
[7:44 PM] xu0ut: woot!
[7:44 PM] anonforecast: cause hes not a faggot
[7:44 PM] anonforecast: the real one is awesome
[7:44 PM] tomryanblog: you never called
[7:45 PM] shadowdxs: i met him prison
[7:45 PM] shadowdxs: we had buttsec
[7:45 PM] anonforecast: this guys a fagot, cannot be the same person
[7:45 PM] shadowdxs: x*
[7:45 PM] xu0ut: 😉
[7:45 PM] anonforecast: how wasi t?
[7:45 PM] adrianlamo: We are all Tom Ryan.
[7:45 PM] shadowdxs: OMG WHERE IS SHIRT?
[7:45 PM] anonforecast: do u like it?
[7:45 PM] anonforecast: can we see your nuipples?
[7:45 PM] anonforecast: im fat 🙁
[7:45 PM] pob: hey its fatty dxs
[7:45 PM] shadowdxs: can i be tom ryan?
[7:45 PM] anonforecast: i hate myself, im a cutter
[7:45 PM] shadowdxs: i wanna be the jester next!
[7:45 PM] barrettbrown: me i want to be tom ryan right now
[7:46 PM] adrianlamo: I am the REAL jester
[7:46 PM] anonforecast: it cost me 2000$ in therapy but im still VERY vulnerable about it
[7:46 PM] shadowdxs: no i’m batman!
[7:46 PM] tomryanblog: ROFLMAO there is 1900+ Tom Ryan’s in the area I claim to be d0xed at
[7:46 PM] barrettbrown: we can roleplay ill be tom you be jester someone else be rsmccain
[7:46 PM] anonforecast: thats hot
[7:46 PM] lickm3: dananananananananaanana BATMAN
[7:46 PM] shadowdxs: tommy dm me on twitter
[7:46 PM] barrettbrown: proSEX
[7:46 PM] anonforecast: didyou hear about LIBOR?
[7:46 PM] shadowdxs: if you are the real you
[7:46 PM] kenker: im back root
[7:46 PM] anonforecast: wtf is that shit about?
[7:46 PM] adrianlamo: #AntiSex wut wut
[7:47 PM] tomryanblog: Hey Barrett The Parrot it seemed like you are on Meth in that Video
[7:47 PM] anonforecast: that batman dude, his father was scheduled for trial in the biggest international bank sca
[7:47 PM] shadowdxs: LOL
[7:47 PM] anonforecast: scandal in history
[7:47 PM] barrettbrown: tom
[7:47 PM] barrettbrown: that is straight rude
[7:47 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: that maybe true but theres only ONE Tom Ryan
[7:47 PM] barrettbrown: rude as fuck
[7:47 PM] anonforecast: “coincedental” right after the batman murder
[7:47 PM] shadowdxs: more like heroin
[7:47 PM] tomryanblog: are you fucking stupid threatening the FBI
[7:47 PM] anonforecast: fuck the NDAA and FBI bro
[7:47 PM] shadowdxs: barrett you act like i’m gonna tell you the TRUTH
[7:47 PM] shadowdxs: yes i am
[7:47 PM] anonforecast: i work for the forefathers faggot
[7:47 PM] shadowdxs: i dont use it
[7:47 PM] anonforecast: go obey your masters like a bitch
[7:47 PM] shadowdxs: how does it work?
[7:47 PM] anonforecast: hes a bitch
[7:47 PM] gatso0: hurrdurr the fbi
[7:47 PM] anonforecast: bitches dont have honor
[7:47 PM] anonforecast: they suck fbi dick like faggots
[7:47 PM] tomryanblog: Barrett being on Heroine doesn’t make you a Hero
[7:48 PM] anonforecast: you beinga faggto doesnt make you a hero
[7:48 PM] barrettbrown: heroin
[7:48 PM] shadowdxs: hERO
[7:48 PM] shadowdxs: better?
[7:48 PM] gatso0: what a fucking lolcow
[7:48 PM] gatso0: lulzcow
[7:48 PM] tyrkoil: ohai!
[7:48 PM] anonforecast: I LOVE THE INTERNET
[7:48 PM] shadowdxs: YAY WORDZ
[7:48 PM] anonforecast: what did ppl do before this shit?
[7:48 PM] gatso0: heroine hurr durr
[7:48 PM] adrianlamo: yeah
[7:48 PM] xu0ut: no such thing as an ex- marine….js
[7:48 PM] shadowdxs: can i has eats them?
[7:48 PM] tyrkoil: SHADOWDXS
[7:48 PM] shadowdxs: COFFEE
[7:48 PM] shadowdxs: W00T
[7:48 PM] shadowdxs: ooh
[7:48 PM] tyrkoil: I R HERE SHADOW!
[7:48 PM] gatso0: hurr durr fbi agian
[7:48 PM] shadowdxs: sounds like ABC soup
[7:48 PM] anonforecast: how much money would it cost to get this much fun in the movies?
[7:48 PM] anonforecast: fuck SOPA
[7:48 PM] xu0ut: lol
[7:48 PM] shadowdxs: better give me good weed
[7:48 PM] tyrkoil: I came to bring lulz
[7:49 PM] barrettbrown: ily fake adrian y arent u following me on twitter
[7:49 PM] tyrkoil: Barrett
[7:49 PM] tomryanblog: i was never a Marine you fail troll
[7:49 PM] gatso0: bring on da lulz
[7:49 PM] shadowdxs: BULLSHIT
[7:49 PM] tyrkoil: Barrett
[7:49 PM] shadowdxs: I’M FROM TX
[7:49 PM] anonforecast: DRUG WAR!
