The GAW Website You Never Saw; Josh Garza And The Crypto Private Investor Group

Before I get to the Bollywood ending to GAWminers I thought I should post some background info. 

By the time Neal Rauhauser posted his False Light and Tortious Interference manifesto inciting people to attack the Coinfireblog after they broke the news that GAWminers was going to be investigated by the SEC, Josh Garza had already worked out his exit strategy. 

Garza left the US and headed to Belgium and then Dubai. He wasn’t so much fleeing the United States as he was rushing to start his next new business. While he was traveling he registered a lot of new web domainss as well as creating the Crypto Private Investor Group aka CPIG. He also used WIX to make a website for CPIG and voila!, Josh’s new business was all set to go before the dust from the GAWminers trainwreck was even settled.

WIX is one of those “website in a box” places. You pick a template and plug your data in and when you’re ready, you publish it to your domain. Luckily the CPIG site was never launched but I don’t think anyone noticed the WIX website.

That CPIG website is below.

This is a list of the websites registered to Crypto Private Investor Group with Josh as the Tech contact:                      

And here is the WIX CPIG website.