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GoDaddy Participates In Stealing Domains

If you have a web domain account with GoDaddy, be advised it’s subject to unlawful seizure by GoDaddy without notification. The Texas lawsuit between Bullyville and Neal Rauhauser has been pretty bizaare but the latest event in the saga involving GoDaddy and conman Thomas Retzlaff is worthy of America’s Dumbest Criminals.  The current status of Rauhauser v. Bullyville is that

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Pride 2016

The Gay Pride parades you see across the world in the month of June have their roots in the Stonewall riot of 1969. Stonewall Inn circa 1969 Back then, the Stonewall Inn was the largest gay bar in the United States but, like all gay bars at that time, it was subject to raids by the police simply because the

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Feral Andie Is At It Again

At it again? Ha! Andie Paulie never stopped her nonsense. She recently tweeted out the name and address of someone she thinks is Miss Molly and then deleted the tweet so she wouldn’t get suspended. 1. It’s the wrong Molly. Miss Molly doesn’t live in California. 2. Andie’s husband and daughter aren’t on Twitter. And probably not on the internet

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