Bullyville Granted Appeal In Texas, Neal Is Mad

Neal Rauhauser Jeffrey Dorrell Rauhauser v McGibney lawsuit

The Rauhauser v McGibney lawsuit has to be one of the strangest ever and it’s nowhere near over. Perhaps tired of waiting for the judge to remember his duties, Bullyville filed for, and was granted, an appeal in Texas.

First, the judge forgot to render a decision in 2014 which led to Neal filing an appeal that lasted 2 years. Then the judge signed off on a sanctions motion that was unconstitutional as well as inappropriate for an Anti Slapp suit. This led to James McGibney (Bullyville) and his lawyer, Evan Stone, filing a modification of the sanctions to make them more sane and just. 

But that filing was over a month ago. Maybe Judge Cosby once again forgot he was supposed to do something. In any case, McGibney and Stone filed an appeal to a higher court. The judge woke up long enough to grant this.

In response, Neal locked up his Twitter account and deleted his timeline. Again. 

It will be interesting to see if Neal’s famous first amendment attorney, Jeffrey Dorrell, will represent Neal for the appeal. So far the lawsuit has lasted 2 and a half years with Neal running up a legal bill in excess of $300,000. That’s in addition to his $70,000 back child support. 

Neal has no job…he was hoping a million dollar payoff would give him a new start in life.

Not looking too good for Team Rauhauser/Retzlaff.