SWATter to be Sentenced This Month

Former UgNazi, JoshTheGod, who’s real name is Mir Islam, will be sentenced on June 22nd for a variety of crimes, including SWATs and criminal conspiracy. 

This stems from a long, ongoing investigation into SWATs that occured in 2012.  Brian Krebs of krebsonsecurity.com and RS McCain of theothermccain.com were among those SWATted. They both received letters last year from the Department Of Justice letting them know the FBI had someone giving them information on the identity of the SWATter. 

So finally, Mir Islam has been revealed as the SWATter. Or at least one of them. His victims will have the opportunity to attend his sentencing and address the court. 

Krebs posted an article on Mir Islam on his blog. Naturally, Neal Rauhauser had to put in his two cents worth of misinformation to let everyone know that he wasn’t involved.

 That ticked me off so I responded to Neal with my two cents worth. Mr Krebs did as well. 

Glad to see this is finally drawing to a close for you. You received a letter from the DOJ in mid-2015 that indicates someone had taken a plea deal, and you deduced it was Canadian teen Curtis Gervais, who had staged a continent wide reign of terror under the name @ProbablyOnion/@ProbablyOnion2.
Drunken neo-Confederate hate talker Robert Stacy McCain got that same letter at about the same time (7/9/15 as I recall), and he was making regular trips to his fainting couch because he couldn’t public point the finger at me, despite the fact that we identified the political swatter from 2011/2012 as former FBI snitch Brandon Darby.
Someone pointed Gervais at McCain and other targets that would fit their narrative that I, or someone near me, was behind the effort. I’ve never had direct dealings with Mir Islam, but some of the other UGnazi crew have graced my inbox in recent weeks with what I’ve characterized as entries in the Social Engineering Special Olympics. I’m not under any compulsion to not mention UGnazi member Dillon Crawford, despite the fact that he was a minor when he got in trouble under various permutations of the name ‘forsaken’.
I hope you’re right about this being a summer of resolution. I could do with a little less derp in my life …
  • Oh please.
    Neal Rauhauser, you still remain at the top of the list for , at the very least, inciting the political SWATtings of 2012. There is no evidence that the SWAT on Krebs was done by the same individual. Or that the SWAT on McCain was done by the same individual.
    You can tout Brandon Darby as the SWATter of 2012 but be more transparent. You have no qualifications or credentials as an investigator and your “investigations” usually incriminate an adversary of yours.
    The “we” you refer to is yourself and Matt Osborne. Both of you were involved in a petty and vindictive feud with other bloggers that was, and still is, insane. Your videotape as evidence against Darby is ridiculous. A video recording of an audio recording that’s a duplicate of an audio recording of a phone call that sounds like Brandon Darby is not evidence.
    Have you forgotten how you bragged about the SWATs on LinkedIn and on Reddit? When you claimed the work of your proteges resulted in a letter signed by 87 congressmen being sent to the Department of Justice asking for an investigation into SWATting?
    And don’t forget your numerous SWATlite attempts…where you admitted to calling police to do health and welfare checks on people you didn’t like just to intimidate and harass. How about calling child protective services on your ex-wife…you know, the woman to whom you owe $70,000 in child support? That was also done to intimidate and harass.
    Amazingly Mr Rauhauser, you forgot to mention the SWAT that was done on you and the SWAT done on your cohort, Brett Kimberlin aka the Speedway Bomber. How could you not mention something so life changing as a SWAT?
    Both of you claimed to have been SWATted even though there were no police reports, no 911 transcripts. Absolutely nothing to show that your claims of a SWAT were true.
    You need to keep better track of your little white lies, Neal.
    Keep pointing a finger at others, Mr Rauhauser, but most people will continue to believe you were behind those SWATtings in one way or another.
  • Neil you make some erroneous conclusions. Why would I deduce that a swatting incident alerted to me by the DOJ was in re: a Canadian citizen? That seems unlikely, and in any case didn’t happen.