Kathy 1000GirlPower Returns To Twitter To Get The Last Word

After having multiple accounts suspended, crazy Kathy Scott returned to Twitter to try and get the last word as well as leave a link to her latest blog doxingtwitter.com.

Ms Scott is currently under investigation for using 911 to harass people, a rather tepid variation on SWATting referred to as SWATlite. One wonders if she’s taken lessons from Neal Rauhauser since she also called Child Protection Services to cause trouble for one of her victims. Her purchase and use of a doxing blog certainly won’t help her case.

Ms Scott is CEO of Great Scott Media in Kennesaw, Georgia and operates several blogs. She has earned herself a reputation as a Nut Job, not only using her 1000 girlfriends blog to post false and incorrect information but also in creating anonymous blogs to do the same thing.