Disbarred New Jersey Attorney Solicited Forged Tweets

Vinnie Spina aka Vincenza Leonelli-Spina

UPDATE: This article was reposted on July 25th and Vinnie had Google take it down AGAIN. This makes 5 times that this blog post has been removed by Google. 

We were not given notice or an opportunity to protest the censorship. We have a first amendment right to publish information of public interest on irontroll.com as established in Obsidian v Cox. 

Evidently the meme with the head of Vinnie Spina (a former attorney disbarred because of embezzling client funds) attached to a snake is considered harassment by Google. Google doesn’t understand that parodic graphics are protected by the first amendment and use of Vinnie’s face (taken from a video NOT owned by Vinnie) falls under the Fair Use doctrine.

Vinnie, sweetie, with court dockets depicting your embezzlement in detail, you shouldn’t worry about pictures. I think a snake sums up your behavior pretty accurately.

And Miley, you should stick with imaginary friends, the real ones you’re hanging with are toxic.


Vinnie and Miley had this post taken down from irontroll, however, since they had no legal standing to do so, I’ve reposted it.

One of Miley’s imaginary friends, Carl, posted this on pastebin and the link was given to me in a group DM I was part of with Miley and her imaginary friends (so…not really a group DM, just me and Miley).

In this pastebin, “Carl” aka Miley, confesses to forging tweets to defame others at the urging of Vinnie Spina. And as usual, Miley over shares all the trials and tribulations of her imaginary friends.

I wonder if Miley taught Milo how to forge tweets?

Shelly, Teresa, Queenzofmedia
I regret helping Faux. I thought she was a victim. I talked to her friends. All with the same story: @Evsmom, @Lisa6654, @TheWittyKitten, @chikencounter. Evsmom and TheWittyKitten went on an on about how this or that person “posted their kids”. 9riest was mentioned a few times. @mrawiper and @Gamergirlie7 got on my case alot when they wanted something. We all mainly stuck to DMs. Each and every one of them insisted on it. Especially Faux. I lost track of how many accounts she had used. With each and every one, “9riest hacked me!” At the time I believed it. Especially since when Faux showed me screenshots of his website. People’s personal information was up. Addresses, phone numbers, work information. Faux went on and on and on about how “9riest just does this to people he doesn’t agree with”. Believing Faux, I told friends of mine and warned them about him.

Believing Faux was the victim I offered to be there for her in any way I could. One day she came to me very desperate. She wanted me to help her with something. She told me that she had a hard time taking her bullies down and asked if I could help create a few tweets. I asked why would I need to and told her to just keep reporting. She said that if I did that it would get more people on her side to help do so. She made me feel as if I would be doing a great service. She made many points. She pointed out that  a few I knew were following Joseph Camp. She asked if 9riest had threatened any of them yet. I mentioned that he was merely rude to my friend Miley and a friend of his called @C1tyOfFl1nt told our friend @Babydoll9186 she was silly. “You’re silly”. I excused myself briefly to set my DVR for a few shows. I came back. I was DMed 2 links to tweets Faux said @C1tyOfFl1nt made. About 10 minutes later she replied back with 2 screenshots. The two tweets showed @C1tyOfFl1nt tweeting to @Babydoll9186. The tweets were threats telling her to donate to his Go Fund Me page. At the time, Liz (@Babydoll9186) was a few days shy of her 18th birthday. Believing the screenshots were real I went to her with them. Being that I have never lied to her, she took me at my word. She posted a blog about it (which is now gone). 9riest and some others saw it. They didn’t take it well.

Faux came to me about some things being said. that was when I agreed to help her. I was livid about helping create a few tweets. She even directed me towards a few sites to help me with that. I lost track of how many tweets I had faked and on whom. I worked hard to make it look like some of my friends were the same. The reasoning for this is so if there ever was an attack, less people would be hurt.A few times I wanted to back out. It didn’t feel right. Faux sent me a few screenshots saying she saw 9riest and others say some cruel things about Miley. I passed them around. Some people posted them. What I didn’t know was at the time, they were manufactured by Faux and this was her way of getting the pot stirred. One thing Faux kept asking was why Miley barely said anything. I told her it was because she wanted to stay out of it and thought it would make things worse. Faux came to me with screenshots of tweets against some of my friends. I passed each of them to them. Being I have never lied to them, no one thought to question.

