An Open Letter To Kathy Scott And The United States Congress

Yes Kathy dear,

I always assume there’s an IP grabber when someone sends me a link. I saw your IP grabber in the source code. I let other people know about it while also suggesting they report for DMCA violations. Some of those people had already reported you and your site.

I don’t worry about IP grabbers because I use public WiFi. I thought that was common knowledge since I’ve mentioned it on teh Twitterz.

Now, not to tell you what to do or anything, but, contacting the Broward County Commission about Cyberbullying from a site called and then posting pictures of those commissioners probably isn’t the best idea if you want them to respond to you favorably. Or take you seriously.  

Those Broward County Commissioners might think you’re a nut job trying to be intimidating.

Oh and not to tell you what to do or anything again, but you can’t use Twitter logos. As an award winning journalist ( HA HA HA HA HA) you should know that Twitter has that copyrighted and trademarked.

On and not to tell you what to do or anything one more time, rather than trying to intimidate people you might want to work harder on not letting anybody know you own What you’re doing is publicly exposing yourself (once again) as being fucking goofy.

Like I told you before, you’re doing a very good job of ruining your own career all by yourself. If you think you’re being harassed and cyberbullied, the proper procedure would be to notify your local police and file a report. That’s what several people have done regarding you, Kathy. 

You can’t keep calling 911 for your Twitter upsets and not get some repercussions for wasting people’s time. Nor can you keep calling CPS and the police and not expect consequences for making false reports.

But go ahead, keep on doing what you’re doing. It’s working so well.

Notice to readers: if you visit the website of Kathy Scott of Great Scott Media, be aware she has 2 IP grabbers on her site. If you don’t mind that she contacts your county commissioners, then it doesn’t matter.