The Man Behind The Trump Meme, Fishbonehead Exposed

Trump’s now infamous Star of David tweet was traced back to an 8chan forum called Politically Incorrect and from there, back to the Twitter account of @fishbone1.  

There was a lot of screaming that the tweet was antisemitic but in internet reality, anytime 4chan and 8chan are involved, memes are likely to be deliberately provocative to create as much outrage as possible.  The general tongue in cheek consensus is that these guys are trolls who live in their mom’s basement and spend all their time on the internet.  

But since the Star of David Hillary meme was traced back to a Twitter account, I was curious to learn more about Fishbone1.

Mr Fishbonehead left his tracks all over the internet so I think I can say with some certainty that Fishbone1 is a troll and anti everything. But Richard Flint is no juvenile, he’s a 53 year old, twice divorced, father who went to school in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and still claims to be Brazilian. But lives in Manassas, Virginia… with his mother…

Richard Flint has a Tumblr Account with a link to the website meme generator, where he made his little memes but that account is pretty empty now that he’s famous.

Yes, Richard is anti-semitic, in a Mel Gibson sort of way.

He’s also anti-Muslim. He’s totally on top of that top secret Jewish Illuminati Freemason Lizard People United Nations Muslim conspiracy to take over America.

This comment on Twitchy links to Amazon where he wrote a “review” slamming Elizabeth Warren.

Discussion on Twitchy   135 comments

‘Oh HELL no!!!’: Elizabeth Warren bumper stickers for sale [pics]


Here’s that review he put on Amazon:

Top Customer Reviews

The sticker that changed my life…even more than my Wolves Howling at the Moon T-Shirt (attn. ladies)! The magic started when I stuck this piece of art on my Prius and went out driving. Lots of looks, pointing, and one-finger salutes (must be a Democrat secret wave….I waved back). Next, I received an envelope from the Bureau of Indian Affairs stating I was eligible to own a casino because I owned a Prius that is now 0.008% Cherokee. I instantly applied for welfare because I didn’t have enough for a casino, and they gladly gave me a check and a free phone(?)! I strangely started to believe in corruption, a bloated over-sized government, and failed socialist political idiocy. So finally I’m inviting you all to the new Fauxcahontas Casino Palace next time you’re in Massachusetts.
FYI…You can get these free from the government, but the line is reeeeeally long and tons of paperwork!

Here’s the link to his  Amazon Account

Of course, Richard has a Fishbonehead Facebook Account 

“Occupy Wall Street is a small group of insignificant losers. At least the Tea party had a common agenda and goal which succeeded”

Richard hasn’t used that facebook account in years though, I suspect he uses his mommy’s facebook account. That might explain why a 92 year old woman posts comments about Brazilian soccer teams in Portuguese. Her facebook page has the Bacon Taco posted, Richard posted the same picture in an anti Islam comment.  

 Flint had a youtube account under the name fishbonehead but changed it to Mookie Jones after the Trump debacle. The video mentioned below is one he posted on his @fishbonehead1 Twitter account.

Richard Flint seems to have a lot of disposable income and he likes a bargain. He’s a member of and has been a member for years. He has over a 1000 posts on his  SlickDeals account. Once again, after the Trump meme scandal got picked up by the media he changed his account name. This time from fishbonehead to flexawesome. The website makes that name change retroactive for all his comments but replies to his comments from other people still show them responding to fishbonehead:

Numerous comments mention he’s from the DC/Northern Virginia area. He registered a website domain using fishbonehead gmail account and Manassas, Virginia as his hometown.

The “Hilary Cankle Cracker” picture below is used as the avatar on his account.

So to sum it up, Richard Flint is a 53 year old Troll who enjoys fishing, cooking, and making mean Memes. And, of course, he likes his porn!