In case you missed it, Kathy Scott of Great Scott Media put a hex on me for making fun of the faked suicide of an imaginary friend of Miley’s. “Shawn” is someone who doesn’t exist. 

So here it is, the Monday after and I thought I should tell everyone that I am not dead. 

Nothing tragic occured. We went to the beach and then had ice cream. So the hex didn’t work …unless the return of Marcie Wogan to Twitter counts. 

The Girl Army

i’ll tell you this, I’m a witch and I’m going to create a spell just for you

The Girl Army

My spell will make you impotent

The Girl Army‏@jointhegirlarmy

@bugaboogaloo @lexie_blu mocking a suicide attempt will bring darkness into ur home. You will get tragic news on Sat before 10p