Catty And Tommy Converse; June 2016 UPDATED

UPDATE June 10th: As mentioned below, Catty’s reply to Retzlaff never made it out of moderation on the Viaviewfiles blog and was never seen publicly. Yet Retzlaff sent an email to his daughter, Brittany, the next day and referenced Catty’s reply. Then he filed another crazy motion in the California Bullyville lawsuit. 

Retzlaff and Neal Rauhauser have both maintained that Retzlaff has nothing to do with the Viaviewfiles blog.

Below is a recent exchange between Thomas Retzlaff and CattyIdiot that appeared in the comments section of the ViaView libel blog. 

Retzlaff as “The Real TR” talks about a recent BlogTalk radio show that mentioned his daughter, Brittany. Retzlaff has been harassing her for many years, including posting her nude pictures online. Brittany has a permanent restraining order against her father which he continues to violate.

Catty’s response to Retzlaff was somehow deleted (Retzlaff is the admin there) Fortunately Catty had a screen capture of his deleted response (he used the name Nils Bejerot). Catty mentions Denise, she’s Retzlaff’s ex-wife. They’ve been divorced for over twenty years and she’s since remarried but Retzlaff still invites himself over to her house.