Cryptostorm, BadBitCoinOrg, AllSquareCat and Neal at CryptoCoin Expo 2014

I can’t imagine why Neal Rauhauser is writing about Cryptocurrency again. 

Despite his bad reputation, no credentials, no expertise or experience in the Cryptocurrency field, Neal got a job writing for At the same time he was also working for (notorious Paycoin shill) and Cryptostorm. Neal wrote articles on the virtues of Paycoin and Cryptostorm VPN.

Conflict of Interest? Yup. Definitely.

Neal was eventually fired from CryptoCoinsNews after he incited retaliation against the Coinfire Blog for their breaking story on an impending SEC investigation into GAWminers and Paycoin. That was in early 2015. 

Back in December of 2014, Neal was thick as thieves with Cryptostorm and BadBitCoinOrg. They set up a little blog together called Several Startups trying to get investors for their assorted businesses. 

In fact Neal mentioned this in one of his Cryptocoins articles. His “full disclosure” doesn’t mention that he actually worked for both BadbitcoinOrg and Cryptostorm.

(Full Disclosure: I am one of the people working the booth for Several Startups at theCryptoMoneyExpo on December 5th and 6th. Cryptostorm is among the companies represented.) –Neal Rauhauser Zero Customer Knowledge VPNS 

Neal also helped promote Cryptostorm’s PR spin (lie) about Cryptocloud. Cryptocloud wasn’t dismantled by the operators after the Snowden leak. It fell apart because the operators were in prison. Spink for parole violations and his partner for DUI related charges.

This cozy little group, along with Neal’s good buddy, Lindsey Hawkins aka @allsquarecat of the AllCatPack, attended the 2014 CryptoMoneyExpo together. Lyndsey had recently started working for Cryptostorm. At the expo she was representing her boss for awhile and then later switched to BadBitCoinOrg.

In the first picture below you can see Neal Rauhauser standing next to BadBitCoinOrg (Detective ViK with the coin on a black mask), Lyndsey Hawkins by the table and below her is That account was operated by Doug Spink’s partner. Doug himself is referenced in the last tweet via his @grazestorm account. And Neal is using his RealityForger account.

#AllCatPack ‏@AllSquareCat
Dec 6

@RealityForger @Badbitcoinorg AWWW GOOD MORNING #CryptoMoneyExpo we are indeed having blood marys for breakfast


@RealityForger @Badbitcoinorg We can’t dance. It’s too early #CryptoMoneyExpo


12:28 PM – 6 Dec 2014

BitHalo_Official ‏@BitHaloOfficial

Dec 6

#CryptoMoneyExpo #2014 #BitHalo awesome stuff!


@badbitcoin and @allsquarecat very attentively watching the #CryptoMoneyExpo speaker


Hooo boy. We are professional @Badbitcoin @RealityForger #CryptoMoneyExpo


@cryptostorm_is @Badbitcoin So it goes.. #CryptoMoneyExpo

ܡܢ ÇℜϒΡΤΘŠΤΘℜΜ ܡܢ ‏@cryptostorm_is Dec 6

@AllSquareCat – at least it’s only a *suit* & not, you know… @grazestorm 😛