JoJo Runs For Political Office

JoJo Camp Donald Trump

In January of this year JoJo decided to run for the House of Representatives in his newly adopted state of Colorado. There was a slight problem since as a convicted felon, JoJo can’t vote. In Colorado you can run for office even if you’re a convicted felon as long as you weren’t convicted of bribery or theft. But you have to be a registered voter. So JoJo was screwed until he discovered he could run as a Write In candidate. 

He filed his intent and sent his financials to the election committee. He got listed as a candidate.

But then problems again, that whole stalking and strangling a Mime thing that landed him in jail. What with Trump and all, I got a little concerned that JoJo, running as an Independent, might actually get elected.
One of JoJo’s recent charges was for attempting too bribe a public official so I figured that should disqualify him. And if that charge got pleaded away (which it seems to have been) there was also his Federal hacking charge which included theft so that should also disqualify him. So on August 12th, I wrote the election committee and let them know about JoJo’s current charges and past Federal crimes. I received a response a few hours later.

Mr. Ohai,

Joseph Camp does not currently meet the minimum requirements/qualifications for public office here in Colorado.  He is not now on the ballot, nor will our office be placing him on the ballot for the upcoming November election.    
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience. 
Colorado Department of State
Elections, Legal

One less Sociopath running for office made me feel much better. Below are tracks of JoJo’s campaign that got me concerned.