Sue Goes On Safari

Some people seem to think Sue Basko is a heartless, supercilious, elitist who lives in an ivory tower dispensing unwanted advice to the world. This is not true. There are no ivory towers in Hollywood, Sue lives in an apartment.

Recently Sue took it upon herself to instruct the world that there are people who do not have homes and actually live on the street. Sue went on safari to observe these feral humans in their natural habitat beneath the Vendome underpass bridge in Los Angeles.
Sue did this via Google maps, of course. She didn’t actually venture into the homeless camp because, you know, they’re street people. 

She wrote a blog post about her adventures observing and analyzing the homeless. I’ve included a few of her insightful comments below (relax Sue, it’s per fair use doctrine) but you can read all of her insightful comments at her blog here.

Sue’s concern for the homeless is much like her concern for autistic children but nowhere as near well known. In 2006 Sue ran for a seat on the Hollywood United Council, her platform specifically mentioned the homeless though she lumped them together with parolees, addicts and the mentally ill. You know, all the people society doesn’t know how to fix. If elected, Sue’s solution for the homeless was to keep these social menaces from bothering people and businesses. 

Sue didn’t win. I guess that’s why there are still homeless people on the streets where real people can see them.

SOCIAL SERVICES for parolees, addicts, mentally ill, homeless:
FOR: Forcing existing social services to supervise their residents and clients so they do not bother local people and businesses.  Close down non-compliant facilities.
AGAINST: Bringing more facilities into area.

Some of Sue’s insights are below. The pictures, as with her article, are courtesy Google Maps.

“Notice how the tents have been neatly spaced apart, each one next to a support post. This will provide support for the tent. It may also provide each tent’s occupants with a bit of privacy behind the post for engaging in toilet activities”

“…it is very noisy living below a road above, with the constant roar of cars and trucks driving at high speeds. There may also be mice, rats, and other animals. There is always a danger from robbers or violent people.”

“There is also no running water, toilets, or showers. This woman appears to be washing her hair with bottled water. ”

“Perhaps she and this man hauled the bottle of water to their tent home in this shopping cart.”

“This appears to be a buggy or cart laden with a tent, a little pink baby suit, and a collection of other personal possessions. These items are most likely beloved by their owner.”

You can read all of Sue’s scintillating analysis of the homeless at her blog here