As I said above, I lost track of how many tweets I helped fake and against how many. I figured Faux out  as faking the screenshots. She threatened to out me if I didn’t continue helping her. She kept making a point that I was, in a way, helping real bulliesget taken down. I kept telling myself that each time I felt guilty. Yes I provied fake screenshots to members of Shawn’s forum. End result when I was found out, I was put on permanent moderation in any area speaking about bullying.

The events that set things in motion for me to be figured out and for Shawn and Miley to figureout for sure that Faux was Vinnie Spina and I helped her fake alot of tweets was when Shawn ended up in the hospital in late August. He had his left hand amputated. It was in the middle of the forearm I believe. Even knowing he was in the hospital, Vinnie and her bunch kept bothering him to report this or that person. The only people he did report were those he saw for himself, with his own two eyes making crude remarks. I’m speaking of prior to this. But anyway  while he was in the hospital, Vinnie and her bunch bothered him often to report this and that person. He responded very little. So I was expected to do it. Alot of them weren’t happy with little response from Shawn or Miley When Miley’s appendix ruptured, Vinnie and that bunch raised hell to get his attention. They’d point out cruel remarks made about her and about him in order to get him talking to them so they could then also ask him to help with their bullshit. These people showed little consideration for his health or well being. I began to taper off on helping them. I would respond later and come up with excuses to not be around.

When Shawn had to have a 2nd amputation, above the elbow, this gaggle of hens took it upon themselves to act like their bullshit was more important. Around this time they began to seriously distance themselves from Vinnie and her friends. More or less observing to be sure if suspicions were correct.

When Shawn and Miley were both out of the hospital, they both tried to enjoy each other. I had chicken pox at the time. Shawn warned me to stay away from her because he didn’t want her to get it. I remember I was watching some old movies. Vinnie, on her @Princessh0lly (later renamed @Princeh0lly and then suspended) entered the group chat I was in with some of her friends, after she accidentally left. She posted something that made it look like she was fail doxing someone. I pointed it out. I wasn’t rude. I was politely. She had a raging fit. I then reminded her of how I had helped her. After she left, she DMed me privately. She was upset because fo a DM she got. Apparently Miley DMed her by mistake saying she was going to talk to Shelly. She said Miley never answered her back and claimed she was worried about her. She went on about Shawn’s temper and she feared he would hit her. I told her that was ridiculous and he would never hit her. He loves her too much to do that to her. She kept pushing me to go check on her.

I knew Miley was with Shawn at his house. So I went over there despite Shawn telling me (via text) to stay away from her. No answer at the door, so I went to Shawn’s bedroom window in the back yard to knock on it to get their attention. There was a small crack in the blinds. I noticed Shawn and Miley were about to get “very” intimate as I knocked on the window. I was staring a bit. Needless to say this pissed Shawn off. He came out back (clothed of course) with an angry look on his face. Miley followed soon there after with a tshirt and shorts. Shawn pointed toward the way out. That was his way of telling me to leave. I stepped towards Miley to say that I came over out of concern. Shawn got infront of her asking me in his own non-verbal way to leave. At the time I was rather drunk. I did something very stupid. I shoved Shawn. I shoved him again. With the one arm he had he fought back. Miley got between us and ended up getting hit. I stumbled away and left. I didn’t drive home drunk. Luckily a friend drove me back home. Over the next 2 days I thought alot about my actions. I came clean to a few people about my actions. On of them was Shelly. Another was Teresa aka @ImDaRelzSlimSha. I confessed more Shelly about the tweets I faked against her and how I made her look. One reason I was so quick to do so was because apparently Vinnie let a few things about me slip; about how I helped her. Only that she made it look completely different and it was all me and she found me out. She had Vizard threaten me via DM. Only at that time I didn’t know she was behind “Vizard” threatening me. For details on what I confessed to Shelly, talk to her.