[7:49 PM] tyrkoil: [7:49 PM] anonforecast: TERRORISM
[7:49 PM] anonforecast: obedient faggotry
[7:49 PM] tyrkoil: Your Guyfawkes message is gay
[7:49 PM] tyrkoil: mask*
[7:49 PM] shadowdxs: i was born in Lubbock you fuck
[7:49 PM] shadowdxs: xD
[7:49 PM] anonforecast: anyone that obeys the fbi really is a faggot tho, lets be honest
[7:49 PM] tyrkoil: Fuck, can’t type
[7:49 PM] tyrkoil: xD
[7:49 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: I’ll have you all know that whats happening right now will be featured in a film i will
[7:49 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: be writing / directing and producing
[7:49 PM] kenker: guys who thinks terrorists should all be killed
[7:49 PM] mrkevorkian: TomRyan shut the fuck up
[7:49 PM] tyrkoil: Gatso0
[7:49 PM] anonforecast: I LOVEYOU BB
[7:49 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: in later years
[7:49 PM] xu0ut: nice
[7:49 PM] anonforecast: SHOW USYOUR NIPPLES
[7:49 PM] mrkevorkian: go home
[7:49 PM] anonforecast: im ready to cum
[7:49 PM] shadowdxs: Barrett can i call you again?
[7:50 PM] shadowdxs: i’m bored
[7:50 PM] tyrkoil: Barrett
[7:50 PM] anonforecast: this is GREAT PR
[7:50 PM] tyrkoil: Your GF looks like a man
[7:50 PM] anonforecast: shes a HOT man
[7:50 PM] shadowdxs: NIGGER
[7:50 PM] anonforecast: you sir are NOT a gentleman
[7:50 PM] xu0ut: coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[7:50 PM] shadowdxs: i think tc just went derp…
[7:50 PM] barrettbrown: coffee dont be a dick
[7:50 PM] lickm3: I love you
[7:50 PM] adrianlamo: dont dawks me bro
[7:50 PM] pob: faggot
[7:50 PM] anonforecast: dude who is ebign a dick?
[7:50 PM] m0nkey: barrett who is your friend?
[7:50 PM] tyrkoil: OHAI
[7:50 PM] xu0ut: [7:50 PM] anonforecast: yrkoil DONT RUIN MY LULZ YOU FAGGOT
[7:51 PM] anonforecast: i swear to god
[7:51 PM] shadowdxs: Barrett if you ever have a child, i will dox him/her/it
[7:51 PM] anonforecast: if anyone ruins tonights lulz
[7:51 PM] root:
[7:51 PM] irrelevant: lol
[7:51 PM] root: ewwww
[7:51 PM] anonforecast: may a fucking curse come upon their family
[7:51 PM] tyrkoil: I [7:51 PM] anonforecast: im having fun
[7:51 PM] shadowdxs: brb doxing Obama
[7:51 PM] tyrkoil: Barrett
[7:51 PM] tyrkoil: STFU
[7:51 PM] xu0ut: lol
[7:51 PM] tyrkoil: LMAO!
[7:51 PM] anonforecast: and i REFUSE ti pay SOPA 15$ for theatre tickets
[7:51 PM] tyrkoil: [7:51 PM] tyrkoil: Yeah
[7:51 PM] tyrkoil: I read it
[7:51 PM] anonforecast: btw OccupyMarines are cool
[7:51 PM] anonforecast: whatd he say?
[7:51 PM] shadowdxs: fail
[7:51 PM] anonforecast: I MISSED IT
[7:51 PM] tyrkoil: They all had a go at your GF, so who cares?
[7:52 PM] shadowdxs: barrett give me a taco
[7:52 PM] tomryanblog: Barrett I am here cause I am concerned for your mental health
[7:52 PM] anonforecast: tyr can i see your penis?
[7:52 PM] root: its 4 in the morning
[7:52 PM] anonforecast: not in a gay way tho
[7:52 PM] m0nkey: Army/AirForce here
[7:52 PM] anonforecast: iman artist
[7:52 PM] tyrkoil: LMAO Anon!
[7:52 PM] root: and i am happy
[7:52 PM] m0nkey: fuck the rest
[7:52 PM] tomryanblog: you have lost your mind targetting the FBI
[7:52 PM] anonforecast: why did you lol?
[7:52 PM] anonforecast: is that a no? 🙁
[7:52 PM] shadowdxs: Barrett im gonna call you
[7:52 PM] tyrkoil: Baww moar
[7:52 PM] anonforecast: lets put it on twitter
[7:52 PM] shadowdxs: why not?
[7:52 PM] m0nkey: except Coast Gurad of course
[7:52 PM] irrelevant: missed reading a message btw
[7:52 PM] anonforecast: that could be good PR
[7:52 PM] anonforecast: just sayin
[7:52 PM] shadowdxs: i love talking to him and having him DEMAND i tell him things
[7:52 PM] tomryanblog: LOL
[7:52 PM] anonforecast: ASSHURT!!!!
[7:53 PM] anonforecast: omfg i missed you
[7:53 PM] root: Why dont you live in a Van
[7:53 PM] asshurtmacfags: have no fear, I is here.
[7:53 PM] tyrkoil: Barrett Brown’s GF, what’s your name?
[7:53 PM] anonforecast: thank
[7:53 PM] anonforecast: GOD
[7:53 PM] root: you can stay on the run
[7:53 PM] shadowdxs: barrett you cant hack
[7:53 PM] anonforecast: asshurtmacfags ishere
[7:53 PM] tyrkoil: Hi Jenna
[7:53 PM] anonforecast: you other faggots FAIL at lulz
[7:53 PM] tyrkoil: Yes
[7:53 PM] asshurtmacfags: Jenna, tell barrett i’m here
[7:53 PM] anonforecast: watch how a pro works
[7:53 PM] shadowdxs: hell you can hardly fap…
[7:53 PM] tyrkoil: Nice name
[7:53 PM] xu0ut: lol
[7:53 PM] tyrkoil: Nao
[7:53 PM] shadowdxs: GIVE US ALL THE INFO
[7:53 PM] tomryanblog: because Barrett can make so much money on “This is your brain on drugs commercial”
[7:53 PM] tyrkoil: Plz
[7:53 PM] shadowdxs: DOX
[7:53 PM] tyrkoil: Tits or gtfo
[7:53 PM] anonforecast: jenna tell bb that asshurtmacfags is here
[7:53 PM] xu0ut: ^^
[7:53 PM] root: can you take laptop or cam and show us around
[7:53 PM] shadowdxs: what tits?
