Trump Tween Rape Case Commences September 9th

On September 9th, lawyers for Donald Trump, Jeffrey Epstein and the defendant, Jane Doe are scheduled to appear to discuss the upcoming federal lawsuit for sexual assaults involving a minor. 

While this might sound like a get rich quick scheme by the defendant, don’t be too quick to judge. Jane Doe’s identity was outed not long after she filed suit and despite negative publicity, she still maintains she’s telling the truth. And she has a third party in her suit who is backing up her claims. 

I imagine the Trump team will try to buy her off with a settlement to make her go away before televised debates begin but if she turns down offers and continues her suit, things could get interesting.

You can keep up with the case as it progresses via this pacer link. In the meantime, here’s a summary of the charges against Trump:

Plaintiff was subject to acts of rape, sexual misconduct, criminal sexual acts, sexual abuse, forcible touching, assault, battery, intentional and reckless infliction of emotional distress, duress, false imprisonment, and threats of death and/or serious bodily injury by the Defendants that took place at several parties during the summer months of 1994. The parties were held by Defendant Epstein at a New York City residence that was being used by Defendant Epstein at 9 E. 71st St. in Manhattan. During this period, Plaintiff was a minor of age 13 and was legally incapable under New York law of consenting to sexual intercourse and the other sexual contacts detailed herein. NY Penal L § 130.05(3)(a)

Below is the order for the initial conference.