Trumps Meme Maker, Fishbonehead Timeline; May, 2015

@Fishbonehead1 was the Twitter account that created the Hillary/Star of David meme. This is his timeline from May 17, 2015. 

I think most people associate racism with ignorance. Fishbonehead1 confirms this with his lack of understanding of the constitution and powers of the executive branch.  We’ll be posting his identity along with a few of his accounts.

FishBoneHead @FishBoneHead1 · 7h7 hours ago

ALERT! Rare Hillary Photo! #Hillary2016 @RealRightyGirl @oceanbcake @BiasedGirl

FishBoneHead @FishBoneHead1 · 19h19 hours ago

ALERT! Corrupt Che’ Hillary @HillaryClinton #FAIL @Fitzzer777 @Ash_Bell__ @SheilaDayt @oceanbcake @ritzy_jewels

FishBoneHead @FishBoneHead1 · May 16

ALERT! Corrupt Che’ Hillary @HillaryClinton #FAIL @LadySandersfarm @BiasedGirl @Bidenshairplugs @BlacknRight

FishBoneHead @FishBoneHead1 · May 16

ALERT! Corrupt Che’ Hillary @HillaryClinton #FAIL @ChristiChat @RWSurferGirl @HouseCracka @BlissTabitha @_CFJ_

FishBoneHead retweeted

Sheila @SheilaDayt · May 16

I OWN ME /nobody else ever will.I am not an Obama cult follower.I will not jump onto his golf cart.I WILL SHOUT POSITIVE PATRIOTIC messages

FishBoneHead @FishBoneHead1 · May 16

I’d rather listen to Uber-Lib @tamaraholder than Bo Dietl…..Is he the most annoying guest on FOX? #BanBo #FoxNews

FishBoneHead @FishBoneHead1 · May 16

Read it! 

FishBoneHead @FishBoneHead1 · May 16

BREAKING NEWS ALERT! ISIS Kidnapping At WalMart !! @Bad_Sweary_Frog @CVN70MM2Nuke @Cramdalinesw

FishBoneHead @FishBoneHead1 · May 16

NEWS ALERT! MUSLIMS Invade The U.S.Capitol #WakeUpAmerica @Bad_Sweary_Frog @CVN70MM2Nuke @Cramdaline

FishBoneHead @FishBoneHead1 · May 16

Horrid #Feminist @RuthMarcus cries about Women’s Right..proceeds to demean and discredit @CarlyFiorina @RWSurferGirl

FishBoneHead retweeted

oBoLa CrAcKa @HouseCracka · May 15

CLOWARD & PIVEN GONE WILD!!!!! Feds to allow ordering food stamps over phone…

FishBoneHead retweeted

Steven Crowder @scrowder · May 15

“Do you know what I’m reading when I get upset about the Qur’an? THE FREAKIN QUR’AN!!!” #LwC

FishBoneHead retweeted

Conservative Chick @NaughtyBeyotch · May 15

Employee Cries Racism At Walmart ➠ Here’s Her RIDICULOUS Reason! – BB4SP 

FishBoneHead @FishBoneHead1 · May 15

VIDEO ALERT! Obama Bypasses Congress Again! #WomensRights @backatone000 @BlissTabitha @_CFJ_ @Ash_Bell__

FishBoneHead @FishBoneHead1 · May 15

VIDEO ALERT! Obama Bypasses Congress Again! #WomensRights @HouseCracka @LadySandersfarm @Cameron_Gray @scrowder

FishBoneHead retweeted

Sheila @SheilaDayt · May 14

Hey #Obama doggie shit for brains ! This man is a LEADER you damn THUG ! #Hannity #KellyFile #oreillyfactor #tcot

FishBoneHead @FishBoneHead1 · May 14

NEWS FLASH! Photo Of TOM BRADY Confessing! #TomBrady @BiasedGirl @NahBabyNah @Shaughn_A @AIIAmericanGirI

FishBoneHead @FishBoneHead1 · May 14

College Racism #baharmustafa bans white men ! @BiasedGirl @LadySandersfarm @AlysiaStern

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