[7:53 PM] m0nkey: gf needs cool nick
[7:53 PM] kenker: root
[7:53 PM] m0nkey: barrett
[7:53 PM] anonforecast: SHES AWESOME
[7:53 PM] kenker: did you come back from blowing up a building
[7:53 PM] m0nkey: jesus
[7:53 PM] anonforecast: asshurtmacfags
[7:54 PM] anonforecast: thts her name
[7:54 PM] shadowdxs: O_o
[7:54 PM] tyrkoil: OH GAWD
[7:54 PM] shadowdxs: tits?
[7:54 PM] barrettbrown: closed: asshurtmacfags
[7:54 PM] tyrkoil: PC #2
[7:54 PM] tyrkoil: ?
[7:54 PM] asshurtmacfags: LMAO
[7:54 PM] root: hey deranged fucker
[7:54 PM] tyrkoil: :3
[7:54 PM] anonforecast: U SHUT UR MOUTH SHES AWESOME
[7:54 PM] asshurtmacfags: boooo
[7:54 PM] anonforecast: i luff her
[7:54 PM] barrettbrown: closed: gatso0
[7:54 PM] root: HOW WAS YOUR HOME
[7:54 PM] shadowdxs: word?
[7:54 PM] anonforecast: orgy time
[7:54 PM] tyrkoil: asshurtmacfags: Do you swallow large dildos with your ass?
[7:54 PM] irrelevant: you could boot one of the maskfags]
[7:54 PM] asshurtmacfags: lol
[7:54 PM] tyrkoil: That would be killer
[7:54 PM] root: VERY COZY
[7:54 PM] kenker: isnt she the tranny
[7:54 PM] shadowdxs: word 2 ur mother yo
[7:54 PM] anonforecast: can i fap?
[7:54 PM] asshurtmacfags: i trawled him hard
[7:54 PM] asshurtmacfags: dude’s asshurt
[7:54 PM] anonforecast: im gonna fap hard ok
[7:54 PM] anonforecast: asshurt is mean to bb
[7:55 PM] anonforecast: but
[7:55 PM] tyrkoil: BARRETT, tell me about Trapwire
[7:55 PM] asshurtmacfags: I was mroe fun when i trolled in here as adrianlamo
[7:55 PM] shadowdxs: LOL
[7:55 PM] tyrkoil: I want a bed time story, please. 🙂
[7:55 PM] asshurtmacfags: just kidding
[7:55 PM] shadowdxs: it cost moneys now
[7:55 PM] anonforecast: its like getting trolled by justin beiber, you still fel sexy afterward
[7:55 PM] root: WHats with the muslim hate
[7:55 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: asshurtmacfags y u want all diz attention 🙁
[7:55 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: your taking it away from me
[7:55 PM] anonforecast: asshurt! dont really troll bb!
[7:55 PM] asshurtmacfags: sorry brah
[7:55 PM] anonforecast: no probly not
[7:55 PM] asshurtmacfags: LOL
[7:55 PM] shadowdxs: derp
[7:55 PM] root: they represent 1.6 billion of the human population
[7:55 PM] asshurtmacfags: lolololol
[7:55 PM] tyrkoil: Your logic…. is bad. Barrett.
[7:55 PM] tomryanblog: Barrett tell me about why you love the name Clyde Tolson? Do you love the cock?
[7:55 PM] barrettbrown: closed: gatso0
[7:55 PM] xu0ut: can u check ur pulse afraid u may have tachycardia :/
[7:55 PM] asshurtmacfags: I was funny
[7:55 PM] asshurtmacfags: i mean, i am
[7:55 PM] anonforecast: asshurt is …
[7:55 PM] anonforecast: shes like…
[7:55 PM] shadowdxs: mmm cock
[7:56 PM] anonforecast: i dont even know a metaphor
[7:56 PM] m0nkey: Barrett is funny , on his behalf i went to trapwire HQ front door
[7:56 PM] m0nkey: lol
[7:56 PM] shadowdxs: YAY FED
[7:56 PM] shadowdxs: cock?
[7:56 PM] tyrkoil: I wanna rub my nipples on you, no homo
[7:56 PM] shadowdxs: fed cock!
[7:56 PM] lickm3: was afk, who is it you wanted info on again?
[7:56 PM] tomryanblog: Barrett wants FED Cock?
[7:56 PM] gatso0: anonforecast pm
[7:56 PM] asshurtmacfags: the nazi’s killed alan turing
[7:56 PM] tyrkoil: Is anonforecast chatterbox?
[7:56 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: TomRyan why are you a lapdog of the feds?
[7:57 PM] m0nkey: AVENGE TURING!!!!!
[7:57 PM] asshurtmacfags: tom is mad chill
[7:57 PM] shadowdxs: barrett give me a neck rub
[7:57 PM] shadowdxs: or a chins rub
[7:57 PM] anonforecast: oo that was good
[7:57 PM] shadowdxs: oh thats guud
[7:57 PM] tyrkoil: anondude is rubbin nips
[7:57 PM] asshurtmacfags: barrett you are seriously retarded
[7:57 PM] tomryanblog: Not a fed lapdog, I just get the lulz from listening to Barrett
[7:57 PM] shadowdxs: sure
[7:57 PM] asshurtmacfags: fucking really
[7:57 PM] root: I want a coockie
[7:57 PM] anonforecast: ASSHURT
[7:57 PM] shadowdxs: okay, i will sell him out
[7:57 PM] asshurtmacfags: ya0
[7:57 PM] anonforecast: i love you 🙁
[7:57 PM] root: coockie
[7:57 PM] shadowdxs: give me cash
[7:57 PM] tyrkoil: [7:57 PM] asshurtmacfags: 🙂
[7:57 PM] root: coockie
[7:58 PM] shadowdxs: how much?
