New Trump Campaign CEO Was Wall Street Banker, Movie Director

Stephen Bannon Occupy Unmasked

Trump’s new campaign CEO is Stephen K Bannon. Besides working for Breitbart, Bannon was a banker for Goldman Sachs. He also wrote and directed the film, Occupy Unmasked, that alleged the Occupy movement was a planned and organized attempt to overthrow the government.

Bannon is also a board member of the Government Accountability Institute which is a conservative right wing group that is supposed to investigate government corruption. The group has received money from the Mercer Family Foundation and the Koch brothers.

It appears that Bannon was appointed to his new post after allegations that Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Mannafort, showed up in a Ukrainian shadow ledger as having been paid millions of dollars.

Bannon’s experience in film making hints at the possibility that Trump may start working on television campaign ads.

Trump’s campaign keeps getting more and more bizarre.

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