JoJo Camp Hacked! UPDATED Aug 31

UPDATE August 31: Bullyville has obtained a copy of a consent release that JoJo signed, allowing the police to search his phone. JoJo’s claim of being hacked is total crap.

Chronic stalker, JoJo Camp, who is very famous, and was once rated the 4th most elite hacker in the whole world, is claiming he has been hacked. By the cops who have arrested him.

JoJo is awaiting trial on several felonies so in his copious free time he is applying the Thomas Retzlaff jail house lawyer defense strategy of bothering everyone connected to his arrest. 

In the letter below, JoJo is attempting to get an investigation started as a result of his arrest.  Apparently he wrote several complaints about the officers who arrested him and he’s accusing them of hacking his email and social media accounts. 

Since JoJo is under arrest and his email and social accounts were used in the commission of his assorted felonies, I don’t think the correct term is hacking. More likely they’ve been seized and will be used in his prosecution.

JoJo was a packrat who loved to gather information. I am very curious about what is found. I bet there are some nervous people right now…  

JoJo’s Consent to Search and Seize