[7:58 PM] anonforecast: i shoudlnt admit that
[7:58 PM] root: COOCKIE
[7:58 PM] root: COOCKIE
[7:58 PM] anonforecast: now i feel vulnerable
[7:58 PM] root: COOCKIE
[7:58 PM] jinx1313: love the trolls
[7:58 PM] asshurtmacfags: now the feds will be after you, anonforecast
[7:58 PM] xu0ut: ew
[7:58 PM] shadowdxs: so hawt
[7:58 PM] tyrkoil: asshurtmacfags: Please show nipples
[7:58 PM] anonforecast: but not ina gay way
[7:58 PM] shadowdxs: SHOW US MORE
[7:58 PM] asshurtmacfags: cuz I am the best trawll evar
[7:58 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: like what is in it for you? really? genuinely intriqued
[7:58 PM] irrelevant: can we have about an hour without reference to cock or faggots
[7:58 PM] root: Hey anonforecast can you take us on tour in you BASE
[7:58 PM] irrelevant: just for an experiment?
[7:58 PM] shadowdxs: you mad?
[7:58 PM] tyrkoil: Barrett: SRS question – Is your mom doing okay? Things calm down?
[7:58 PM] lickm3: BB who do you want info on? computer was lagging
[7:59 PM] tomryanblog: you are breaking up, it cam in as you want to suck J Edgar Hoover cock
[7:59 PM] shadowdxs: I’M GONNA SIT ON YOUR MOTHER
[7:59 PM] asshurtmacfags: ANONYMOUS: This is your leader! A misogynist and a homophobe drug addict.
[7:59 PM] shadowdxs: HOWS THAT FOR A THREAT?
[7:59 PM] jinx1313: ?(???~•)?
[7:59 PM] tomryanblog: Barrett the Parrot
[7:59 PM] asshurtmacfags: tomryan blocked me on twitter
[7:59 PM] irrelevant: asshurtmacfags, must have missed the memo
[7:59 PM] shadowdxs: who wants to talk to the girl that is ______ enough to date Barrett
[7:59 PM] asshurtmacfags: i forget why, but lol.
[7:59 PM] shadowdxs: YES YOU IS
[7:59 PM] shadowdxs: umad?
[7:59 PM] asshurtmacfags: LOL
[7:59 PM] tomryanblog: Awwwkkk Barrett Loves FBI COCK
[7:59 PM] xu0ut: whao
[8:00 PM] root: the faggot
[8:00 PM] tyrkoil: Barrett: I am so glad this is being recorded.
[8:00 PM] shadowdxs: LOL
[8:00 PM] asshurtmacfags: fuck, I can’t even tor
[8:00 PM] asshurtmacfags: like danny
[8:00 PM] shadowdxs: not usless, got the fbi to break up OWS a bit
[8:00 PM] tomryanblog: you will never accept your a pawn
[8:00 PM] shadowdxs: you’re
[8:00 PM] root: FBI can play with my goats balls
[8:00 PM] jinx1313: ==———-> ?(???~•)? <———–==
[8:00 PM] root: and the CIA
[8:00 PM] tyrkoil: Barrett: Do you not feel even the slightest bit responsible for what happened to you
[8:00 PM] shadowdxs: jinx you are retarded
[8:00 PM] tyrkoil: and mommy?
[8:01 PM] asshurtmacfags: is anyone recording this?
[8:01 PM] root: Where is BORAT
[8:01 PM] root: !!!
[8:01 PM] asshurtmacfags: Barrett Brown threatens Tom Ryan with DEATH
[8:01 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: im recording the chat log
[8:01 PM] root: yay
[8:01 PM] tyrkoil: Recorded audio, video, and chat logs will be there.
[8:01 PM] shadowdxs: T_T
[8:01 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: asshurt threaten me so then i can have some attention
[8:01 PM] tyrkoil: Always fun
[8:01 PM] asshurtmacfags: eliporter is el suckerino!
[8:02 PM] asshurtmacfags: boom roasted
[8:02 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: :'(
[8:02 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: i like the way it hurts
[8:02 PM] tomryanblog: asshurtmacfags, they can come get me.
[8:02 PM] shadowdxs: can i has a taco now?
[8:02 PM] shadowdxs: taco please?
[8:02 PM] shadowdxs: taco for a poor fat boy?
[8:02 PM] tomryanblog: who’s who?
[8:02 PM] asshurtmacfags: lol Jenna wants to bang Tom Ryan Blahg
[8:02 PM] tyrkoil: Barrett: Which ReaperSec member did you want info on?
[8:02 PM] shadowdxs: BB i’m gonna call you
[8:03 PM] shadowdxs: and sex you on the phone
[8:03 PM] ru3d_: oh hai
[8:03 PM] tomryanblog: Sorry Jenna you are too young for me
[8:03 PM] barrettbrown: tom can be my best guy friend
[8:03 PM] asshurtmacfags: anonforecast: you didn’t pm me
[8:03 PM] barrettbrown: ill talk to him abt my feelings
[8:03 PM] barrettbrown: and say things like
[8:03 PM] barrettbrown: i wish more guys were like u
[8:03 PM] asshurtmacfags: Tom is MY best friend for lyphe
[8:03 PM] irrelevant: lol
[8:03 PM] asshurtmacfags: GOSH
[8:03 PM] lickm3: wife & kids too?
[8:03 PM] asshurtmacfags: BACK OFF HOE
[8:03 PM] tyrkoil: Who did that Barrett?
[8:03 PM] root: Ahh i want a cookie
[8:03 PM] root: with some A&W
[8:03 PM] xu0ut: wow
[8:03 PM] ru3d_: get that woman out of here
[8:03 PM] shadowdxs: feel good bb;s girl?
[8:04 PM] barrettbrown: lol ahmf don’t make me snap my fingers!!!!
[8:04 PM] barrettbrown: closed: gatso0
[8:04 PM] root: GIVE ME SOME A&W
[8:04 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: is the info on a pastebin jah?
[8:04 PM] barrettbrown: closed: anonforecast
[8:04 PM] tomryanblog: you have an FBI Jacket?
[8:04 PM] barrettbrown: closed: gatso0
[8:04 PM] ru3d_: all she does is get on and start dickin around with mod controls
[8:04 PM] lickm3: really they don’t give a shit!!
[8:04 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: *FEMALE BODY INSPECTOR*
[8:04 PM] tyrkoil: I don’t talk to rjack
[8:04 PM] gatso0: you closered me
[8:04 PM] shadowdxs: was that nice?
