JoJo Ranked #4 Hacker In The World; December 13, 2013

JoJo Camp Hacker

JoJo got a lot of mileage out of his American Hostage campaign. Though he pleaded guilty to being involved in a computer hacking conspiracy at the University of Central Missouri, JoJo recanted after he got out of prison and claimed he was innocent. 

In this email written by JoJo admits he did the hacking but only changed his grades. Court documents show that he did a lot more than that, including transferring university funds to his personal student account, and stealing the identities of 90,000 people. 

JoJo also mentions that he was rated the 4th best hacker in the world?  I think they must have meant the 4th best hacker in Warrensburg, Missouri.

The email is courtesy of @ThaCyc0 who wanted to send a big  to all of JoJo’s white knights.

This is is my last e-mail to you…

I don’t expect a reply.

I just wanted to let you know that I am going to stay on course and once done with
her, be done with everything else. You’re a great person and I had good times
working together. I felt like maybe a difference was being made.

You are correct, I am paranoid. Not because I do anything wrong, or that I am scared
of the trolls/rustleleague etc. I am scared because I spent nearly 4 years in 
Leavenworth for (at worst) changing some grades at an University. Somewhere, I
was rated as the number 4 computer hacking in the world. I wouldn’t go taht far.

I was recruited by several agencies, and even not so savory people, to work on
projects that I have since turned down, in favor of not committing crimes, and not
working for the government who incarcerated me for so long.

I am fully doxed, the feds did it. So I add to it. Since you are leaving, I would
recommend you and I maybe work together on an exit “dox” of misinformation.
Everything I release (not my research) is legit. Thus, I have a serious amount of
credibility. The other option, going quietly is probably better. I think you can make an
exit and no one will know.

I apologize for calling so much. As I hav said, I am scared of the ruthlessness of
our government, and the inferior nature of the CFAA. Changing grades got me in 

I wish you the best. I won’t disrupt or disturb you. While there are good people in this
community, there are also evil people, people who wish ill for the fun of it. It’s better
that you get away from that. You have a family and a government contact job. I don’t 
have a family, and for the next six months won’t be working. This is my life now. An
internet antibully or something

I guess I turned in to a monster. I suck 🙁 I hope you are well.