JoJo Writes The FBI

JoJo recently contacted the Colorado office of the FBI with another of his endless FOIA requests.  (JoJo is the only person in history who’s had the United States Government file a restraining order against him to make him stop filing FOIA)

JoJo is currently incarcerated while he awaits trial for several felonies. During his bond hearing-where the bond was set at $100,000- JoJo heard the district attorney mention that the FBI is investigating him. 

JoJo and others have been repeatedly told that the FBI is investigating the crazy goings on with Camp, Retzlaff and Rauhauser so I don’t know why JoJo is finally getting around to asking why. 

Even though JoJo is a “public figure”, I doubt the FBI will give him any information on an ongoing investigation. JoJo mentions his client is also a public figure but he doesn’t mention that he tried to strangle her and she filed charges of assault, stalking and harassment against him. I kinda think she’s no longer his client.

 A copy of JoJo’s letter is below, it’s also typed out to make it easier to read. You can get more info on JoJo via Bullyville at

Pursuant to the Federal FOIA I am respectfully request all document and records held by your office that mention me; Joseph A. Camp 05/28/1984. 
I am unsure what records you have, but to narrow it some, while in an bond hearing on Aug. 10th 2016 in Jefferson County, the District Attorney advised the court that “the FBI is investigaging [me]” for something or another related to this matter. As such I make this request.
Any denials should include explanation and name and office to whom I am to appeal.
I am requesting waive of fees as I am requesting the documents in the interests of the public-that is, I am a “public figure” as well as my client (involved) REDACTED REDACTED and the material will advance the public’s knowledge and understanding of this dispute.

Joseph A Camp