[8:04 PM] shadowdxs: did it vib in your panties?
[8:04 PM] tyrkoil: I don’t talk to cephurs
[8:04 PM] asshurtmacfags: I’d totes bang tom ryan
[8:04 PM] root: do you know young lady that BB changes girlfreinds almost weekly
[8:04 PM] shadowdxs: lol
[8:04 PM] asshurtmacfags: Thom Ryan Blahg is kinda the man, tbh.
[8:04 PM] ru3d_: carrotclown
[8:04 PM] root: you should know better
[8:04 PM] shadowdxs: Barrett i’m gonna call again
[8:04 PM] barrettbrown: no he doesn’t
[8:05 PM] barrettbrown: lol ahmf
[8:05 PM] root: Post his number
[8:05 PM] ru3d_: shadow repost #
[8:05 PM] shadowdxs: i’m gonna call you
[8:05 PM] asshurtmacfags: lol
[8:05 PM] shadowdxs: post bb’s number?
[8:05 PM] jinx1313: ………… the Charlie Sheen melt down again? oh wait its BB sry brah
[8:05 PM] shadowdxs: sure
[8:05 PM] asshurtmacfags: 🙂 🙂
[8:05 PM] tomryanblog: ROFLMAO, you believed I was the Jester…you listened to Jenn
[8:05 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: so who is th3j35t3r that is the question
[8:05 PM] asshurtmacfags: you obviously aren’t making her happy, barrett
[8:05 PM] shadowdxs: 512 560 2302
[8:05 PM] gatso0: th3j33st3r is an oldfag on da ops
[8:05 PM] shadowdxs: master dox
[8:05 PM] ru3d_: rofl
[8:05 PM] shadowdxs: i’m super doxer bro
[8:06 PM] shadowdxs: ABUSE
[8:06 PM] asshurtmacfags: WAIT BARRETT BROWN DID HEROIN?!?!
[8:06 PM] shadowdxs: BARRETT NEEDS HELP
[8:06 PM] asshurtmacfags: QUICK! TO THE PASTEBINS!
[8:06 PM] shadowdxs: SHE IS BEATING HIS ASS
[8:06 PM] xu0ut: domestic violence 🙁
[8:06 PM] root: HAVE MERCY
[8:06 PM] tyrkoil: PASTEBINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111
[8:06 PM] root: CALL 911
[8:06 PM] shadowdxs: everyone loves fatty
[8:06 PM] gatso0: cum on the camera
[8:06 PM] asshurtmacfags: kilgoar is maxlols
[8:06 PM] shadowdxs: i’m the shit
[8:06 PM] asshurtmacfags: just sayin
[8:06 PM] jinx1313: lol he needs something lol
[8:06 PM] xu0ut: william 😛
[8:06 PM] asshurtmacfags: yeah lol
[8:06 PM] asshurtmacfags: i remember that
[8:06 PM] asshurtmacfags: but whatever
[8:06 PM] jinx1313: do give link
[8:06 PM] asshurtmacfags: HE WAS IN LOVE OKAY?!
[8:07 PM] asshurtmacfags: lol
[8:07 PM] root: is this chat open daily
[8:07 PM] jinx1313: do dod do give link
[8:07 PM] root: hmmm
[8:07 PM] asshurtmacfags: he has a KILLER beard
[8:07 PM] asshurtmacfags: his beard SLEIGHS
[8:07 PM] shadowdxs: barrett i’m gonna call again
[8:07 PM] shadowdxs: you ready?
[8:07 PM] jinx1313: yes yews yes yes yes yes yes
[8:07 PM] shadowdxs: oo baby
[8:07 PM] shadowdxs: 😉
[8:07 PM] root: Is this chat opened daily
[8:07 PM] shadowdxs: umad barrett
[8:07 PM] asshurtmacfags: LOL PEEP D00D TINYCHATTING FROM ROOT
[8:07 PM] mrkevorkian: shadow stop meing a mall cop
[8:07 PM] tyrkoil: If she puts the phone at her vagina
[8:07 PM] tyrkoil: I will lol
[8:07 PM] shadowdxs: oooo baby
[8:07 PM] asshurtmacfags: WUT A N00B MISTAKE
[8:08 PM] shadowdxs: i hacked it
[8:08 PM] shadowdxs: not him
[8:08 PM] shadowdxs: well
[8:08 PM] asshurtmacfags: oh wait this isnt irc
[8:08 PM] asshurtmacfags: 😐
[8:08 PM] shadowdxs: da fuck
[8:08 PM] asshurtmacfags: YES?
[8:08 PM] clkw: WTF
[8:08 PM] tomryanblog: your opinion doesn’t matter
[8:08 PM] root: what happened
[8:08 PM] asshurtmacfags: I PM’D YOU ON EL TWITTERINO!
[8:08 PM] barrettbrown: closed: anonforecast
[8:08 PM] ru3d_: i want to slap you both when either of you laugh
[8:08 PM] asshurtmacfags: ^_______________^
[8:08 PM] root: can you follow me
[8:08 PM] shadowdxs: you ready for me to call?
[8:09 PM] shadowdxs: put me in your legs
[8:09 PM] asshurtmacfags: d_____________________________________________________b
[8:09 PM] tyrkoil: LMFAO!
[8:09 PM] tyrkoil: put me in your legs
[8:09 PM] tyrkoil: xD
[8:09 PM] shadowdxs: ooo
[8:09 PM] shadowdxs: so hawt
[8:09 PM] tyrkoil: Shadow
[8:09 PM] shadowdxs: brb via phone
[8:09 PM] tyrkoil: I am 99% sure
[8:09 PM] shadowdxs: wut?
[8:09 PM] irrelevant: btw, have you guys asked for a cut of tinychat ad profits yet? are least for legal fund..
[8:09 PM] barrettbrown: closed: asshurtmacfags
[8:09 PM] shadowdxs: pussy phone?
