California Court Sides With Stalker In Bullyville Lawsuit

Convicted felon, sex offender and professional conman, Thomas Retzlaff, won his appeal against Bullyville this week which resulted in the restraining order against him being quashed due to lack of jurisdiction.

What this essentially means is that anyone who lives in California who finds themselves the subject of harassment or stalking via the internet by someone who lives outside of California, is screwed.

This also means that Retzlaff now has a license to continue posting nude pictures of his daughter online, to continue posting death threats and threats of violence online, and to continue posting social security numbers and other private information.

After a Texas Grand Jury began investigating him for death threats he made by email, Retzlaff fled to Arizona. As a felon, Retzlaff is prohibited from owning a gun, he owns several. Having been convicted of rape, Retzlaff is required to register as a sex offender with the state he lives, Retzlaff has never done this.

Let’s pray that eventually the justice system will realize the internet exists and is being used to victimize others. Targets of cyberharassment should be able to seek justice and protection within the state they live rather than have the added burden and expense of traveling to the jurisdiction of their stalker.