Massive Twitter Password Leak; Were You One Of The Millions Locked Out Of Twitter?

Millions of Twitter users have been locked out of their account in the past couple of days due to a massive dark net leak of Twitter account information.

A website called LeakSource announced it had found over 32 million Twitter account passwords posted publicly online. is a relatively new site that aggregates information dumps they find on the internet that contain hacked or leaked information that shouldn’t be publicly available. 

According to LeakSource, the Twitter accounts and passwords were not leaked by Twitter, the password were leaked via Chrome and Firefox browsers, most likely via malware. 

The concept of LeakedSource is a pretty good one…a centralized location for leaked passwords and usernames. 

You can check to see if your Twitter account is/was affected by going to the home page of where you can use their online form to check if your Name, Username, Phone Number, Email, Password or IP address is posted online.

Whether you were locked out or not, do yourself a favor and change all the passwords on every online account you have. Do it today. And do it monthly. At least.