[8:09 PM] tyrkoil: That we could get her and the red head to get naked
[8:09 PM] tyrkoil: If BB was gone
[8:09 PM] tyrkoil: xD
[8:09 PM] shadowdxs: LOL
[8:09 PM] shadowdxs: we could
[8:09 PM] shadowdxs: so hard
[8:09 PM] asshurtmacfags: fricken heck
[8:09 PM] shadowdxs: brb phone call
[8:09 PM] tyrkoil: Be like pC #2
[8:09 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: Asshurt your hair is pretty
[8:09 PM] tyrkoil: ^
[8:10 PM] asshurtmacfags: I’m reighj quitting so hard y0
[8:10 PM] irrelevant: yeah, it’s a wig
[8:10 PM] asshurtmacfags: why thx you 🙂
[8:10 PM] tomryanblog: someone upgrade barrett’s AT&T internet service
[8:10 PM] asshurtmacfags: i will
[8:10 PM] tyrkoil: Jenna, you are nice. And deserve better
[8:10 PM] asshurtmacfags: nah it’s no wig, not until i start chemo at least
[8:10 PM] tyrkoil: [8:10 PM] root: asshurtmacfags whats your twitter
[8:10 PM] asshurtmacfags: @6
[8:10 PM] tomryanblog: Jenna you might like tyrkoil
[8:10 PM] irrelevant: asshurt, chemo is for quitters
[8:10 PM] tomryanblog: he’s more of a man
[8:10 PM] tyrkoil: ^
[8:11 PM] tyrkoil: :3
[8:11 PM] irrelevant: cancer is just misunderstood
[8:11 PM] john_tiessen: kilgore is a true punk if i see that guy in person i’ll put my fist throw his head.
[8:11 PM] bhurst: hi jinx
[8:11 PM] barrettbrown: lol
[8:11 PM] barrettbrown: he’s actually not on all the time
[8:11 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: Tom, does the fbi pay well?
[8:11 PM] barrettbrown: i couldn’t deal if he was
[8:11 PM] asshurtmacfags: BROUGHS LISTEN
[8:11 PM] tomryanblog: ask Sabu
[8:12 PM] asshurtmacfags: KILGOAR IS A TRUE AMERICAN
[8:12 PM] asshurtmacfags: AND TRUE lowercase anon
[8:12 PM] barrettbrown: ahmf follow me pls
[8:12 PM] barrettbrown: will follow back
[8:12 PM] john_tiessen: kilgore is into prteen girls
[8:12 PM] asshurtmacfags: what is your twitter?
[8:12 PM] barrettbrown: elviraxmontana
[8:12 PM] asshurtmacfags: kk
[8:12 PM] irrelevant: @BBstockhomsyndrome
[8:13 PM] bhurst: cha, cha, cha, cha, chaaaa-cha!
[8:13 PM] asshurtmacfags: kilgoar is a better thinker and writer than the majority of the internet.
[8:13 PM] barrettbrown: ikr day 90 something
[8:13 PM] barrettbrown: still stuck in apt
[8:13 PM] tomryanblog: ever wonder how Barrett can post threats to FBI and not be arrested?
[8:13 PM] asshurtmacfags: but that’s all the fluffing i’ll do
[8:13 PM] barrettbrown: starting to love captor
[8:13 PM] barrettbrown: weird feels
[8:13 PM] irrelevant: jenna, do you score marks in the wall to count the days?
[8:13 PM] clkw: who is this girl?
[8:13 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: I am
[8:13 PM] barrettbrown: yes
[8:13 PM] irrelevant: no BB he’s masturbating furiously
[8:14 PM] asshurtmacfags: don’t listen to him or her, anonforecast
[8:14 PM] john_tiessen: use the key board
[8:14 PM] bhurst: what is the asshurt story? Are you a fembot, anon, NME, HNH, …leftist, …what?
[8:14 PM] barrettbrown: anonforecast pls copy text
[8:14 PM] tomryanblog: Jenn you should meet tyrcoil, he has a job and can make you a happier woman
[8:14 PM] barrettbrown: and yes i carve the days into the wakk
[8:14 PM] barrettbrown: TOM
[8:14 PM] asshurtmacfags: I am just a kynde phish phan
[8:14 PM] irrelevant: a wakk?
[8:14 PM] asshurtmacfags: who enjoys warm hugs and cold IPAs
[8:14 PM] irrelevant: too much wakk here already
[8:14 PM] barrettbrown: you don’t have my best interests at heart!!!!
[8:15 PM] irrelevant: asshurt, you’re a crime against spelling a hair colouration
[8:15 PM] irrelevant: *and
[8:15 PM] bhurst: a phish fan, eh? All right, all right. A teeny bopper!
[8:15 PM] tyrkoil: LMFAO!
[8:15 PM] irrelevant: j/k redheads [8:15 PM] asshurtmacfags: lol teeny boppers don’t listen to krautrock
[8:15 PM] dimitri:
[8:15 PM] asshurtmacfags: but whatevz
[8:15 PM] asshurtmacfags: ~1love~ and shit
[8:15 PM] asshurtmacfags: hey jenna i followed u
[8:15 PM] asshurtmacfags: also, I’m Adrian Lamo
[8:15 PM] mrkevorkian: asshurtmacfag, I wish I was TomRyan only because you are a HOT red head
[8:15 PM] barrettbrown: ty when bb is off the phone i will follow back lol
[8:16 PM] bhurst: the rugged krauuuut raaaaack? They beat off all day.
[8:16 PM] tomryanblog: Hey Bratty DM me
[8:16 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: asshurtmacfag is actually an anagram of adrian lamo
[8:16 PM] barrettbrown: hahaha that was brilliant
[8:16 PM] sabu: hi all
[8:16 PM] tyrkoil: FUCK YEAH SABU
[8:16 PM] asshurtmacfags: LOL
[8:16 PM] tyrkoil: xD
[8:16 PM] irrelevant: ah, sabu’s back
[8:16 PM] asshurtmacfags: Giddyup
[8:16 PM] bhurst: you kept that from the group
[8:16 PM] irrelevant: BB doesn’t need to be the leader of anonymous anymore
[8:16 PM] asshurtmacfags: Thom Ryan Blahg is leader of anon
[8:16 PM] dimitri:
[8:16 PM] asshurtmacfags: everyone knows that
[8:16 PM] sabu: they call me SABU
[8:16 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: sabu tom told me to ask yuo how much the fbi pay?
