The Bitch Is Back; Andie Returns; May 31, 2016

Oh joy! Andie Pauly is back from the time out Twitter gave her. Take comfort in knowing that once an account gets suspended it is easier to get it suspended again if it breaks Twitter’s rules.

Due to Andie’s suspension I now have a new fan named Paulette Ann Dittinger aka PauliD aka Paulette Anne aka Paulette Rockir aka Mad Jewess, a friend of Andie’s, who spent her holiday weekend blowing up my timeline accusing me of doxing her. 

The woman has a blog where she rants against “non-whites”

I actually thought Paulette might be an Andie sock because of her racist tweets and the Catfish-like avatar picture. Plus when I googled her I saw she went by numerous names including Paulette Anne and PauliD. I mean look at it: Pauli Anne D is pretty close to Andie Pauly. But Paulette proved to be for real. Almost surreal, actually. 

When Paulette isn’t tweeting racist tweets on Twitter she has a one woman show in Prescott Arizona. She performs for senior citizen homes in and around Prescott, Arizona. That’s nice of her, but hopefully there aren’t any Black or Hispanic senior citizens in her audience.

Looks like team feral has more work to do.

✡The Mad Jewess✡

I AM A JEW, A D.A.R. I ♥ GOD. Pissed off. Fighting 4 White PPL. Anger A Liberal, Say MERRY CHRISTMAS!! *My Anti-Obama Tune:

Dec 25, 2015

white men are unimpressive.
jayy dodd.

Stop using cells, fridges, microwaves, MP3’s, telephones, DVR, TV, Laptops, Ipads, Iphones. Stop sitting at desks, stop using garbage disposals. Stop visiting major cities. Stop using cars, motorcycles, scooters.

Whitey invented it but whitey is not impressive.

Blacks are not impressive at all.