3000 Blog Visits From Israel!

Irontroll.com had 3000 visits from Israel yesterday but the visitors didn’t read any posts. Instead of trying to hack the blog, they should have actually read a few of the articles on Paulette. 

Paulette is Jewish only because her mother is of Portuguese descent. Twenty percent of Brazil’s population has Jewish ancestry as a result of a Jewish diaspora 500 years ago. 

Paulette wasn’t raised in the religion nor is she practicing the religion now. Her husband, a member of the far right group, Jewish Task Force, describes her as a “Jewish Christian”.  

Neither Paulette or her husband are allowed in Israel.

Sorry, but it isn’t anti-semitic to point out a crazy person pretending to be Jewish who verbally abuses anyone who is liberal or a person of color. 

Now today I had an altercation with a person of Jewish persuasion who decided my pointing out a picture posted by Hamas was actually recycled from 2014, was anti-semitic. I was called a jew hater and a neo nazi.

I imagine I’ll be getting many more visits from Israel.