JoJo In Court For Preliminary Hearing Tuesday

JoJo Camp, Mime Stalker

The booking details for Joseph Camp changed over the weekend, no doubt a result of his advisement hearing last week. The charge no longer showing is the “Attempt to influence a public official”, which is too bad, I was really interested in hearing more about that one.

In checking out Colorado court procedure, JoJo’s had 2 advisement hearings on his charges. That’s when the judge looks at the charges and if there’s probable cause to support the arrest. In JoJo’s case, there was enough evidence and consequently bond was set for $100,000

JoJo returns to court tomorrow, Tuesday, which may be a preliminary hearing where JoJo and his appointed counsel can answer to the charges. 

If JoJo has waived his preliminary hearing, then the next step is a formal arraignment where he would plead guilty, not guilty, etc. 

Knowing JoJo, he’ll plead not guilty because of conspiracy.

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