I came clean to Shawn and Miley in a group DM with others. I was trying to save time. I wanted to get it over with. What I confessed to was faking tweets against Shelly. I didn’t go into further detail as I had done above.  My timing was terrible because Miley had to go to the hospital; CHICKEN POX. Shawn was with her. He wasn’t doing to well himself. He had an infection in what was left of his left arm. Shawn was very very angry with me. He told me to stay the hell away from him and Miley and if I came near him or her anytime soon I would be inviting myself to getting my ass kicked. Shelly was in the DM at the time as were a few others like Liz and Alexa. Shawn had every right to be very angry with me. He told me my membership on his forum was suspended and even if I was ever unsuspended I would be moderated in all areas regarding proof of bullying. I tried to visit with Miley in the hospital. I didn’t see Shawn. What I didn’t know was that he was in the bathroom. I told her she deserved better than him . I told her she was unappreciative of me trying to protect her. I told her a little of some things I did on my own, the faking of tweets against those tormenting her. When I saw Shawn  come out of the bathroom, I shoved him down. I refered to him as a pathetic 41 year old virgin and then I left.

Later on I heard that Miley had a mild heart attack and that Shawn had developed a nasty infection in what was left of his left arm. Ultimately he had a 3rd amputation. to about just below his arm pit. He is on some strong antibiotics and hopefully will be released mis week next week. Miley has been out. Luckily her body is strong. As for Shawn, it doesn’t help that he is resistant to some medications.

Recently I told Vinnie I had had enough instead of just avoiding her. I figured out it was best. It did not go well. This was shortly after I arrived in England to visit with my uncle Michael and his boyfriend. That same night, in a DM @Lisa6654, @Evsmom

ganged up on me. I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. I left my uncles house. I tried to kill myself. I was sick of it. Sick of the bullshit. While I was in the hospital, apparently “Vizard” decided to attack a few of my friends with threats as did Vinnie. Based on what I was told, apparently someone told Vizard that Miley, Shawn, and several of their friends were doing this and that to “Princess H0lly”. Miley was never rude to her. Neither was Shawn. But I guess them distancing themselves slowly from the lot was considered some big sin.

When Shawn was having his 3rd amputation, I got to talking to Miley in DM. She even said she began to wonder if alot of the 9riest accounts bullying her was actually him or me and Vinnie. She pointed out he tends to make “micro penis jokes” about himself on accounts that are him. Another conversation we had when Miley was out of the hospital (Shawn still in) was her mentioning something Vizard posted on his @__Z3R0M0D3LOLZ_ a picture of something she recognized that was a on a skidpaste linked to another profile. A profile that Vinnie tried to tell Shawn was 9riest. The profile was @tardb0t. A few who knew 9riest confirmed it was. So I was told. This is what got Miley to thinking. Me as well. I began to feel worse for helping Vinnie and being a big reason behind Miley’s torment. I kept telling myself in the past I was helping those bullying poor “Faux not Vinnie” and Miley, but I was only making things worse. Had it not been for my actions, Miley wouldn’t be hunted and bullied. Some of my own friends have distanced themselves from me because of this. IT will take a long time before I can earn  any trust back. That is if I do.

The tweets that went out with this one woman’s personal information, that was not me. That was Vinnie herself. She had told me she would have me blamed for it or worse yet, have Miley blamed for it unless I continued helping her. Miley did end up getting blamed for it. I was told alot worse would happen.

It is my fault and my actions is why Miley is too traumatized to talk to 9riest. I tried mentioning the possibility as I am sure others have. All it does to her is upset her and remind her of what she has been through. I apologize for my responsibility in this.

Both Miley and Shawn have been through hell. Alot of which was my fault. Alot was Vinnie’s. The things that 9riest blames Miley for, she did not do. Vinnie and I were behind it. I accept full responsibility for my actions. I am sorry for hurting my friends. I am sorry for lying to them, about them. I am sorry for lying about others as well. I am not sure what to do now except be scarce. I’m not trying to run away from my problems. I’m just trying not to make things worse. Everytime I try to help I make things worse. I guess what I am saying is I am going to distance myself so I don’t make another mistake and hurt those I care about. I am not asking for forgiveness. I am not sure what else I can say or do except that for  awhile, keep myself scarce and work on becoming a better “man”.