[8:17 PM] dimitri: you have it
[8:17 PM] bhurst: How do you like Aurenheimer breathing down your neck, BB?
[8:17 PM] asshurtmacfags: just like Shaq making all his money playing in college
[8:17 PM] asshurtmacfags: gross
[8:17 PM] dimitri: 🙂
[8:17 PM] asshurtmacfags: weev trolling bb is maxlols
[8:17 PM] xu0ut: lol..lies
[8:17 PM] bhurst: Raj
[8:18 PM] irrelevant: anonforecast, why is your camera on? really, what’s the point?
[8:18 PM] irrelevant: ah, got it
[8:18 PM] irrelevant: ty
[8:18 PM] asshurtmacfags: NO
[8:18 PM] asshurtmacfags: Emick is the female Neal Rauhauser
[8:18 PM] dimitri: anonforecast is right
[8:18 PM] asshurtmacfags: FACT.
[8:18 PM] barrettbrown: neal
[8:18 PM] asshurtmacfags: wtf jenna
[8:19 PM] asshurtmacfags: you didn’t teamfollowback
[8:19 PM] asshurtmacfags: betch
[8:19 PM] barrettbrown: wtf anon you cant have him
[8:19 PM] barrettbrown: OMG BETCH
[8:19 PM] asshurtmacfags: unreal
[8:19 PM] asshurtmacfags: BETCH
[8:19 PM] barrettbrown: he’s on the phone still!!!
[8:19 PM] barrettbrown: lmao
[8:19 PM] tyrkoil: hawt
[8:19 PM] tyrkoil: so hawt
[8:19 PM] bhurst: I ggogled neal rauhauser. That is one funny guy, as in strange.
[8:19 PM] asshurtmacfags: SHE DIDNT TEAM FOLLOWBACK
[8:19 PM] tyrkoil: so fucking hawt
[8:19 PM] asshurtmacfags: neal rauhauser is the worst
[8:19 PM] asshurtmacfags: just awvful
[8:19 PM] sabu: is that shadowDXS on the phone?
[8:20 PM] dimitri: is shdow calling them
[8:20 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: yup
[8:20 PM] tyrkoil: yes
[8:20 PM] xu0ut: mhm
[8:20 PM] dimitri: IS THAT SHADOW
[8:20 PM] barrettbrown: yes its him on the phone
[8:20 PM] bhurst: ppl have to not turn on each other in the face of dotgov scare tactics like infiltration
[8:20 PM] asshurtmacfags: Alright Jenna, I’m unfollowing you
[8:20 PM] barrettbrown: OMGGGGG
[8:20 PM] asshurtmacfags: it was fun while it lasted
[8:20 PM] asshurtmacfags: it was a long ride
[8:20 PM] asshurtmacfags: 6 years
[8:20 PM] tyrkoil: HAHAHAHAHA
[8:20 PM] tyrkoil: Duh
[8:20 PM] barrettbrown: OMG GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE
[8:20 PM] sabu: you know there are some SCADA exploits
[8:20 PM] tyrkoil: She got naked on cam
[8:21 PM] sabu: i can give you a FTP of them
[8:21 PM] asshurtmacfags: LOL sabu
[8:21 PM] dimitri: This is being recorded
[8:21 PM] irrelevant: rofl sabu
[8:21 PM] asshurtmacfags: SCADA exploits are so 2011
[8:21 PM] dimitri: shadow we want the naked pics
[8:21 PM] sabu: why come to my apt 😉
[8:21 PM] irrelevant: asshurt, stop talking about computer secrets
[8:22 PM] bhurst: yeah, sabu. Tootsie, not so close=up to your hairy face, you, you…
[8:22 PM] asshurtmacfags: I will drop all of the -1 day exploits
[8:22 PM] asshurtmacfags: TONIGHT
[8:22 PM] irrelevant: girls are not allowed in CSIII
[8:22 PM] asshurtmacfags: OpenVPN exploit?
[8:22 PM] asshurtmacfags: HERE IT COMES!
[8:22 PM] sabu: i have a OpenVPN exploit
[8:22 PM] shadowdxs: back
[8:22 PM] asshurtmacfags: LOL no
[8:22 PM] shadowdxs: that was fun
[8:22 PM] sabu: it’s a denial of service onto OpenVPN
[8:22 PM] xu0ut: well done dxs 😉
[8:22 PM] asshurtmacfags: LOL sabu
[8:22 PM] tyrkoil: You need a history lesson BB
[8:22 PM] asshurtmacfags: I am not even anon at all
[8:22 PM] tyrkoil: Just sayin
[8:22 PM] tyrkoil: 😉
[8:22 PM] asshurtmacfags: anon is dead
[8:22 PM] asshurtmacfags: antisec sux
[8:22 PM] irrelevant: asshurt, you killed anon?
[8:22 PM] irrelevant: jesus
[8:22 PM] sabu: #antisec doesn’t suck
[8:22 PM] dimitri: you killed anon
[8:22 PM] bhurst: virtual private network, but, nobody ios intense like YOU, all this expertise
[8:23 PM] tyrkoil: See ya soon, Barrett. 🙂
[8:23 PM] irrelevant: what we gonna do with all the suits?
[8:23 PM] sabu: we did atleast did something
[8:23 PM] sabu: unlike Barrett Brown here
[8:23 PM] irrelevant: sabu
[8:23 PM] irrelevant: why are you still breathing
[8:23 PM] irrelevant: ?
[8:23 PM] gatso0: no one wants to see his ugly gf naked
[8:23 PM] bhurst: in the room. It’s Greek to many ppl. Hoiw can I achieve electronic enhancement?
[8:23 PM] irrelevant: rofl
[8:23 PM] asshurtmacfags: ProjectPM is dunzo
[8:23 PM] sabu: because i took a deal with the Department of Justice
[8:23 PM] asshurtmacfags: Anon is dunzo
[8:23 PM] irrelevant: burst, reply to some unsolicited mail
[8:23 PM] asshurtmacfags: Antisec is dunzo(it never waszo)
[8:23 PM] spyco: BB female are you native american
[8:23 PM] irrelevant: sabu, how much was your soul worth?
