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Discussion on Twitchy 61 comments
Honest question: How does Hillary Clinton get her head to move like this?

fishbonehead a month ago

Officially INSANE!

Discussion on Breitbart News Network 285 comments
Gay Refugee Not Welcome on American Campus Posts Devastating Message on School’s Facebook Page

fishbonehead Pushka a month ago


Discussion on The Gateway Pundit 201 comments
Burlington College Feels the Bern! Will Close Thanks to Crushing Debt Acquired by Mrs. Bernie Sanders

fishbonehead 2 months ago

American Idiot…

Discussion on Reality Tea 303 comments
Real Housewives of New York News: Ramona Singer’s New Man, The Sonja Morgan Toaster Over Lives On, And Meet…

fishbonehead Guest 4 months ago

Please don’t forget the most mentally disturbed…..Kelly Killoren Bensimon

Cuckoo for CocoaPuffs

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Discussion on Breitbart News Network 766 comments
South Dakota Gov. Vetoes Bill to Keep Girls’ and Boys’ Bathrooms Separate

fishbonehead Expendable ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ 4 months ago

Her cankles identify as Primate…

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Discussion on Vidmax 19 comments
MSNBCs Chris Mathews absolutely destroys Bernie Sanders fantasy land proposals about free everything

fishbonehead 4 months ago

Completely irrelevant! It;s already been decided…Hillary’s paid off her SuperDelegates long ago! The numbers aren’t there.

Who the hell would want this loon anyway?

40 years of politics and not 1 sponsored/co-sponsored Bill passed. On the VA Oversight Committee and look at that disaster. FAIL!

Bernie voters are fr people who have never read an Econ101 or History101 book. #FeelTheDerp

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Discussion on The Gateway Pundit 125 comments
Good Grief… Hillary Clinton Caught in Latest BIG LIE 24 Hours Before Iowa Caucus! (VIDEO)

fishbonehead 5 months ago

13 minutes of LIES byHRC!

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Discussion on trscoop 30 comments
WATCH @GregGutfeld’s HILARIOUS rant on the Clintons from #theFive today!

fishbonehead 7 months ago

Jabba The Butt….

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Discussion on Breitbart News Network 7130 comments
Watch: Tur Threatens To Send Shapiro Home In An Ambulance During Jenner Discussion

fishbonehead a year ago

Did Tur drop the “D”?

Discussion on Twitchy 342 comments
#LoveWins? What this diner did to ‘celebrate’ ruling shows same-sex marriage tolerance mob is full of hate

fishbonehead a year ago

You know what to do Twitterers….…