TRAC Terrorism Expert Suspended By Twitter

Recently my dear friend, Karma, gave us all a nice gift when Twitter suspended the account of Jasmine Opperman, “director” for the South African operations of TRAC.

TRAC aka Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium is an organization dedicated to, as the name implies, tracking terrorism around the world. They have a website, that you can join for $500 a year. Buying a membership gets you access to TRAC’s database full of the written opinions and advice of people who make money off the war on terrorism. 

For some completely inconceivable reason, TRAC invited Neal Rauhauser and Matt Osborne to join their club and contribute articles to their database. 

Okay, Osborne is a spiteful, bad tempered man but at least he speaks Arabic and has been in the Middle East. But Neal? Neal Rauhauser hasn’t been anywhere except in hiding.

Rauhasuer’s qualifications on the subject of terrorism are being the main suspect in a series of SWATtings and being friends with Brett Kimberlin, the Speedway Bomber. 

I used the contact form on TRAC’s website to let the powers that be know that they had an alleged domestic terrorist contributing to their site and they should check it out. According to Neal, TRAC forwarded the email to him. If true, it was a pretty dumb thing to do.

Just as TRAC sets their bar low to write about “terrorism” for their sit, it’s also low too qualify as a terrorist. C1tyOfFl1nt, a well known activist, has been on Twitter for years trying to draw attention to the poisoned water problem in Flint, Michigan. Somehow he ended up in an article on the TRAC site where it’s implied that he’s a terrorist who helped hack the Detroit Water and Sewer web site. That’s nonsense. C1tyofFl1nt is not a hacker nor did he have anything to do with hacking a website. Labeling activists as terrorists is pretty reactionary. For that matter, labeling all hackers as terrorists is just as crazy as labeling all Muslim’s as terrorists.

Osborne and Rauhauser are still credited as contributors to TRAC but I guess at $500  a years membership they need as much material as they can get.  But it was nice to see Jasmine get suspended. And even nicer to see her get trolled.

Jasmine Opperman ‏@Jasminechic00 May 23

@Support Explain to me how you can suspend my account as Director at TRAC – Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium (@jasminechic01)

 In reply to 

… ‏@C1TYofFL1NT May 24Flint, MI

@Jasminechic00 @Support

Dead Agent ‏@asherahresearch May 24

Sad but I have little sympathy for anyone who gives Neal Rauhauser a platform to harass. …

Jasmine Opperman‏@Jasminechic00

@asherahresearch Sad to hear you judge my integrity without knowing me.

Dead Agent ‏@asherahresearch 23h23 hours ago

@Jasminechic00 I know you were informed and asked to remove the material many times and refused. What more do I need to know?

Dead Agent ‏@asherahresearch 2h2 hours ago

Well @Jasminechic00 I suggest if the truth so distresses you, you might consider another profession.


@Jasminechic00 BITCH I DO RESEARCH AND ANALYSTS & THIS> @tracterrorism < IS A CYBER CRIMINAL OPERATION (name & shame extortion) @Support

Trumpty Dumpty ‏@bugaboogaloo 58m58 minutes ago

@C1TYofFL1NT @Jasminechic00 @TRACterrorism I email TRAC to warn them Neal is suspected SWATter. They sent it to Neal

Dead Agent ‏@asherahresearch

@bugaboogaloo They need a new tagline. “We don’t just track terrorism, we enable it!” @C1TYofFL1NT @Jasminechic00 @TRACterrorism

Grock LOLawyer ‏@Knight_m0ves 36m36 minutes ago

@bugaboogaloo @C1TYofFL1NT @asherahresearch My, how interesting given I have never interacted with that account.

Trumpty Dumpty ‏@bugaboogaloo

@Knight_m0ves @C1TYofFL1NT @asherahresearch you must be a terrorist

Grock LOLawyer ‏@Knight_m0ves 34m34 minutes ago

@bugaboogaloo @C1TYofFL1NT @asherahresearch Apparently they didn’t bother to read my Twitter bio. LOL

Trumpty Dumpty ‏@bugaboogaloo 31m31 minutes ago

@Knight_m0ves @C1TYofFL1NT @asherahresearch I don’t think people at TRAC bother to read anything except their own blog

Grock LOLawyer ‏@Knight_m0ves 29m29 minutes ago

@bugaboogaloo @C1TYofFL1NT @asherahresearch That seems like an odd containment strategy.

Trumpty Dumpty ‏@bugaboogaloo 27m27 minutes ago

@Knight_m0ves @C1TYofFL1NT @asherahresearch They obviously don’t vett who writes for them or what those people write about

Dead Agent ‏@asherahresearch 24m24 minutes ago

@bugaboogaloo Mistakes happen. The stonewalling after the fact is quite concerning. @Knight_m0ves @C1TYofFL1NT