[8:24 PM] dimitri: are you native
[8:24 PM] spyco: you look deliciously native american
[8:24 PM] irrelevant: what’s 6-10 in a cell vs. a lifetime being hunted?
[8:24 PM] dimitri: like pocahontas
[8:24 PM] gatso0: who me?
[8:24 PM] gatso0: wtf
[8:24 PM] irrelevant: fuck it, tell me in 10 years
[8:24 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: sabu you are one of the biggest let downs on the entire internet closely followed by
[8:24 PM] spyco: you look native
[8:24 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: the sims deluxe
[8:24 PM] spyco: :/
[8:24 PM] spyco: its s till delicious
[8:24 PM] spyco: and BB
[8:24 PM] dimitri: I really admire red indians
[8:24 PM] gatso0: spyco, are you talking to me?
[8:24 PM] spyco: do you like the guns
[8:24 PM] spyco: Barret do you like the guns?
[8:25 PM] spyco: Barrett do you like Bobby Brown
[8:25 PM] dimitri: why do you berret look sad
[8:25 PM] blitzkrieg: ahhh ahaha
[8:25 PM] dimitri: 🙁
[8:25 PM] spyco: blitz nig!
[8:25 PM] spyco: haahhaha
[8:25 PM] blitzkrieg: OH FUCK
[8:25 PM] spyco: GOTCHA
[8:25 PM] blitzkrieg: NOOOOOOOOO
[8:25 PM] tomryanblog: Barrett can you do an impersonation of your Uncle James Brown
[8:25 PM] lickm3: yes
[8:25 PM] spyco: me always watching
[8:25 PM] barrettbrown: Alan Everett
[8:25 PM] gatso0: sabu is old news
[8:25 PM] barrettbrown: @cryptkper
[8:25 PM] gatso0: so last year
[8:25 PM] spyco: he keeps my crypt i know him
[8:25 PM] spyco: BLITZ!
[8:26 PM] gatso0: mmmm asshurtmacfags is hot
[8:26 PM] spyco: you look fcking itallian
[8:26 PM] blitzkrieg: yeah she is
[8:26 PM] irrelevant: lol
[8:26 PM] shadowdxs: lol blitz
[8:26 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: asshurt request for a bit of sideboob plox
[8:26 PM] spyco: you itallian fuck blitz
[8:26 PM] shadowdxs: what are you doing here?
[8:26 PM] blitzkrieg: 🙂
[8:26 PM] gatso0: asshurtmacfags take your shirt off
[8:26 PM] asshurtmacfags: im not a gif
[8:26 PM] irrelevant: bandwidt
[8:26 PM] asshurtmacfags: shoe on headx
[8:26 PM] barrettbrown: closed: blitzkrieg
[8:26 PM] bhurst: I actually respect all the haxorz skillz and would *not* roll over on yall.
[8:26 PM] blitzkrieg: ahahahaahahaha
[8:26 PM] blitzkrieg: fuck you faggot
[8:26 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: sideboob for proof
[8:26 PM] blitzkrieg: i’m going t beat your fucking ass
[8:26 PM] blitzkrieg: with muh cock
[8:26 PM] mrkevorkian: asshurtmacfags you need your own tinychat
[8:27 PM] tomryanblog: asshurtmacfags is a Robin Sage
[8:27 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: NOT A GIF! ITS OFFICIAL SHE IS NOT A GIF
[8:27 PM] irrelevant: zomg talking gifs
[8:27 PM] irrelevant: HAX
[8:27 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: not going to lie I thought she was a gif
[8:27 PM] asshurtmacfags: rofl
[8:27 PM] spyco: BB just go ahead and beat her
[8:27 PM] dimitri:
[8:27 PM] asshurtmacfags: hipstercop gif?
[8:27 PM] ru3d_: lol blitz
[8:28 PM] irrelevant: wtf
[8:28 PM] spyco: looool
[8:28 PM] spyco: V&
[8:28 PM] spyco: V&V&V&V&V&V&V&V&V&V&V&V&V&V&
[8:28 PM] asshurtmacfags: ROFL
[8:28 PM] eliporter1337lolololol: LOL
[8:28 PM] clkw: lol
[8:28 PM] irrelevant: fuck
[8:28 PM] spyco: lol
[8:28 PM] dimitri: who is giving birth
[8:28 PM] gatso0: barrett brown raided by the fbi?
[8:28 PM] irrelevant: fuck
[8:28 PM] shadowdxs: LOL
[8:28 PM] spyco: fake V&fake V&fake V&fake V&fake V&fake V&fake V&fake V&fake V&fake V&fake V&fake V&fake V
[8:28 PM] shadowdxs: no way
[8:28 PM] asshurtmacfags: NO WAY
[8:28 PM] dimitri: noooo
[8:28 PM] dimitri: nooo
[8:28 PM] gatso0: No fucking way
[8:28 PM] asshurtmacfags: ROOOFFFFLLLLL
[8:28 PM] ru3d_: for reall?
[8:28 PM] dimitri: Is that for real
[8:28 PM] irrelevant: someone wanna call the lawyer’s guild
[8:28 PM] gatso0: is dis lulz
[8:28 PM] irrelevant: shit
[8:28 PM] dimitri: cut offf
[8:28 PM] bhurst: omg
[8:28 PM] blitzkrieg: he just wants to
[8:28 PM] blitzkrieg: travel
[8:28 PM] asshurtmacfags: OOOOMGGGGGGG
[8:28 PM] dimitri: CUT OFFF
[8:28 PM] dimitri: CUT OFFF
[8:28 PM] dimitri: CUT OFFF
[8:28 PM] blitzkrieg: wants to travel
[8:28 PM] blitzkrieg: with
[8:28 PM] blitzkrieg: jayda
[8:29 PM] shadowdxs: its fake
[8:29 PM] asshurtmacfags: gotta be faking it
[8:29 PM] gatso0: fake
[8:29 PM] asshurtmacfags: sounded real